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Fuel log graph
Efficiency log for: rik's prerunner - 2003 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner Double Cab TRD 4A
  • Lifetime Fuel Economy: 29.7 mpg (US), 7.9 L/100 km, 35.6 mpg (Imp)
  • 90-day Fuel Economy: 29.7 mpg (US), 7.9 L/100 km, 35.6 mpg (Imp)
  • 3-tank Fuel Economy: 31.1 mpg (US), 7.6 L/100 km, 37.3 mpg (Imp)
  • EPA Combined Rating / % over rating: 18 mpg (US) / 64.9% (based on 90-day fuel economy)
  • Total fills: 13
  • Average cost per gal/L: $1.99 per gal (US); $0.00 per L (price data entered for 7 fill/s)
  • Average cost per fill: $20.75
  • Average distance cost: $0.07 per mi. / $0.04 per km
  • Total fuel used: 136.38 gal (US), 516.3 L
  • Total distance traveled: 4048.4 mi. / 6515.3 km
  • Total cost: $145.25
  • Total fuel saved vs. EPA: 88.5 gal. (US) / 335 L
  • Total saved: $176.12 (based on avg. cost per gal./L)
  • Average tank distance: 311.4 mi. / 501.2 km
Fill date Distance Fill amount Price Fuel Economy Details
2009-02-06 323.2 mi
520.14 km
10.33 gal (US)
8.6 gal (Imp)
39.1 L
348.12 kWh
($22.62 total for this fill)
31.29 mpg (US)
37.58 mpg (Imp)
7.52 L/100 km
3.2 gal (US)/100 mi
1077.1 Wh/mi
Front Wheel Skirts! This was a tough week to read number-wise, b/c i forgot to reset the SG tank from last weekend. Some of my calculations from Monday or Tuesday were giving me absurdly high tank totals. The SG should be calibrated dead on now, at least for the miles and gallon totals (the dailies are off), they were no use and I don't know what's up with that. Anyway, the skirts held up well. As for a difference, I can hold a coast at a lower speed now. But the change in aero may be messing with my engine response, as the uphills are just killing me now - I used to be able to go up most of my usual hills on TPS 18-20, but now I have to give it 21-23, getting 20mpg or less. I don't think it's just the drop in temps b/c it happens on warm days too. But I'll need a week with no calibration issues to help sort this out. Compared to other weeks: The beginning of the week was cold mornings 40-45F and return trips about 60F. The last two days were marred by rain and the resulting effects on jamming traffic. There were no long trips this week.
2009-01-30 366.7 mi
590.15 km
12.04 gal (US)
10.03 gal (Imp)
45.58 L
405.75 kWh
($25.16 total for this fill)
30.46 mpg (US)
36.56 mpg (Imp)
7.72 L/100 km
3.28 gal (US)/100 mi
1106.49 Wh/mi
Temps dropped back to normal 40F mornings this week and the wind patterns reversed to be against me more often. There was even one longer drive that didn't help me a damned bit, but there was one warm evening with a great run. Only mod was retro: removed a front miniskirt to prep for full front skirts.
2009-01-23 313.7 mi
504.85 km
9.95 gal (US)
8.28 gal (Imp)
37.66 L
335.32 kWh
($20.9 total for this fill)
31.53 mpg (US)
37.89 mpg (Imp)
7.46 L/100 km
3.17 gal (US)/100 mi
1068.92 Wh/mi
Generally a good week with the Santa Ana weather extending a bit into this week, though there was a little rain towards the end. The main mod from last week was changing out two of my spark plugs and regapping the other two. But the difference from last week is mostly due to driving - I've figured out some better strategies to get the most out of P&G. The decent weather has certainly helped make it easier, and I also had one long drive in there.
2009-01-16 323.2 mi
520.14 km
10.42 gal (US)
8.68 gal (Imp)
39.44 L
351.15 kWh
31.02 mpg (US)
37.24 mpg (Imp)
7.58 L/100 km
3.22 gal (US)/100 mi
1086.48 Wh/mi
Good week, aided by Santa Ana temps and some occasionally-helpful (and occasionally unhelpful) winds. This week's tank also isn't aided by any long trips, as has been the case for the last few tanks -- this one is straight commuting, with traffic jams and all. This is also the first week that I actually came back to the same pump that I filled on, and the sg was right on - at least as far the miles and gallons go... the tank mpg was .2mpg low. MODS: The only significant mod was that I corrected the spark plug gap on two of the four that I could get to. The gap on one was 100% over spec, and the other about 80%.
2009-01-08 455 mi
732.25 km
15.2 gal (US)
12.66 gal (Imp)
57.54 L
512.24 kWh
($29.64 total for this fill)
29.93 mpg (US)
35.94 mpg (Imp)
7.86 L/100 km
3.34 gal (US)/100 mi
1125.8 Wh/mi
This tank has to be averaged with the previous anomalous tank at a Shell station that I am sure shorted me on gas and gave me the inflated total of 31.52mpg. The average of these two tanks is 30.55. So the SG, which predicted 30.1 is actually pretty close now. I'm adjusting the calibration from 7.7 to 7.9%.
2009-01-03 304.9 mi
490.69 km
9.674 gal (US)
8.06 gal (Imp)
36.62 L
326.01 kWh
31.52 mpg (US)
37.83 mpg (Imp)
7.46 L/100 km
3.17 gal (US)/100 mi
1069.24 Wh/mi
I cleaned up a lot of my aeromods this week. Completely new mods: Passenger mirror delete and wink rearview install, partial front wheel miniskirts. Although this is what I expect to be getting in theory, I'm skeptical of this fillup number, which was taken at a different station, sitting slightly uphill. It is 5% over the ScanGauge prediction with what I really expected to be a good caibration.
2008-12-26 422.2 mi
679.47 km
14.07 gal (US)
11.72 gal (Imp)
53.26 L
474.16 kWh
($27.58 total for this fill)
30.01 mpg (US)
36.02 mpg (Imp)
7.84 L/100 km
3.33 gal (US)/100 mi
1123.07 Wh/mi
This tank was a real mixed bag because of the holiday. I had a decent first run, but some Christmas shopping at unfortunate locations seriously derailed those days. The giant spoiler and plexi cab fairings debuted Tuesday. Then Wednesday and Thursday were trips to and from LA in which I hit a calculated high of 33.8mpg. Friday I had a decent commute in our first freezing weather, and the afternoon was made difficult by a bad headwind. My next mod will be to pump up my flat tires.
2008-12-19 335.1 mi
539.29 km
11.97 gal (US)
9.97 gal (Imp)
45.31 L
403.39 kWh
27.99 mpg (US)
33.61 mpg (Imp)
8.4 L/100 km
3.57 gal (US)/100 mi
1203.79 Wh/mi
Aauugghh. I hate bringing down my average. In a week of our first SoCal winter rain storm, I decided to remove the tonneau cover to work on a major mod. I also set the mirror back out, so I could use it in the rain. Thus, I dropped probably 3mpg. On most days I also stopped at Lowe's just 2.5 miles from home long enough to let the engine cool all the way, so I had an extra set of tiny cold-engine trips that I generally don't have. I also bet that my temporarily inaccessible tire valves have lost a lot of air in the last few weeks since I last filled them.
2008-12-12 278.2 mi
447.72 km
9.27 gal (US)
7.72 gal (Imp)
35.09 L
312.4 kWh
($15.75 total for this fill)
30.01 mpg (US)
36.04 mpg (Imp)
7.84 L/100 km
3.33 gal (US)/100 mi
1122.93 Wh/mi
Woohoo!!! Finally. Boy, that was close! My calculations tell me that I've improved my tank 8.3% since last week. Seems like an awful lot, but there were 5 mods this week: Prior to this tank I posted a short 1-day tank with new smooth wheel covers and rear wheel skirts. Tuesday I folded back the passenger window and that evening I added a cab roof fairing. Wednesday night I added cab side fairings. Together, they're probably worth about 10%.
2008-12-08 67.4 mi
108.47 km
2.01 gal (US)
1.67 gal (Imp)
7.61 L
67.74 kWh
($3.6 total for this fill)
33.53 mpg (US)
40.36 mpg (Imp)
7.02 L/100 km
2.98 gal (US)/100 mi
1005.04 Wh/mi
Holy crap!!! Can we say, "Yay, wheel mods"?? Holy crap!!

And the thing is, I thought this was a crappy day. My calibration being so far off that my morning average said 24.3, I just couldn't hit my marks with any confidence at all. The coasts were much improved, but DWL was sloppy.

Yes, this was a one day fillup. My calibration was so far off, I had to fill up so I could fix it.

I've reset my calibration to 10.1% gal, +2mph (from +25%).

Holy crap!!
2008-12-05 332.4 mi
534.95 km
12 gal (US)
9.99 gal (Imp)
45.42 L
404.4 kWh
27.7 mpg (US)
33.27 mpg (Imp)
8.49 L/100 km
3.61 gal (US)/100 mi
1216.61 Wh/mi
Dammit, my ScanGauge was off by 10%, so I'm thinking all week that I'm getting over 30mpg, but end up with 27.7mpg. This weeks mods were a belly screen and vortex generators on top. The week was fairly consistent with some bad runs at the beginning of the week, but steady improvements as I tweaked the mods (see trip log). If I could average at my best of this week, the math (scaling) suggests I could fill up at 29.0 next week. And a couple of small mods could get me to 30.
2008-11-26 170.1 mi
273.75 km
6.188 gal (US)
5.15 gal (Imp)
23.42 L
208.54 kWh
27.49 mpg (US)
33.03 mpg (Imp)
8.56 L/100 km
3.64 gal (US)/100 mi
1225.98 Wh/mi
Repaired grille block - it was leaky before. This made an immediate difference.
2008-11-21 356.3 mi
573.41 km
13.26 gal (US)
11.04 gal (Imp)
50.19 L
446.86 kWh
26.87 mpg (US)
32.27 mpg (Imp)
8.75 L/100 km
3.72 gal (US)/100 mi
1254.17 Wh/mi
This is the week I installed the 1/2 tonneau, grille block (partial and leaky) and the ScanGaugeII. Previous average was 23.6mpg, so these mods resulted in a 14% gain in the first week.

View: spreadsheet friendly fuel log output (for copy/paste)

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