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Fuel log graph
Efficiency log for: Unwaking Sleeper - 2000 Toyota Corolla LE
  • Lifetime Fuel Economy: 34.1 mpg (US), 6.9 L/100 km, 41 mpg (Imp)
  • 90-day Fuel Economy: 34.1 mpg (US), 6.9 L/100 km, 41 mpg (Imp)
  • 3-tank Fuel Economy: 34.6 mpg (US), 6.8 L/100 km, 41.6 mpg (Imp)
  • EPA Combined Rating / % over rating: 30 mpg (US) / 0% (based on 90-day fuel economy)
  • Total fills: 7
  • Total fuel used: 96.86 gal (US), 366.7 L
  • Total distance traveled: 3303.5 mi. / 5316.5 km
  • Average tank distance: 471.9 mi. / 759.5 km
Fill date Distance Fill amount Price Fuel Economy Details
2008-06-30 397.5 mi
639.71 km
11.71 gal (US)
9.75 gal (Imp)
44.33 L
394.63 kWh
33.95 mpg (US)
40.77 mpg (Imp)
6.93 L/100 km
2.95 gal (US)/100 mi
992.78 Wh/mi
Another shore trip, bad traffic on the way home.
2008-06-22 765.3 mi
1231.63 km
21.16 gal (US)
17.62 gal (Imp)
80.1 L
713.09 kWh
36.17 mpg (US)
43.43 mpg (Imp)
6.5 L/100 km
2.76 gal (US)/100 mi
931.78 Wh/mi
Less high-traffic commutes than normal.
Two one-hour per way trips to the shore certainly contributed to the higher MPGs as well.
2008-06-10 535.9 mi
862.45 km
16.21 gal (US)
13.5 gal (Imp)
61.36 L
546.28 kWh
33.06 mpg (US)
39.7 mpg (Imp)
7.11 L/100 km
3.02 gal (US)/100 mi
1019.37 Wh/mi
A lot of travel in heavy traffic.
Double shot of Lucas fuel treatment.
Front tires 35 PSI
Rear tires 36 PSI
2008-05-27 380.1 mi
611.71 km
11.46 gal (US)
9.54 gal (Imp)
43.38 L
386.2 kWh
33.17 mpg (US)
39.84 mpg (Imp)
7.09 L/100 km
3.01 gal (US)/100 mi
1016.05 Wh/mi
Mixed driving similar to the first entry.
Vehicle maintenance and modifications came in during the middle and last quarter of the tank.
Modifications include:
-Covered license plate moved lower to cover gaps below grill.
-drop in cotton/oil air filter (K&N) [let the dirt flow!]
-spark plug change (bosch platinum plus)
-oil change (royal purple, K&N Oil Filter)
-fuel treatment (lucas)
-new windshield
2008-05-19 519.9 mi
836.7 km
15.69 gal (US)
13.06 gal (Imp)
59.39 L
528.75 kWh
33.14 mpg (US)
39.81 mpg (Imp)
7.1 L/100 km
3.02 gal (US)/100 mi
1017.02 Wh/mi
This tank represents a frustration with changing my driving behavior. I reverted back to more aggressive speeds and acceleration.
The previous tank was going great, I'd estimate 42 MPG, until I ran into two days of bumper to bumper traffic. That really hurt my average MPG for the tank.
This demonstrates two things for me:
1: I need more than just behavioral changes to increase my gas mileage.
2: Society needs more than just behavioral changes to increase their gas mileage, as there will always be traffic jams.
2008-05-08 387.8 mi
624.1 km
10.52 gal (US)
8.76 gal (Imp)
39.82 L
354.52 kWh
36.86 mpg (US)
44.27 mpg (Imp)
6.38 L/100 km
2.71 gal (US)/100 mi
914.18 Wh/mi
This tank I attempted driving more efficiently. A lot more coasting, coasting earlier, and WOT to top speed but shifting at the lowest possible RPM. Seemed to work well, as previous MPG for the last 6 months have been in the 29-32 mpg range. However i do feel a little like I am suppressing my urges for quick acceleration. We'll see if i get used to it.
2008-04-29 317 mi
510.16 km
10.11 gal (US)
8.42 gal (Imp)
38.27 L
340.71 kWh
31.36 mpg (US)
37.65 mpg (Imp)
7.5 L/100 km
3.19 gal (US)/100 mi
1074.79 Wh/mi
This fill up -shell gasoline @ 3.459 per gallon cash
Previous fill up -shell gasoline
Tires 185/65/14 (w/ factory alloys) @ 36 psi
The last 317 miles have been a variety driving situations and styles. This includes:

Highway travel:
Traffic situations
Driving mindset & speeds
High speed 80-90 mph (I'm really late, important event)
Quick 75mph (I'm late)
Regular 70mph (Regular[I'm not late yet])
Conservative 65mph (No hurry, but I still don't have all day)

City (Philadelphia):
Traffic situations
All Kinds, it's a city
Driving mindset & speeds
Regular (not quick nor conservative)

Traffic situations
Driving mindset

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