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Fuel log graph
Efficiency log for: Tem-poo - 1986 Ford Tempo GL 4 Door 2.0 Liter Diesel 5 Speed
  • Lifetime Fuel Economy: 50.9 mpg (US), 4.6 L/100 km, 61.1 mpg (Imp)
  • 90-day Fuel Economy: 47.5 mpg (US), 4.9 L/100 km, 57.1 mpg (Imp)
  • 3-tank Fuel Economy: 52.6 mpg (US), 4.5 L/100 km, 63.1 mpg (Imp)
  • EPA Combined Rating / % over rating: 40 mpg (US) / 18.8% (based on 90-day fuel economy)
  • Total fills: 15
  • Average cost per gal/L: $3.64 per gal (US); $0.00 per L (price data entered for 15 fill/s)
  • Average cost per fill: $26.14
  • Average distance cost: $0.07 per mi. / $0.04 per km
  • Total fuel used: 107.85 gal (US), 408.3 L
  • Total distance traveled: 5490 mi. / 8835.3 km
  • Total cost: $392.06
  • Total fuel saved vs. EPA: 29.4 gal. (US) / 111.3 L
  • Total saved: $107.02 (based on avg. cost per gal./L)
  • Average tank distance: 366 mi. / 589 km
Fill date Distance Fill amount Price Fuel Economy Details
2013-03-24 335 mi
539.13 km
7.05 gal (US)
5.87 gal (Imp)
26.69 L
237.59 kWh
($24.25 total for this fill)
47.52 mpg (US)
57.07 mpg (Imp)
4.95 L/100 km
2.1 gal (US)/100 mi
709.22 Wh/mi
Yes, the cold is killing my MPG but I'm driving slower to try and accommodate.
2012-09-28 312 mi
502.12 km
5.1 gal (US)
4.25 gal (Imp)
19.31 L
171.87 kWh
($17.8 total for this fill)
61.18 mpg (US)
73.41 mpg (Imp)
3.85 L/100 km
1.63 gal (US)/100 mi
550.87 Wh/mi
61 MPG! Best fill up yet! Cost less than $20 too. 6 Months to my mortgage pay off and I'm saving every dollar possible to make this happen.
Been driving slower, the country roads allow for @ 40 mph speeds at a low rpm. More coasting. No idling. Timing lights and traffic. Every action involves using the least amount of fuel.
2012-08-20 370 mi
595.46 km
7.2 gal (US)
5.99 gal (Imp)
27.25 L
242.64 kWh
($23.69 total for this fill)
51.39 mpg (US)
61.77 mpg (Imp)
4.58 L/100 km
1.95 gal (US)/100 mi
655.78 Wh/mi
Still at 50 mpg. Been busy working on the new Aztek and the Chevy powered Supra. Little Diesel Tempo is still my daily driver. It's certainly not the prettiest, but I can't complain. It's nearly free to drive it.
2012-05-22 374 mi
601.89 km
7.153 gal (US)
5.96 gal (Imp)
27.08 L
241.06 kWh
($25.82 total for this fill)
52.29 mpg (US)
62.75 mpg (Imp)
4.5 L/100 km
1.91 gal (US)/100 mi
644.55 Wh/mi
Still lovin' this little scooter! Getting over 51 MPG consistently in the summer. That's what I'm talkin bout! Still my daily driver. Trip to work is @18 miles (return is the same, 18) depending on the route and what needs done that day.
2012-05-05 394 mi
634.08 km
7.501 gal (US)
6.24 gal (Imp)
28.39 L
252.78 kWh
($27.9 total for this fill)
52.53 mpg (US)
63.14 mpg (Imp)
4.48 L/100 km
1.9 gal (US)/100 mi
641.57 Wh/mi
Been driving slower. About the same kind of coasting. Figured I'd be at @ 54 mpg. But, 52.5 isn't so bad.
2012-04-21 328 mi
527.86 km
6.5 gal (US)
5.41 gal (Imp)
24.61 L
219.05 kWh
($23.92 total for this fill)
50.46 mpg (US)
60.63 mpg (Imp)
4.66 L/100 km
1.98 gal (US)/100 mi
667.84 Wh/mi
Still getting chilly at night. Starting to see better MPG from this now that it's getting warmer. Why am I always averaging @ 50 - 51 MPG? There has got to be a way to bring it up to at least @ 55.
2012-04-07 305 mi
490.85 km
6.01 gal (US)
5 gal (Imp)
22.75 L
202.54 kWh
($21.58 total for this fill)
50.75 mpg (US)
61 mpg (Imp)
4.63 L/100 km
1.97 gal (US)/100 mi
664.07 Wh/mi
Rotated the tires and then filled up. Going to try to take off the serpentine belt before work and reconnect it there before going in. I'm determined to get 55 mpg out of this car!
2012-03-25 302 mi
486.02 km
6.016 gal (US)
5.01 gal (Imp)
22.77 L
202.74 kWh
($22.74 total for this fill)
50.2 mpg (US)
60.28 mpg (Imp)
4.68 L/100 km
1.99 gal (US)/100 mi
671.32 Wh/mi
I'm happy, back to over 50 mpg! Need to go further on fill ups as I'm sure it can go at least @500 miles. To be safe, as the sending unit isn't very accurate for the fuel gauge, I fill up @300-400 miles. Want to get it in the garage and start working on it again. New ball joints, tires, tie rods, alignment, etc. Been driving it daily and staying under the limit.
2012-03-12 336 mi
540.74 km
6.71 gal (US)
5.59 gal (Imp)
25.4 L
226.13 kWh
($23.82 total for this fill)
50.07 mpg (US)
60.11 mpg (Imp)
4.7 L/100 km
2 gal (US)/100 mi
673.01 Wh/mi
Well, I'm finally back over 50 mpg! This, makes me smile. The cold weather really took a hit on my MPG! But it's warming up now so higher MPG will soon be coming. I'm hoping for a record high MPG season.
2012-01-09 367 mi
590.63 km
7.564 gal (US)
6.3 gal (Imp)
28.63 L
254.91 kWh
($25.72 total for this fill)
48.52 mpg (US)
58.25 mpg (Imp)
4.85 L/100 km
2.06 gal (US)/100 mi
694.58 Wh/mi
Guess the Kamm back has helped some. Didn't get into the 50's as far as MPG, but the average temp being low 40's has some to do with that too. Will leave the Kammback on for now. Need to go ahead and weld on the real deal. Tack weld on some thin steel and then paint the whole thing. Make it look nearly factory. Duct tape and carboard won't last forever. lol
2011-12-28 367 mi
590.63 km
8.011 gal (US)
6.67 gal (Imp)
30.32 L
269.97 kWh
($25.07 total for this fill)
45.81 mpg (US)
55.02 mpg (Imp)
5.13 L/100 km
2.18 gal (US)/100 mi
735.61 Wh/mi
Didn't achieve 50 mpg this time > : ( But it was Christmas time and hauling the whole family around, in town, and to the relatives killed my mpg. Could of drove the Durango to do all that extra running, but couldn't justify it. Plus, it's a LOT colder now. Sidewinds around here push this little car around to much, hopefully the kammback may help? Or possible add more area for it to be pushed around? The rust holes allowed for more air to vent in so I didn't have to roll my windows down all the way in the summer. Now that it's winter, the heater isn't keeping it warm enough. Sucking up juice from the alternator. Not good. Time for a redneck furnace pipe & bondo rust cover fix. After the kammback it's paint time. Something about winter motivates me. Cabin fever?
2011-12-08 364 mi
585.8 km
7 gal (US)
5.83 gal (Imp)
26.5 L
235.9 kWh
($25.69 total for this fill)
52 mpg (US)
62.44 mpg (Imp)
4.52 L/100 km
1.92 gal (US)/100 mi
648.08 Wh/mi
Found a local gas station that sells offroad diesel cheap! Using a half and half split of regular diesel and offroad diesel. Keeps the price down closer to regular unleaded. But my cents per mile cost is much lower than anything else I have by a huge margin. Still getting over 50 mpg. Stopped using this Tempo for around town runs. Using my gas Escort for in town trips.
2011-08-02 410 mi
659.83 km
7.535 gal (US)
6.27 gal (Imp)
28.52 L
253.93 kWh
($29.38 total for this fill)
54.41 mpg (US)
65.39 mpg (Imp)
4.32 L/100 km
1.84 gal (US)/100 mi
619.34 Wh/mi
Best mileage yet! Think the increase in temp is helping me achieve even better mpg. Couldn't believe when the pump shut off so quick. So I added diesel until I was at a trickle flowing in. $29.38 to go 410 miles. Sweet.
2011-06-24 385 mi
619.6 km
7.8 gal (US)
6.5 gal (Imp)
29.53 L
262.86 kWh
($30.81 total for this fill)
49.36 mpg (US)
59.23 mpg (Imp)
4.77 L/100 km
2.03 gal (US)/100 mi
682.75 Wh/mi
Why the hell is diesel $3.95 and regular unleaded 87 octane $3.31? Isn't diesel cheaper to make? Got 4 large buckets with lids given to me by a friend. Going to strain my used oil and trans fluid with a coffee filter into the barrels until 1/2 full. Then fill the rest with pump diesel. So I'll only be paying 1/2 price in theory. Why give it away if I can re-use!
2011-05-27 541 mi
870.66 km
10.7 gal (US)
8.91 gal (Imp)
40.5 L
360.59 kWh
($43.87 total for this fill)
50.56 mpg (US)
60.72 mpg (Imp)
4.65 L/100 km
1.98 gal (US)/100 mi
666.52 Wh/mi
This is the best MPG I've ever had in any car I've ever owned (and I've owned a LOT!) Basic coast to stops only ecodriving I've done. Used this in town, on the highway and interstate. Let it idle to test it out after getting it back on the road. But that was a necessary evil to ensure drivability. Pretty much everywhere. I know there is at least 10% better MPG in there! Over 50 MPG? That's absolutely amazing! I'm stoked! Can't wait to see my next tanks average.

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