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Fuel log graph
Efficiency log for: Blue Eagle - 2010 Honda Civic LX
  • Lifetime Fuel Economy: 31.1 mpg (US), 7.6 L/100 km, 37.4 mpg (Imp)
  • 90-day Fuel Economy: 31.1 mpg (US), 7.6 L/100 km, 37.4 mpg (Imp)
  • 3-tank Fuel Economy: 31.1 mpg (US), 7.6 L/100 km, 37.3 mpg (Imp)
  • EPA Combined Rating / % over rating: 29 mpg (US) / 7.3% (based on 90-day fuel economy)
  • Total fills: 4
  • Average cost per gal/L: $2.25 per gal (US); $0.00 per L (price data entered for 4 fill/s)
  • Average cost per fill: $21.97
  • Average distance cost: $0.07 per mi. / $0.04 per km
  • Total fuel used: 39.01 gal (US), 147.7 L
  • Total distance traveled: 1213.9 mi. / 1953.6 km
  • Total cost: $87.87
  • Total fuel saved vs. EPA: 2.8 gal. (US) / 10.6 L
  • Total saved: $6.3 (based on avg. cost per gal./L)
  • Average tank distance: 303.5 mi. / 488.4 km
Fill date Distance Fill amount Price Fuel Economy Details
2015-01-18 241 mi
387.85 km
9.104 gal (US)
7.58 gal (Imp)
34.46 L
306.8 kWh
($15.57 total for this fill)
26.47 mpg (US)
31.79 mpg (Imp)
8.88 L/100 km
3.78 gal (US)/100 mi
1273.03 Wh/mi
This tank was a huge let down for me, but not too surprising. Last fillup I didn't go to my usual spot, and instead went to the place where gas was $0.02 cheaper. Made me underfill the tank, then my battery died that same day. During the time of it being dead, I did a lot of unnecessary idling, which led to the tank being bad. This next tank, though, will definitely be a good one!!
2014-12-15 319.1 mi
513.54 km
9.392 gal (US)
7.82 gal (Imp)
35.55 L
316.51 kWh
($18.69 total for this fill)
33.98 mpg (US)
40.81 mpg (Imp)
6.92 L/100 km
2.94 gal (US)/100 mi
991.88 Wh/mi
Beginning of tank did some sporty/spirited driving. Used some more advanced techniques and used engine braking more often. Weather is supposedly cold, but it has been pretty warm out lately. Tires pumped up to 40 PSI. Next tank may or may not be better, depends on the weather. Should be getting instrumentation soon, which will help a lot.
2014-11-19 326.9 mi
526.09 km
10.07 gal (US)
8.39 gal (Imp)
38.12 L
339.36 kWh
($24.47 total for this fill)
32.46 mpg (US)
38.96 mpg (Imp)
7.25 L/100 km
3.08 gal (US)/100 mi
1038.12 Wh/mi
It's getting cold out. Definitely not my best, but on the bright side, my performance is increasing because of the cold air. I didn't do as much highway driving this time, and had to go WOT once because I had to get up to speed to actually be safe. Tire pressure is also getting lower, and I didn't get a chance to fill them back up. Next time will definitely be higher.
2014-11-01 326.9 mi
526.09 km
10.443 gal (US)
8.7 gal (Imp)
39.53 L
351.93 kWh
($29.14 total for this fill)
31.3 mpg (US)
37.57 mpg (Imp)
7.51 L/100 km
3.19 gal (US)/100 mi
1076.57 Wh/mi
I drove most of the miles, but my dad refilled the tank before this one and forgot to reset the trip until a few miles in. My brother also drove it around in a parking lot for practice, which killed the mileage and my mom drove it a couple of times as well.

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