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Trip log for: little jona
Trip log index: Northbound Anaconda,Mt to Helena,
  • Avg: 21.99 mpg (US)
  • Max: 23.7 mpg (US) 2016-02-23
Trip date Fuel economy Details
2016-02-16 21.86 @70mph 6740lbs gross aproxamitly1200lbs payload Tires: studs. Front 75 psiRear 50psi With airocap
2016-02-23 23.7 @65 or750f max egt (3psi) 600f average DWL TO 750F on grades 6740gross aprox 1200 payload tires: studs. Front 75. Rear 50 With airocap
2016-03-01 19.21 @60 No EGT limit to stay in Overdrive 60mph shift point 1200load Suspect this was higher but was an over fill round trip was 25.51 Studs will have to do this speed over
2016-03-16 23.2 1200 load tires @80

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