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Trip log for: oldscoob
Trip log index: orono
  • Avg: 40 mpg (US)
  • Max: 40 mpg (US) 2010-01-16
Trip date Fuel economy Details
2010-01-16 40 Quick trip, I have deciphered a gallon mark if above freezing. Doubts about fuel chemistry, it went crazy after this summers welds. Assumed clog, until odor of chemistry..deciphered it to be flux in welded filler tube. Extremely powerful...maybe pumped gas out on its own, through the top of the tank with car off! Faded away after alot of fuel left, no odors. fuel back to normal. Will hold off on longer trips until new tank, welded filler tube has been scrapped...but I fear the catalysic reaction ruined a section of seam, it is intermittent, but enough for doubts.

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