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Trip log for: RSX2fast4mpg
Trip log index: Home to work
  • Avg: 57.33 mpg (US)
  • Max: 68 mpg (US) 2010-12-09
Trip date Fuel economy Details
2010-10-25 53.6 26.3 mile inbound drive with relatively light rush hour today, 54F temp at start up (garaged, no block heater). No kill switch yet and it's definitely moving up on the priority list. Even if I idle coast and DFCO my initial descent (from 7440' to 5700') to allow for the engine to warm up, there's lots of other coasting and idling at several lengthy stop lights.
2010-10-27 54.3 Average speed: 41mph, 78 max, moderate traffic from Sheridan on in. Windy drive in, but took advantage of some disrupted airflow following larger vehicles when it was a headwind and when it turned to more of a tail wind I got some great coasting and very light throttle time. Still no EOC. Car garaged overnight, but no block heater yet. Reduced climbing speed up Green Mountain to 65 vs. typical 70-75mph and netted a gain of about 4-6mpg for the worst mileage part of the commute.
2010-10-28 54.8 Light traffic, 42mph average w/ max 71mph. Smooth drive in. Seemed like everyone was getting out of my way when I needed to hold momentum and no one was behind me when I wanted to glide below the speed limit.
2010-11-01 49.9 Heavy traffic, avg. speed: 35mph, mx: 75mph. Left for work late, caught lousy stop and go traffic on 6th from Wads on in. Had a hard time getting car into DFCO on my gravity drop today, perhaps too cold. Climbed efficiently once warmed up later in commute.
2010-11-02 47.8 moderate to heavy traffic on 6th, average speed 35, max 75. Rolled car roughly 0.1 miles before bump starting it due to relatively dead battery (left dome light on overnight after tinkering in the evening). Battery appears to be dying-odd noise after starter finishes, typical morning voltages of 11.6-11.9v vs. running voltages of 14-14.1v.
2010-11-03 51 Experiment w/ different route (I-70). Given that it was a Wednesday, the busiest commute of the week, it was a very smooth drive in with an avs of 43mph, mxs 73mph. Mileage was on par with typical commute and the drive in was less stressful due to less stop and go. However, I used 0.59 gallons vs. 6th requiring only .48-.55 with an average of .49 in light traffic. While this route has better EOC P&G potential and may be better on heavy traffic days or when I get a late start, overall, the added distance (30.2mi vs. 26.3mi) isn't going to net an overall savings in fuel consumption.
2010-11-09 54.9 Left early (6:20am) and super light traffic. A little bit of EOC (primarily at longer lights and rolling the first .2mi out of my driveway), otherwise, just a smooth, quiet drive in. .48 gallons with an avs 47mph, mxs 73mph.
2010-11-19 57.8 Late start to work, bad traffic on 6th for a Friday, but did over 3 miles of EOC for the first time, which I'm sure made all the difference. Given the stop and go traffic on 6th, this was epic mileage. 38avs, 74mxs.
2010-11-23 61.9 About 8-9 miles of EOC with engine off at all long stop lights. .42 gal, light traffic (left at 6:51a), 74mxs, 40avs.
2010-11-29 50.2 Light snow, some black ice, very cold and moderate to heavy traffic on 6. Very little EOC on the gravity drop since I wanted working ABS. avs 35, mxs 75
2010-11-30 53.3 Good EOC coast with two short power ups for traffic. Heavy traffic on 6th brought mpg from 67.7 with six miles to go down to 53.3. avs 33, mxs 75.
2010-12-01 57.8 Surprised given the traffic and a couple times I had to restart in normal coasts due to traffic. Not sure how this particular commute was so high. 74mxs, 37avs.
2010-12-02 55.8 Moderate to heavy traffic. EOC saved the average, but traffic prevented an exceptional run. mxs 91?, avs 35.
2010-12-03 67.4 A tailwind that will go down in history! I woke up to look out and see the roof covering my garage had been lifted off and flipped over (it's a flat HDPE section). My drive in was amazing. The one headwind stretch I had a large people mover in front of me, then as I turned onto 6th I coasted over a half mile past where I usually have to restart. I was able to hold speeds on sections that looked essentially flat. Not likely this record will fall without another windy day like today. .39g, 26.3mi, mxs 78, avs 39.
2010-12-06 60 Good drive in, light to moderate traffic. Dark enough that I had to EOC with my parking lights on. Two unnecessary re-starts to deal with the flow of traffic, otherwise, good run in.
2010-12-07 54.3 Awful traffic. Very late start. Back ups to Garrison on 6th. Probably 15 restarts as I tried to avoid idling. How I managed over 50mpg is an absolute miracle. mxs 71, avs 30 (slowest ever recorded since buying the SGII). (.48g)
2010-12-08 64.9 Early start meant very light traffic for a Wednesday. No winds. Decided to EOC with the lights off for the first 8 miles. There was noticable dimming, but since I'm primarly using them just to be seen after I hit the highway (2.8 miles in), it wasn't a problem. mxs 74, avs 43, .40g. I need to check the voltage next time I do this to see just how much I'm taking out of the battery. Actually, between starting with a 62F engine as I merged and a battery that needed a charge, I suspect I lost some mpg from typical on the climb, but the lack of traffic let me do some excellent P&G and EOC driving.
2010-12-09 68 Light traffic, able to take full advantage of some very long EOC glides. In some cases, able to have no one behind me and glide down to 60mph rather than having to hold 65+. Caught an unusual number of green lights once I hit the city, thus less acceleration. Frankly, I'm not sure why this was such an exceptional run in. mxs 73, avs 43, .38g.
2010-12-13 56.2 Forced to restart in one section due to heavy traffic, stop and go traffic on 6th from Garrison. Lousy commute, but still managed respectable mileage thanks to DFCO, EOC, and very careful throttle use.
2010-12-14 61.9 Early start, fast moving traffic, but a lot of it, thus, I had to restart in a few places I would otherwise be able to glide. Started out great. Used 0.02 gallons in the first 8 miles (440mpg). ;)
2010-12-15 59 light traffic. Really thought I had an epic-good run in this morning and was shocked that the mpg was so low... until I got out of the car and noticed the nearly flat left front tire. It obviously was punctured between home and work (I push my car out of the garage in the morning, so I'd notice a flat tire). Guess that ultra-low pressure doesn't help mpg. :(
2010-12-16 59.4 Moderate traffic, decent run in, but nothing earthshattering. Heavy traffic through downtown cost me time and fuel. 73/35
2010-12-20 65.5 Easy drive in with everyone on holiday this week. Average speed and drive time were amongst my best. The only thing holding this from being a record is that during one of my longer P&G sections I looked down to notice the engine was running; I hadn't turned the car off long enough to have the engine not spring back to life when it went back to on. Ah, well, still only .40 gallons consumed this morning over my 26.3 mile commute. 74/43.
2010-12-21 64.1 Everything about this commute said record except the results. Started out by rolling the one stop sign that generally demands I stop, thus allowing me to do a 1-2 second start to get up to 25mph for my coast. This was followed by light traffic, some good glides, but despite getting up to full operating temperature during my initial climb, the mpg under throttle never seemed to be in the range of a warmed up engine. Not sure what was going on; I've never had less traffic and fewer stop lights yet the mpg is solid, but not record setting. Go figure. .41g, 70/43.
2010-12-27 65.5 Just won't get a more perfect run in without a tail wind. Light holiday traffic, early start, timed the lights nearly perfect, lots of EOC time and very high average speed due to no stop and go traffic. .40g, 71/47. Tank is looking pretty solid. Probably right around 40mpg with no extended highway miles, just commuting and typical local drives. I'm approaching a quarter tank and will probably cross over 400 miles tonight; something I didn't even think was possible three months ago is not routine.
2010-12-28 64.1 Light holiday traffic. Clean trip in with very few stops. .41, 72/43.
2010-12-29 60.3 Late morning start, hit skier traffic at 470 and 70, so some stop and go on a section I usually cruise right through. Still, it was a short delay and the commute was otherwise smooth. .44g, 76/40.
2011-01-03 59.8 Still pretty light traffic, although not nearly as nice as it has been over the last two weeks. Either way, I'll take it. Very cold starting temperature. Didn't use the car for four days, car was down to 40F. No, I still haven't put on that block heater yet. .44g, 75/39
2011-01-05 56.5 first light to moderate traffic day since the holidays, but still lighter than a typical Wednesday. Garage is getting colder, water temp was at 46F at the start today. .45g, 78/43.
2011-01-06 51.3 Worst fuel consumption commute in over a month. Late start meant heavy traffic. Stopped to cheack the tires because the car wasn't handling properly (all looked fine) and when I went to merge I had to WOT to safely get up to speed in time. Then stop and go traffic, bad light timing. .51, 73/34
2011-01-11 42.3 There's bad drives and there's BAD drives. Between the 10" of snow we got on Sunday, the overnight lows around 5F brought the car water temp down to 39F in the garage (car also hadn't been started in 2-3 days), the heavy traffic, and associated delays, it was a hell day. Took me over 55 minutes (usually 36-40). .59, 66/27
2011-01-12 49.4 Another cold and slippy drive in with too many people in my way. Would you all just go back on holiday and leave the roads empty for me? .53, 74/31
2011-01-13 55.5 Mag chloride in the canyon kept my speeds down, which meant more powered sections and less EOC, but overall, a pretty clean run in with moderate traffic. .47, 75/35
2011-01-14 57.8 Roads are improving, temperatures are warming, traffic was moderate and mpg is returning. .45, 78/36.
2011-01-18 60.2 Smooth drive in, warm garage due to mild overnight low, early start, light traffic and a moderate tail wind. .43, 72/40.

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