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Trip log for: Black and Green
Trip log index: AV
  • Avg: 64.74 mpg (US)
  • Max: 85.6 mpg (US) 2011-06-10
Trip date Fuel economy Details
2011-05-01 56.5 A) 13.5mi; 0.24gal; 0.79gph; weather temps 80s.
2011-05-01 65.9 B) 0.19gal; 0.75gph; 12.6mi; weather temps 80s.
2011-05-02 44.6 A) 0.29gal; 0.78gph; 13.0mi; weather temps high 50s
2011-05-02 74.4 B) 0.18gal; 0.73gph; 13.5mi; weather high 80s
2011-05-04 52 A) 0.28gal; 0.93gph; 14.7mi; weather ~60 degrees.
2011-05-04 68.4 B) 0.17gal; 0.67gph; 11.5miles; weather ~90.
2011-05-04 54.6 A) 0.26gal; 0.86gph; 14.1miles; weather ~90.
2011-05-04 66.1 B) 0.17gal; 0.79gph; 11.5 miles; weather 60s.
2011-05-05 52.4 A) 0.31gal; 0.88gph; 16.2mi; weather 50s.
2011-05-05 66 B) 0.20gal; 0.79gph; 13.0 miles; weather 70+ degrees.
2011-05-09 48.2 A) 0.28gal; 0.88gph; 13.5 miles; weather 60 degrees.
2011-05-09 74.1 B) 0.16gal; 0.85gph; 11.7 miles; weather 70s.
2011-05-09 75.5 B) 0.15gal; 0.84gph; 11.7miles; weather 70s.
2011-05-10 51.2 A) 0.27gal; 0.88gph; 13.9miles; weather 60s.
2011-05-10 71.9 B) 0.16gal; 11.8miles; weather hi 60s.
2011-05-11 68.3 B) 0.17 gallons, 11.7 miles, weather low 70s and sunny.
2011-05-13 53.1 A) 0.26 gallons, 13.8 miles, weather low 60s cloudy.
2011-05-13 73 B) 0.16gallons, 11.8 miles, weather 70 and misty.
2011-05-19 50.6 A) it was cold and misty and I was experimenting with my first flat spoiler, which stunk.
2011-05-19 70.4 B) slightly improved rear spoiler still stinks.
2011-05-20 49.7 A) second version spoiler seems better, but the weather and traffic patterns are not helping. 60* and misty. Bad luck with lights.
2011-05-20 71.3 B) better weather for mpg this afternoon. Can't clearly tell if the flat spoiler prototype helps or hurts.
2011-05-22 64.2 A/B - counting only the round trips now. Using the long routes with less fuel usage and better millage.
2011-05-31 59.7 A/B plus driving around town.
2011-06-10 85.6 This was just the one, usually higher return leg of the trip. But this strikingly higher return was immediately after advancing the ignition timing 2-4 degrees. And also improving DWL technique.
2011-06-20 81.1 Just the one return leg, which is usually higher, though the previous high before improving my DWL technique and the ignition timing change was 74mpg.
2011-06-21 80.7 Just the return "B" leg.
2011-06-21 84.3 Just the "B" route. Four straight trips in the 80s MPG makes a trend.
2011-07-27 55.4 A) highest for this leg ever, using the harder 11.7mi route with the freeway being almost half the leg. This is the uphill direction of this A/B round trip, murderously uphill. Several new mods and new techniques. I hit faster average speeds now too and get the trip done more quickly at higher FE. Nicer.
2011-07-31 77.2 B) run
2011-08-01 61.1 A) Warm, sunny, midday summer.
2011-08-01 79.1 B) this return leg is always higher.
2011-09-21 58.2 A) This number is POST-RECALIBRATION of the UltraGauge. Nearly accurate to the pump/odo now, in my old poorer calibration seen in these trip logs--not my fuel log--this number could have been as high as 61 mpg. So this is by far my best run ever. I got maybe 10% better FE on this leg of this trip than my previous best, but the temp was lower (60s) and the air was wetter (misty). The alternator disable is working-out nicely, I'd say. :D
2011-09-26 59 A) ... the uphill leg again. This number is also POST-RECALIBRATION of the UltraGauge. In my old poorer calibration seen in these trip logs--not my fuel log--the number I might have recorded could have been as high as 62 mpg for this trip today. So this is a new high. Weather is cooler, overcast. I got lucky with a couple lights. And even though I did not have the alt connected I cut the engine at a couple lights.
2011-09-27 61.5 A) ... uphill "A" leg of my commute only. This is another POST-RECALIBRATION high since the alt optional mod. Under my older poorer calibration this number would havebeen 64.5 or maybe even 65mpg. The alt mod? Alt is still belted, but disabled from energizing. Today, though, I had two additional advantages: it was warmer and I left a bit later so I did not have lots of traffic flow to pace (meaning I could drive more slowly).
2011-09-27 63.9 A) another new high (second trip to work in a day, yuck!). POST-RECALIBRATION and with alt disabled.
2011-09-27 66.1 A+B) both legs of the commute together this eve... on the "B" route home I reconnected the alt to charge the battery, since my plug in charger at home is still too weak to fully charge the drained battery over night. Waiting for the 6amp charger... any day now.

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