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Trip log for: IMA
Trip log index: Special Stage 1: Home-Omaha-Home
  • Avg: 47.58 mpg (US)
  • Max: 47.58 mpg (US) 2011-04-23
Trip date Fuel economy Details
2011-04-23 47.58 First true road trip for the Hybrid: from Home, up to Omaha (with some driving around there), and back home. Average speed: 57 mph. I tried 10-under the limit (60/70) and after a while, compromised on 5-under, with my passenger (65/70). Day 1 Wind: 20 MPH to almost exactly 90-degrees side-wind -- vectoring it to ~10 on the nose. A/C used with temps in the high 70's Day 2 Wind: Perfect 25-30 MPH NNW Wind directly on the tail, but cooler temps: ranging from 53-65F. No A/C needed. I was surprised at how good the car performs on long trips. The seats are very supportive, the hatch opening allows convenient loading of luggage, and the iPod connector allowed for "consensus control" through the head unit. At higher speeds, it really struggles on hills, often changing ratios to allow 4K RPM, or higher if the battery was spent. 47-48 MPG is still pretty good for this trip -- no complaints here.

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