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Trip log for: Helga
Trip log index: Kid school 'From'
  • Avg: 84.62 mpg (US)
  • Max: 99.9 mpg (US) 2012-08-16
Trip date Fuel economy Details
2012-03-02 71.6 Begin: 61*F ambient, 58*F iat, 82*F wt 0.17gal 190*F water max 12.5mi 2951rpm max 0.3 hrs 65mph max 37mph avg
2012-03-03 76.4 Begin: 57.3*F amb, 62*F iat, 71*F wt 0.16gal 195*F wt 12.5mi 2798rpm max 0.3hrs 63mph max 35mph avg Able to do very long coasts; little / no pressure from traffic
2012-03-04 79.6 Begin: 17:08, 69.8*F amb, 80*F iat, 100*F wt 17:30 0.16gal 193*F wt max 12.5mi 2862rpm max 0.3hrs 68mph max 37mph avg About 4 hours after last trip; warm air & sun helped to keep engine warm
2012-03-06 82.5 Begin: 15:39, 53.6*F ambient, 58*F iat, 182*F wt 16:00 0.15gal 193*F wt max 12.3 mi 2757 rpm max 0.3 hrs 65mph max 37mph avg Started driving again almost immediately after arriving, so engine was fully warmed up already
2012-03-08 84.8 Begin: 13:40, 65.6*F ambient, 75*F iat; 188*F wt (Might be bogus; sg reset) 0.14gal 197*F wt max 12.3mi 2843rpm max 0.3hrs 66mph max 39mph avg
2012-03-09 90.5 Begin: 15:42, 69.8*F ambient, 80*F iat, 182*F wt 16:07 0.14gal 193*F wt max 13.1mi 3787rpm max 0.3hrs 73mph max 39mph avg From ROP A
2012-03-09 83.5 Begin: 21:20, 53.1*F ambient, 60*F iat, 175*F wt 21:42 0.16gal 195*F wt max 13.1mi 3827rpm max 0.3hrs 73mph max 40mph avg From ROP A
2012-03-10 86.8 Begin: 20:24, 48.8*F ambient, 49*F iat, 58*F wt 20:46 0.15gal 191*F wt max 13.1mi 2606rpm max 0.3hrs 68mph max 39mph avg From ROP A
2012-03-12 86.9 Begin: 18:12, 56*F ambient, 62*F iat, 92*F wt 18:32 0.15gal 193*F wt max 13.1mi 2802rpm max 0.3hrs 68mph max 40mph avg From ROP A; 100mpg at fwy entrance
2012-03-13 83 Begin: 15:44, 47.7*F ambient, 51*F iat, 184*F wt End: 16:05, 49.6*F ambient, 57*F iat, 191*F wt 0.16gal 195*F wt max 12.9mi 2752rpm max 0.3hrs 70mph max 39mph avg Heavy rain in beginning, traffic less than ideal (interrupted glides) on surface streets
2012-03-15 88.1 Begin: 22:14, 53.4*F ambient, 64*F iat, 190*F wt End: 22.35, 53.3*F ambient, 64*F iat, 190*F wt 0.14gal 195*F wt max 12.4mi 2629rpm max 0.3hrs 66mph max 40mph avg Clear roads, damp and foggy but no rain
2012-03-28 78.6 Begin: 0930, 47.3*F ambient, 55*F iat, 184*F wt End: 0951, 48.8*F ambient, 55*F iat, 191*F wt 0.16gal 195*F wt max 12.9mi 2811rpm max 0.3hr 63mph max 39mph avg Did a major adjustment to the ScanGauge after the last fillup, so this FE is significantly lower; also this is after skid plate install; rained heavily on the way home; came from the back entrance of school
2012-03-28 81.4 Begin: 1615, 58.6*F ambient, 69*F iat, 188*F wt End: 1636, 63.5*F ambient, 71*F iat, 190*F wt 0.16gal 195*F wt 12.8mi 3029rpm max 0.3hrs 72mph max 40mph avg No rain; getting a bit warmer.
2012-03-29 88.4 Begin: 0755, 43.3*F ambient, 55*F iat, 184*F wt End: 0815, 46.4*F ambient, 60*F iat, 191*F wt 0.15gal 193*F wt max 12.9mi 2775rpm max 0.3hrs 73mph max 41mph avg Excellent coast just leaving the school; 108mpg at fwy entrance.
2012-03-30 84.7 Begin: 0753, 48.6*F ambient, 62*F iat, 188*F wt End: 0813, 51.3*F ambient, 66*F iat, 190*F wt 0.15gal 193*F wt max 12.9mi 3054rpm max 0.3hr 72mph max 40mph avg Good weather; from back of school
2012-03-31 71.3 Begin: 1718, 40.5*F ambient, 40*F iat, 49*F wt End: 1740, 43.8*F ambient, 48*F iat, 190*F wt 0.18gal 190*F wt max 13.0mi 2813rpm max 0.3hrs 71mph max 39mph avg From ROP A; raining
2012-03-31 77.9 Begin: 2127, 40.6*F ambient, 46*F iat, 80*F wt End: 2150, 42.9*F ambient, 53*F iat, 190*F wt 0.17gal 195*F wt max 13.0mi 2678rpm max 0.3hrs 68mph max 37mph avg From ROP A, no rain (but wet)
2012-04-09 82.7 Begin: 2101, 58.5*F ambient, 76*F iat, 101*F wt End: 2122, 58.9*F ambient, 69*F iat, 190*F wt 0.16gal 193*F wt max 12.9mi 2803rpm max 0.3hrs 71mph max 39mph avg From ROPA.
2012-04-10 88.9 Begin: 1543, 58.5*F ambient, 71*F iat, 190*F wt End: 1603, 60.5*F ambient, 71*F iat, 190*F wt 0.14gal 193*F wt max 12.7mi 3059rpm max 0.3hrs 67mph max 40mph avg Left immediately after arriving.
2012-04-12 71.3 Begin: 0730, 46.6*F ambient, 48*F iat, 182*F wt End: 0753, 44.5*F ambient, 53*F iat, 191*F wt 0.18gal 195*F wt max 12.8mi 2571rpm max 0.3hr 68mph max 35mph avg Immediate turnaround; Pouring rain, lots of puddles, slow due to elementary school dropoffs near home
2012-04-12 81.2 Begin: 1548, 58.5*F ambient, 58*F iat, 186*F wt End: 1609, 52.3*F ambient, 66*F iat, 191*F wt 0.16gal 193*F wt max 12.7mi 2865rpm max 0.3hrs 70mph max 39mph avg Gps says 26.4mi combined; little rain but still very wet; a few puddles.
2012-04-14 76.5 Begin: 2043, 58iat, 66wt End: 2105, 62iat, 190wt 0.17g 193wt 12.9mi 2926rpm 0.3hrs 70mph max 38mph avg Adjusted distance % on SG (went 2% higher, indicating more miles covered than before) based on gps feedback. Now seems to match exactly w/gps
2012-04-18 86.4 Begin: 1539, 80iat, 188wt End: 1600, 78iat, 190wt 0.15g 193wt 12.9mi 2950rpm 0.3hrs 73mph max 40mph avg
2012-04-21 86.1 Begin: 13:30, 96iat, 130wt End: 1352, 96iat, 190wt 0.15g 193wt max 13.1mi 3378rpm 0.3hrs 67mph 37mph avg Windows open most of the way home
2012-05-03 90.7 Begin: 0735, 60*F iat, 186*F wt End: 0755, 66*F iat, 188*F wt 0.14gal 191*F wt max 13mi 2765rpm max 0.3hrs 71mph max 40mph avg From back of school; air dam and partial wheel covers; SG had been adjusted on trip to St Louis, so does not match with the previous trip log settings.
2012-05-10 78.7 Begin: 1542, 92iat, 198wt End: 1602, 96iat, 191wt 0.16g 200wt 12.9mi 2794rpm 0.3hrs 75mph 42mph
2012-05-11 85.9 Begin: 1542, 85iat,191wt End: 1603, 89iat, 190wt 0.15g 193wt 12.9mi 3299rpm 0.3hrs 70mph 40mph
2012-05-13 87.1 Begin: 0737, 71iat, 188wt; End: 0758, 73iat, 190wt; 87.1mpg, 0.15g, 193wt, 13mi, 2771rpm, 0.3hr, 70mph, 40mph,
2012-05-17 86.3 Begin: 0735, 75iat, 186wt End: 0755, 76iat, 188wt 86.3mpg .15g 193wt 13mi 2957rpm 0.3hrs 69mph max 40mph avg Air dam removed
2012-05-21 82.5 Begin: 1547, 91iat, 191wt End: 1608, 92iat, 190wt .16g 193wt 12.9mi 2886rpm .3hrs 71mph 40mph
2012-05-25 86.9 Begin: 1307, 78iat, 182wt End: 1328, 75iat, 190wt .15g 193wt 12.9mi 2881rpm 0.3hrs 70mph 39mph
2012-08-16 99.9 Begin: 1920,114iat,161wt End: 1944, 101iat, 191wt .13g 193wt 13.1mi 3464max rpm 0.3hrs 64mph max 36mph avg
2012-08-17 97.6 Begin: 1907,105iat,128wt End: 1932, 100iat, 190wt .14g 193wt 13.5mi 2873rpm 0.3hrs 65mph max 36mph avg
2012-08-23 92.5 Begin: 1807, 107iat, 200wt end: 1831, 100iat, 191wt 0.14g 193wt max 13.3mi 3343 rpm max 0.3hrs 78mph max 37mph avg
2012-08-23 96 Begin: 1824, 101iat, 181wt End: 1848, 87iat, 188wt .14g 193wt 13.3mi 3383rpm max 0.3hrs 68mph max 35mph avg
2012-09-11 88.7 Begin: 1548, end: 1610, 101iat, 191wt .15g 195wt 12.9mi 3545rpm 0.3hrs 70mph max 39mph avg
2012-10-21 89.2 Quick check after bushing change

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