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Owner: RobertSmalls
Soldbaru: 1996 Subaru Legacy Brighton
Displacement: 2.2 L
Fuel type: gasoline
Transmission: manual
Curb weight: 2800 lbs
Coefficient of drag: 0
Frontal area: 0 sq.ft.
Description: Mostly stock 1996 Legacy station wagon, AWD. 5MT, 2.2L H4. It has >150kmi, but it's still reliable.

I've been wanting something that's newer, less rusty, and better on gas. I found exactly that in a 2000 Honda Insight with 45kmi.
Build Thread:
Current Mods: * Complete replacement of the Subaru with a 2000 Honda Insight - done!
* Tires are at 40 PSI summer / 35 PSI winter, up from the stock 30 PSI.
* Some small parts rusted off and were deleted.
* As rust patches turn to unaerodynamic through-holes, shipping tape is applied to optimize flow.
* Hole in the tailpipe to reduce exhaust backpressure.

Planned Mods: The following mods have been removed from ForSaleBaru:

* ScanGauge II
* Partial grille block
* Ignition kill switch. A "normally closed" relay opens the single common ground wire for the four fuel injectors when you hit the switch.
Official Fuel Economy Ratings
EPA city 19 mpg(US)
EPA highway 26 mpg(US)
EPA combined 22.5 mpg(US)

Actual Fuel Economy Performance
Lifetime 27.21 mpg(US)
Last 3 tanks 31.79 mpg(US)
90 days 31.09 mpg(US)
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Last updated: Oct 11, 2009

(Created: 2008-12-22 19:23:46 / Modified: 2009-12-27 08:49:06)

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