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Owner: tartersmell
2000 Saturn SL: 2000 Saturn SL
Displacement: 1.9 L
Fuel type: gasoline
Transmission: manual
Curb weight: 0 lbs
Coefficient of drag: 0
Frontal area: 0 sq.ft.
Instrumentation: ScanGauge
Description: Our New Used Manual and its an amazing car. 48MPG is not out of the question when in good weather. It hauls around a Ultralite wheelchair Quickie GPV 16lbs.
XM Radio - Sportscaster fits nice in center console, Radar/Lazer/Saftey for avoiding traffic jams. GPS for the shortest and quickiest routes and roads. Getting lost is a waste.
Build Thread:
Current Mods: New Low Drag Tires filled with Nitrogen. Max side of pressures vs door stickers.
Air filter - High Flow and changed when it needs it! Always an extra in the trunk.
INDEXed Spark Plugs.
Lowered Wiper arms under cowl.
Oil Changes every 500miles until I have owned it more then 3 months. Making sure Its Clean inside and out. Yea, I really love this car. Don't know how dirty the insides are yet. To cold outside to tidy up under the hood and look at things.
I am Disabled, So The car is custom. It is a manual Transmission so It has Hand Controls under Steering wheel for Clutch and brake. I can't just jump into another car.

PS - GM - Please Remake this car! WHAT A CAR AT 9K. A Friend owns a newer Honda and He saw my car in drive one day. Stopped over and loved it. Opened the hood and walked around, "Whats the MPG?" HAHA 48mpg so far. "WOW, Crap!" Looks over at his Honda @ 32mpg.
One of the best Runners out there. What other car can get 50+MPG stock right off the factory floor? Well after a bit of Piston ring break-in :+

Planned Mods: Under belly
New Bushings SwayBar
Sem-Covered Rear Wheel Wells
Many more to come, I'm sure.

My Scangauge is acting up..
Official Fuel Economy Ratings
EPA city 29 mpg(US)
EPA highway 48 mpg(US)
EPA combined 40 mpg(US)

Actual Fuel Economy Performance
Lifetime 40.86 mpg(US)
Last 3 tanks 40.86 mpg(US)
90 days 40.86 mpg(US)
View Fuel Log
Last updated: Jan 06, 2010

Trip Log
Tank 2 Low Fuel Lamp - 10.5 gal 40.85 mpg (US)

(Created: 2008-05-07 12:36:34 / Modified: 2010-01-06 17:47:01)

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