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Owner: SRTMiniMe
SRTMiniMe: 1995 Dodge Neon/SRT4 Former sport coupe, now SRT-swapped
Displacement: 2.4 L
Fuel type: gasoline
Transmission: manual
Curb weight: 2250 lbs
Coefficient of drag: 0
Frontal area: 0 sq.ft.
Instrumentation: custom
Description: 1st gen Dodge Neon Sport Coupe chassis with complete removal of the interior sound deadening, carpet, rear seat, Replaced the fronts with one race seat, swapped the dash/wiring/engine from an SRT4 for stock turbo reliability. The undercarriage got a complete cleaning with new sound deadener and rust prevention, then the suspension got a nearly complete swap to spherical heim joints for a zero-deflection race suspension. The coilovers are a one-off custom set built by Leda with 450/550 lb springs. 240hp and 250tq w/ 80% available from 2800-6200RPM...
Build Thread:
Current Mods: Google "SRTMiniMe" and you'll find my project log detailing all of the modifications...

Planned Mods: Dual fuel system for premium at cruise and methanol or e85 under boost. Space-frame chassis and aero mods to decrease weight to under 2000lbs and add adjustable downforce for the race track. Goal: 40mpg on the highway and 350hp/tq once I'm at the track for a killer dual purpose weekend racecar at local (under 5 hour drive) venues...
Official Fuel Economy Ratings
EPA city 19 mpg(US)
EPA highway 28 mpg(US)
EPA combined 22 mpg(US)

Actual Fuel Economy Performance
Lifetime 10.02 mpg(US)
Last 3 tanks 10.02 mpg(US)
90 days 10.02 mpg(US)
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Last updated: Mar 07, 2012

(Created: 2011-05-22 14:22:49 / Modified: 2012-03-07 10:46:11)

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