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Owner: Rango318
Geoff - 5 speed swap: 2002 Volkswagen Jetta GLS TDI
Displacement: 1.9 L
Fuel type: diesel
Transmission: manual
Curb weight: 3400 lbs
Coefficient of drag: 0.3
Frontal area: 21.8 sq.ft.
Instrumentation: Torque app
Description: Bought it from a friend. She bought it in 2008 with 149k on it. It had 229k when I bought it in June 2014.

156 hp, 298 torque
Bosio DLC 1019 nozzles
VNT17 turbo
PD150 intake
1.8T pancake pipe
Malone stage 4 tune
Upgraded SMIC
Build Thread:
Current Mods: 5 speed swap
.658 taller 5th gear
3/4 Belly Pan
Lower grill blocked year round
Tires set to sidewall pressure

Planned Mods: learn how to drive a TDI more efficiently

Finish full belly pan
Official Fuel Economy Ratings
EPA city 29 mpg(US)
EPA highway 40 mpg(US)
EPA combined 33 mpg(US)

Actual Fuel Economy Performance
Lifetime 49.35 mpg(US)
Last 3 tanks 50.7 mpg(US)
90 days 49.46 mpg(US)
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Last updated: Nov 19, 2017

(Created: 2014-05-29 09:37:16 / Modified: 2017-11-25 07:44:35)

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