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Owner: HyperMileQC
Redsight: 2001 Honda Insight
Displacement: 0.995 L
Fuel type: gas/electric hybrid
Transmission: manual
Curb weight: 1880 lbs
Coefficient of drag: 0.25
Frontal area: 21.45 sq.ft.
Instrumentation: ScanGauge
Description: --------------------------------------------
Modified 2001 Honda Insight MT New Formula Red. 87K mi. / 140K km. #22 6/'00 (Canada). Gasoline / Electric Hybrid.

I bought this car in Ontario and imported id to Québec, it passed inspection easily and I put some Potenza RE92 on it because it was sold with really crappy chinese tires 175/65/14 not 165/65/14.

Really good condition
interior is mint.
Engine bay is oil shooted and really clean.
only 84k mile on the car and everything feels newer than my grey insight.
Good engine and tranny mounts, rear mount is going.
Window tint in the rear.
No block heater
A/C blow ice cold
No Honda Security System
Plastidipped roof, mirrors and hatch spoiler.
Build Thread:
Current Mods: -Front liscence plate and bracket delete
-Honda Civic D-series Engine Block Heater 450w
-Two Fire Blankets in the engine bay
-Weatherstripping tape to seal gaps around headlights and hood

-Electric Power Steering (EPS) Disable : EPS Unit removed, 40A Fuse removed and Ground removed.
-Daytime Running Lights (DRL) Disable : Bypassed my DRL module and relays with modified DRL module and fuses removed.
-LED positions, map, dome, trunk, tail, backup, flasher, cluster indicator lights and liscence plate.
-Lower Front Grille Block
-Bridgestone Potenza RE92 Low Rolling Resistance at 55 Psi
-Antenna Remove
-Rear Wiper Remove for Summer
-12v Battery charger
-PHM-505 ECM from my 2000 Insight
-PHM-305 BCM from my 2000 Insight
-PHM-305 MCM from my 2000 Insight
-Grid Charger Harness for IMA Battery
-A/C Delete : Relays and Fuses removed, Condenser fan unplugged, Compressor and A/C Pressure Switch unplugged. Still trying to find the A/C Diode.

Current Upgrades :
-Honda Security System from my 2000 Insight with Keyless entry
-Accord 2.3L EGR Valve
-Gaz Rear Shock Absorbers with Adjustable rate
-Spoon Brake and clutch fluid reservoir covers
-Mugen Engine Oil Cap

-I have a new Non-A/C belt and a new Grooved Idler Pulley to delete the compressor, lines, condenser, evaporator, dryer, expansion valve and hoses.
-I modified the plastic box for the cabin air filter to delete the evaporator and use the A/C box because I don't have the Non-A/C one.

Planned Mods: -Upper Grille Block
-Pad heater on the oil pan and tranny

Planned Maintenance :
-Change Engine, Transmission and Rear Torque Mount
-Adjust Valves
-Change Injector to Head O-Rings and Injector to Fuel Rail O-Rings
-Change Intake and EGR Spacer Gasket
-Clean EGR Spacer Ports and Channels
-Clean Intake Manifold
-Change Throttle Body Gasket
-Clean Throttle Body
-Change Valve Cover Gasket
-Replace Water Pump Unit with new gasket
-New Thermostat with Gasket
-Check Transmission Oil Level and Change after Winter
-Change Brake and Clutch fluids and Bleed
-Repair Exhaust (Upper and Lower Cats and gaskets)
-Spark Plug and Ignition Coils
-LAF and O2 Sensors
-Check Vacuum Hoses for leaks. New Hoses and Clips
-Repair Rusted Fuel and Brake Lines
-Front Wheel Bearings and Hub with new Studs
-Rear Wheel Bearings with new Backplates
-New Front Lower Control Arm with Ball joint
-Rebuild Rack and Pinion with complete EPS gear delete, new bolts and boots
-New Ackerman Arms
-New Tie rods and New Tie rod Ends
-Repar Rear Suspension Crossmember Bushings

Planned Upgrades :
-New Front Brake Rotors and Pads with rebuild Calipers and Brackets. New Slide bolt and pin. New Bolts
-New Rear Brake Drums and Shoes with new Spring kit and new Wheel Cylinder.
-New Stainless Steel Brake lines and Braided Flexible Brake Hose Line.
-Try a Catch can setup to eliminate PCV returning into the intake manifold
-New Front shock with Eibach custom Spring rate and Ground Control Adjustable Sleeves
-New Eibach custom Rear Spring rate and Ground Control Adjustable Sleeves
-Beefier Swaybar Links or Adjustable ones
-Energy Suspension Eurethane Swaybar Bushings with new brackets and bolts
-New Clutch disc, Pressure plate and Clutch Bearing with resurfaced and re-balanced Flywheel
-New Clutch Master and Slave Cylinders
-Open Transmission and change bad Synchro rings, new shaft & differential Bearings, Seals and Gaskets.
-Rebuild ECA1 from my 2000 Insight and swap over in my 2001 with huge clean-up and possible wire-tuck of the engine bay
-Some Dress-up for the engine bay
Official Fuel Economy Ratings
EPA city 49 mpg(US)
EPA highway 61 mpg(US)
EPA combined 53 mpg(US)

Actual Fuel Economy Performance
Lifetime 0 mpg(US)
Last 3 tanks 0 mpg(US)
90 days No data entered

(Created: 2015-09-18 16:17:37 / Modified: 2021-02-04 00:01:53)

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