ScanGauge Mount

  • Works with Scangauge II or E
  • Versatile suction cup mount
  • Mounts to any surface with adhesive backed pad
  • Easily adjustable

Price: $19.99, shipping included.


Questions? Contact us.


Mount your ScanGauge with ease

The ScanGauge mount makes keeping your ScanGauge in place very easy.

  1. Attach the adhesive backed plate to the back of your ScanGauge.
  2. Stick the suction cup where you want it to be.
  3. Slide the ScanGauge into the mount.

For more information, see our review on the ScanGauge Mount.

Mounts to virtually any surface

Yes, you read it right. It mounts to virtually any surface. The ScanGauge Mount comes with an adhesive backed pad that acts as a surface for the suction cup to stick to.

Works with the Scangauge II, ScanGauge E, or other device

The mount is not specific to ScanGauges. You can stick the adhesive backed plate on anything and it can be set on the mount. I'm talking to you MPGuino owners.

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