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Xist 08-14-2019 05:29 PM

"100% of people who do not save money do not have any!"--Dave Ramsey
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I enjoyed watching several Dave Ramsey rants today. Some people said it was "unchristian" to use the word stupid.


People objected to him yelling.


Reaction videos are quite popular nowadays. I tune into the Dave Ramsey Rants, not the Dave Ramsey Calmly and Rationally Discusses Destructive Spending Habits.

Of course, I cannot mention Dave without pointing out errors. He said that no member of the government ever gave you money.

What about the Obama stimulus checks? Someone sent me money...

He said nurse practitioners make at most $80 - $90,000.

Sure--to start:

I think he almost always gives great advice. Does it matter that in my forty years on Planet Dirt I received one $500 check?

Not really.

Does it matter that he only gave the starting pay?

The caller's spouse wanted to quit her job making $60,000 a year to become a nurse practitioner. She did not have a nursing background, so she would lose money for six years before being eligible for jobs that paid $30,000 a year more. How much does an NP program cost? "Online programs run somewhere in between costing $400-$800 per credit ultimately averaging about $22,500 for a nurse practitioner degree."

Keep in mind, you need a BSN first. "The average cost to complete a four-year BSN program in the U.S. ranges from $40,000 to more than $200,000. The disparity there reflects the huge variety of available options."

How is the average a huge range? That is like saying the average family on Earth has 1 - 5 children.

"The average cost of online RN to BSN programs ranges from as little as $25,000 to as high as $80,000."

"The average human has 5 to 16 fingers." Also, they do not say how much it costs to get an RN. Is the average between $15,000 to $120,000? Then the two figures align.

It looks like the least it would cost for six years of nursing school would be over $60,000. Since she could not work full-time and study full-time, she would lose over $420,000. If she makes $90,000 the seventh year she is still out $330,000, so it would take eleven years to break even. If this is a regular part of your balanced twenty-year plan, and she makes $125,000 in year twenty, she would make an extra $1,085,000.

However, they already have substantial debt, so of course he told them to pay off their current debt before going back to school.

I wonder how many of his callers have terrible luck and how many have terrible decision-making abilities.

All Darc 08-14-2019 10:13 PM

Some people can earn a X value and spent X plus 20% and go in debt.

If you raise their income 500% they will once again spent more than what they can afford.

Some people born to make sh...

Sure I don't speak about people with true difficult, like for health service and decent home. I speak about people which grave always desire to have more than what they have or can buy.

Xist 08-14-2019 10:23 PM

People always talk about people who win the lottery, go bankrupt, and sometimes commit suicide. I keep entering Publisher's Clearinghouse. Their highest payout is a couple hundred thousand a year.

That shouldn't make me too sad. :)

All Darc 08-14-2019 10:35 PM

If you won lottery :

1- Don't tell anyone, or they will ask you money or demand you to spent (with them), or even charge you to do things or call you a Scrooge or idiot if you don't spent it a lot.

2- Keep in mind that money don't last forever if not invested.

3- Remamber that you need a master plan about investment, and how much you can spent in a way to keep it in standart for life and future. Try to think like you was a boss and the month needs was like a employer salary.

4- Don't start to buy very expensive things, cause it will make people suspect of you.

5- If possible, move away from where you live, maybe even change from city, if you have no family or strong connections.

6- If people find out you got rich, be prepared to do not trust people anylonger, cause you will no longer know who likes you, since a lot of people will only have eyes for your money.

7- Clean your room and add a writing desk to it. I took this one a bit from uncle Jordan. ;-)

litesong 08-14-2019 10:48 PM


Originally Posted by Xist (Post 604652)
Publisher's Clearinghouse. Their highest payout is a couple hundred thousand a year.

I won $10 from Reader's Digest. Put it in my savings...... till bad times took all my money. Just figgered out, that means I lost the Reader's Digest winnings, too. Sounds about average for lots of people.
Still trying to understand how "don'T rump" is so poor, that he had to white wash the ill-gotten gains from russian oligarchs, who stole money from "legitimate" russian wealth builders.

litesong 08-14-2019 11:32 PM


Originally Posted by All Darc (Post 604654)
If you won lottery :
7- Clean your room and add a writing desk to it. I took this one a bit from uncle Jordan. ;-)

I didn't know Robert Jordan was your uncle! Is that how Jordan writes?

All Darc 08-14-2019 11:51 PM

A woman I kow had about 2,5 to 2,7 times the minimum wage as salary, despite the husband lost the job. Her kids was grow-up no longer living with her. She was a nice person, good behavior, calm, humble in talking.
But she had not a own home, and had to pay rent, despite had work for long time. She said that couldn't save money to buy a home or ground to built a home. Anyway we found out why she couldn't, despite had not a so terrible income. She used to buy expensible eletronic devices, smartphones more expensible than the ones used by many people who hired her, and used to got to restaurants with her husband and post photos on Instagram about the dinner.

I imagine they didn't saved money even when her husband still had the job, despite he earned less than she.

Xist 08-14-2019 11:54 PM

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I am glad that you survived emotionally.

I have never found out anything like how often this is paid and if you can get a lump sum. Sometimes they say "Forever," which means I could leave something for a niece or nephew, which I am sure would be great for their relationship.

People always say if you win money the government takes half. The highest tax rate is 37%, so let's say you get paid weekly, as the ad indicates, but we have also establishes that advertisers lie.

So, say I win, and my cash on hand goes from $6 to $3,156.

1. Pay down my student loans.
2. Make another payment.
3. Pay off my student loans. It would take 10% longer because I pay tithing. Pay an actual repair shop to fix one of my cars.
4. You know what? Let's be silly. There is a house down the street that may have been similar to Mom's before someone converted the garage to a bedroom. They are currently asking $170,000. Let's say that is a fair price if they include closing costs. 3.5% of that is $5,947.
5. Save for 3.5% down.
6. Get approved for a loan and make an offer.
7. I recently read that it can take 30 - 45 days for paperwork to buy a house. 20% is $33,980. That would take 11 weeks. Save my winnings until I can move in and then pay everything until I have 20% and get off mortgage insurance. Ask the guys at Church to help me move, do it on my own, and say "Thanks for showing up, but I already finished. Do any of you want pizza and donuts?"

Hopefully I can convince Mom to move down the street so we can repaint the interior, make repairs, and replace the flooring. Would Mom want to remodel the kitchen? I think it would look great if I just cleaned the cabinets, but the bathroom cabinets should probably be replaced.

Once Mom's house is fixed up, move back, put up the second house for rent, and look for a third?

The one thing is that house should have an awesome view of fireworks, so I would actually want a clause that we are allowed to watch the show there, and that we will bring pizza and soda of their choosing.

I think it would be hilarious to have my Civic engine and transmission remanufactured and a competent body shop fix the body and repaint.

Could I afford a new car? Absolutely. Would it frustrate people that I spent it on my Civic?

Absolutely! :D

Oh right. Mom always says she wants me to buy her a new car if I won Publisher's Clearinghouse, so there you go, I would buy a new car--for Mom.

I am sure that at some point I would purchase a new car and maybe not something conservative. Oh well.

Anyway, this is an exercise in futility, I doubt I will ever win anything. I need to make my own future happen and take care of things right now.

All Darc 08-14-2019 11:59 PM

I refer about (uncle) Jordan Peterson. It's a joke I always make, since he is very plemic. :D


Originally Posted by litesong (Post 604660)
I didn't know Robert Jordan was your uncle! Is that how Jordan writes?

All Darc 08-15-2019 12:10 AM

On Brazil taxes it's about 50% if you sum all the government took in every production line until reach consumer plus direct government tax of citizens.

We have a thing called FGTS, and it values less than the inflation and people only can get it in special circunstances of after years of work or lost job. It's a tax to workers and no one can scape.
Many people want to end that, and others demand to be at least corrected as inflation.

The problem is that if government could remove all taxes, lets just imagine to understand, and cut services, the people would earn double but most of them could not manage save anything. They would spent with better cars, clothes, eletronics devices, and would still not save for heath care, to have a own home, to pay a school for kids or for when they get very old.
They would scr...up and point the finger to the system and call themselves victms.

Is povert between blacks just racism? No genetic involved about desire to spent and don't save?
A research, if I heard right, said that most black kids prefers to get 1 lollypop today nthan get 2 lollypops if wait tomorrow, while white kids mostly prefers get 2 tomorrow.

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