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Blue07CivicEX 06-11-2008 07:03 PM

2007 Civic Coupe Modifications
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I have seen some other threads following car updates and upgrades and figured I would show mine on here as well if that's alright with everyone. I have a 2007 Civic Coupe EX (yes I know lots of weight for the extra features). I bought this last summer new from the dealer and have gotten between 28 and 35mpg driving aggressive.

I am currently on my first eco-friendly tank of gas (driving better). For the time being I am looking at non-damaging modifications as it is a new car and I'd like to keep it fairly shiny for awhile.

Next week I have a trip from Albany, NY to Buffalo, NY and back (around 300 miles each way). I have created fog lamp covers and an upper grill block out of plastic document holders ($.79 at walmart) and plan to drive out stock and add them with wire ties and tape for the drive back I should have my SG2 by then but it won't be calibrated but it should still help.

I would much rather work on getting better at P&G and drafting on the way out but i'm thinking set the cruise at 65 and just drive to get the best results on a comparison of before and after. What are peoples inputs on the test method?

Also I know everyone likes pictures so here are some of my bug covered Civic, modification ideas are welcome. I will have pics of my fog lamp covers and grill block later tonight (I left them in the car when I came upstairs whoops).

The picture under my car is a huge void on the opposite side from the muffler (so ricers can put in dual mufflers i would guess). That's going to be a priority too I believe.

Bror Jace 06-11-2008 10:03 PM

Hey Blue07CivicEX, welcome! :thumbup:

Nice to have another Albanian Civic driver here. :cool:

Here's another thread on the same topic:

johnpr 06-11-2008 10:25 PM

yay, can us civic owners have our own part of the forum now? i think we have enough civics to form a club.....

Blue07CivicEX 06-11-2008 10:37 PM

Temporary Fogs and Upper Grill
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Ok as I promised here are the pics of my temp fog and upper grill covers, they will be held in place by zip ties and painters tape (does anybody know how well that will hold in the wind if the surface is clean?)

I didn't see that other thread! Thanks for the link, it'll be good to see what some other new school civics are up to, I know most of the folks on here like modding the older ones.

The way they are sitting is how they will be on the car, I basically took the file folders marked out one side then folded it in half and cut out the two mirror images. They are slightly oversized to allow for taping and smooth transition into the stock bumper. I may have to add some reinforcement behind them as they're a little flimsy. Depending on the mpg increase I see if I want to make them permanent I'll do them out of fiberglass.

johnpr 06-11-2008 11:11 PM

the painters tape will stick but dont expect it to hold those on, many firebird/trans am/camaro (fbody) guys use painters tape on the front of our cars on longer trips to prevent stone chips and bug splats

Blue07CivicEX 06-11-2008 11:15 PM

Nah, it won't need to perform much work I just need to keep the edges down and I don't want to tear up the paint on my car. I plan to fasten the actual plastic to the fog lamp covers, I put some loops on them today with zip ties that should hold the pieces relatively in place.

Blue07CivicEX 06-15-2008 09:42 PM

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Alrighty, So I worked with foam to fill in the front bumper, didn't really work out so well. The pieces were warping after I took them out, the foam slid while it was setting up and some places still had holes.

So I decided to scrap the foam/fiberglass idea. Instead I decided to go low-tech plastic I went and got some coroplast from a sign store ($20 for a 4x8 I know it was a little pricey but oh well).

The last pic if one of the fog lamp covers I made this afternoon, I will get more pics with them installed once I put them on the car, I'm going to attempt to get some measurements without them first.

One question though, will coroplast hold form if you heat and mold it or does it not work like that? as it stands now i'm trying to fasten it so it will hold tightly to the bumper.

johnpr 06-16-2008 12:00 AM

too bad the foam technique didnt work so well for you, i havent had a chance to try it myself (i have been way to busy)

the corroplast cover looks great! i dont know anything about heating it though, hopefully someone more knowledgeable will chime in

Blue07CivicEX 06-16-2008 12:11 AM

yeah, I was very impressed with the coroplast, I put a coat of black and a coat of clear on it, developed a zip tie system to hold it on, I'll have some pics maybe tomorrow of them installed, I am driving to buffalo without the covers at 65mph (it's about a 300mile trip) going to get a mpg avg, then put them on for the drive back, I understand other factors (weather and what have you) will come into play but if I go back out next week i'll keep them on for the drive out, then take them off for the drive back which should give me a little more accurate A-B-A comparison.

Blue07CivicEX 06-16-2008 10:55 AM

This test sucks but it is for the good of science going 65 steady is boring and not extremely efficient I will have results in 3 hours.

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