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funkhoss 09-17-2019 06:55 PM

90 day average over 90 MPG
In the 70 MPG challenge thread, back in July, I wrote this:


Originally Posted by funkhoss (Post 602969)
My goal was to get our 90-day average up over 90 this summer. Last summer it was 88. I've still got a month or two of hot weather left this year, but I'm not sure I'll get there.

Well...we did it! The current 90-day average for the "little car" is 91.08 MPG.

I gave my wife (and myself) a pep talk shortly after I posted that, we've both focused on doing our best since then...and it paid off.

I was just really excited after filling up this afternoon, and wanted to share. :D

Next goal: get through this winter without any tanks below 70 MPG.


Daox 09-17-2019 07:00 PM

Wow, that's very impressive.

mpg_numbers_guy 09-17-2019 07:06 PM

Way to go!! Do you have a current list of mods or a current picture of your car with mods? Ar you using a Scangauge or other fuel economy instrumentation?

My goal is to maintain at least 80 MPG this winter; the real kicker will be in December when I'm in Michigan. Virginia is really nice for hypermiling, if you can stay out of the mountains. Plenty of EOC opportunities. With your lowest tank still bring in the 60s, with your MPG trend I feel confident you should be able to keep above 70 mpg this winter.

funkhoss 09-18-2019 09:25 AM

1 Attachment(s)
I've attached a pic of the car that I took this morning.

From the factory, it had basically no options--no A/C, manual steering, etc. We bought it in 2010 with 43,000 miles; it now has 241,000 miles. The engine (head and bottom end) has not been rebuilt.

The mods are pretty straightforward--nothing too radical. They include:
-XFi cam
-Swift 3.52:1 transmission
-Ignition timing advanced 5 degrees
-Kill switch
-Auxiliary brake vacuum reservoir (for more/longer brake assist during EOC)
-Deep cycle battery
-LED headlights and exterior lights
-Bridgestone RE92 tires, inflated to 52 PSI, on 90's Accord wheels
-Roof painted with reflective white paint (for interior heat reduction)
-Llumar Air 80 "clear" window tint (for interior heat reduction)
-Engine coolant and oil heaters (for winter use)
-Trailer hitch
-Grill block with removable inserts
-Air dam
-Smooth wheel covers
-Rear wheel skirts

...and a whole lotta torque on the nut behind the wheel. :thumbup:


MeteorGray 09-19-2019 10:42 AM

Funkhoss, that's really squeezing the pump!


And your getting 44.9 mpg out of a big ole '94 Chevrolet Caprice Wagon is just as incredible.

You've obviously mastered the art of the ecomodder!

rnjason 10-14-2019 05:25 AM

Impressive work!

deluxx 10-14-2019 11:13 PM

Wow so cool looking mods! I need to make a skirt like that!

California98Civic 06-07-2020 04:15 PM

A 90+ MPG 90 day average has got to be unique on this site for a gasoline car. PaleMelanesian pulled off 90+ on a single tank with his 1996 Civic non-vtec sedan, but I am not sure if he had a 90 day average too.

funkhoss 06-08-2020 09:50 AM

A blast from the past! Oh, how the times have changed...

I typically travel quite a bit for work, but because of the pandemic I've been working entirely from home. I've only filled this car up once since early March.

Interestingly enough, our next door neighbor (an older lady) is actually borrowing this car this week. Her car has a leaking head gasket; we helped her drop it off at a local shop last night and she's driving our car until hers gets fixed.

It will be interesting to see what her driving does to our current tank average, which is in the mid/upper 80's according to the Scangauge. She let the car idle in her driveway this morning for 3-4 minutes before she left. I think that's more idling than the car has done cumulatively over the last two years... :eek:


California98Civic 06-08-2020 10:35 AM

She might be showing care for the car by warming it up... little does she know your shock! lol ...but I'm glad you're looking out for a neighbor like that.

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