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Shorttyd 04-08-2018 01:38 AM

9125mi year long route
Has anybody heard about the route you can travel around the country and it is always 70f outside? The route is 9125mi long. That is only 25mi per day. I dont drive but i would be down to car pool. I am a bicycle tourist and eco tourism is usually more energy than just staying home, but i think we can make a difference and have fun. If two people travel only 9125mi intentionally then we travel 12.5 road miles per day at highway efficiency. We just ride from campground to campground (or host.) I will ride my bike or rollerblade to the grocery store. It would actually be rad if we could get a full car and get road miles down to 6.25. We should make the term "eco-tourism" our word.

I have some ideas for ways that can sponsor us. Like, a book scanning program. Google does it. We just make book scanners and go to the public library and scan books and news papers with them. I did a huge self contained bike tour by myself and the costs are very small. I read that for every $6 spent in this economy a ton of ice is melted. I did it on food stamps as a form of civil disobedience, like Ghandi, but now they wont give me foodstamps anymore. Eventually, someone just has to support my lifestyle. I ride my bike to the library and read and panhandling is not safe. Too many creepers.

I also had ideas for ways to get plugged into organic farms for sponsorship. We can grow microgreens in flats and sprouts in containers. I even like the idea of growing edible mushrooms in bags, but this was all part of an aero grow trailer. The solar potential changes throughout the route but the temperature is always 70f. We can probably just throw the microgreen flats on top of the trailer to keep the insider cooler for fungus. That way we have our own produce for the market and labor. The possibilities are endless.

I do have a couple experimental mods for you modders. Plug in refrigerated fuel tank. This would be an inexpensive mod and has the potential to improve thermal efficiency of the engine by 15%, but I think we need to test emissions, exhaust gas recycling might be a requirement and maybe even a blower so we aren't blowing unburned fuel. It is a good experiment for this trip. It is always 70f outside; we control the temp of the gas, the temp of the intake, and the temp of the cylinder. It seems like common sense to do. I throw in a plugin block heater for good measure. A production vehicle would pump the heat from the cab and the fuel to the block before you drive it because i knows when you get off work. There is some awesome potential for thermal energy regeneration that way. The paradigm of the thermal energy from the gas going to the block and then being regenerated in the cylinder during combustion is delicious. I want to make a scale experiment on a stand for a more continuous and circular process. There is an extra step in energy conversion vs using the electricty directly for motion, but if the inefficiency is the loss of thermal energy as motion and we are trying to cool the cylinders maybe our inefficiencies are a bonus. Inefficiencies at converting electrochemical to thermal are dependant on mass. The mass of an electric motor and a pump and coolant would be smaller than the mass of a planetary orbital transmission and maybe even smaller than the mass of a hub motor. The scale experiment rocks because i am generally imagining already air cooled motors. Like a moped then an ultralight. Series hybrid ultralight airplane. Thats not accurate, it is series hybrid with parallel hybrid. It makes sense to make a thermally(sound) insulated engine cab for an ultralight. Aerogel and carbon fiber, bro.

The other is much more expensive. A thermal energy recovery aerotail, it is only in concept phase, and I need like $10,000 in parts from Grainger for that. I went to school for automated system design. I will draw up the circuitry for you if you are interested. I am kind of a slug so i dont know about getting grant money from Grainger, but Lab Safety was bought out by em in Janesville, WI. I like this idea because, since it is a thermal energy recovery system, when the vehicle is not in use, which is most of the time, it functions as a solar thermal power plant. Just put the hybrid vehicle up on blocks, take off the wheel and attach a pulley. Evacuated solar tubes are inexpensive technology. When the vehicle is in drive i put the power to a fifth wheel on the right side of the aerotail. I know that improves rolling resistance by 25% but my goal is better than 50% thermal efficiency. Or maybe it is better to just blow that air back up to the front wheels.

I have a supply chain all worked out for hybrid autos, ultralight aircraft, and Tesla Semi truck retail/ potato farms. The Teslas are filled with grow bags and i like to use Watson to control the supply chain by moving produce efficiently to make the most delicious food because Watson is apparently an awesome fusion chef. Then, we invite people to ride their bikes and carpool to our organic food raves at the farm or campground. In Colorado and the west coast we can serve cannabis infused food. We need to encourage people to travel fewer road miles. Eco-tourism. Come chill with us for the weekend and turn off your A/C.

I need help, though. I am unorganized and emotionally scarred. I am sick of being a run away slave. The abusers, my masters, occasionally attempt to recover their property. They describe me as a person with emotional problems. Just as slavers in the past described their slaves by the scars of floggings. Consider these types of contacts to be admissions of guilt by extremely cruel people who enjoy my struggle as a form of entertainment at my expense. I am not Alexander Supertramp, I am White Django.

In Janesville and Waukesha there are conservative magzines, The Gazette and The Freeman. I have spent a lot of time homeless in these communities. Janesville wants to become a cycling community and are hosting a bicycle race for the Tour of America's Dairy Land. This community is organized to keep me as a slave under my abusers for their entertainment and for their political benefit. Mine participating would just be another activity on which the people in my family would waste gas. They already drive hundreds if not thousand of miles per month to swim in a pool. I am sick of my boss and my landlord always being the same person and ****ing me over. I am sick of being an atheist in Christian homeless shelters. I can barely forgive you ****ers much less work with you.

Ive calculated that i personally have burned 250gal of gas in my life and havent burned a single gallon in 8 years. Let me help you reduce by offsetting. The paper is white but the ink is black.

Tyler Dean

Shorttyd 04-09-2018 02:54 AM

If i put a 4 stroke in a box and i am regenerating thermal with air. It would be sweet to make the air suck into the exhaust.

Shorttyd 04-09-2018 02:57 AM

Like jt breathes in and breathes breathes out.

Shorttyd 04-09-2018 03:09 AM

And have a more massive exhaust pipe.

Shorttyd 04-09-2018 03:13 AM

So the tank fills up with exhaust half of the time. And this is all happening inside of a solar powered ice chest.

Shorttyd 04-09-2018 03:19 AM

What if i make it recycle a percentage of the exhausr by doing that and most of it is air?

Shorttyd 04-09-2018 03:20 AM

That means it needs three 4 strokes and we can recycle 33% of the exhaust.

Shorttyd 04-09-2018 03:21 AM

That is unburned fuel.

Shorttyd 04-09-2018 03:36 AM

So, it starts and each engine burns 1x and sucks in 2x. Then, when the tank is full each engine burns 2x and sucks in 1x.

Shorttyd 04-09-2018 03:39 AM

I want to make the exhaust pipes with evacuated tubes just so they are massive.

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