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deluxx 05-02-2018 05:36 PM

'96 Civic Sedan Ecomodding and Streamlining Project (no 56k!)
My new car is a 1996 Honda Civic Sedan LX. I bought it for $700/USD.
I am the 6th owner.
She has 16****K miles.
She has the original D16Y7 engine @106hp.
She has the original 5 speed transmission with a 4.058 final drive.
She has Cooper GLS Touring tires @ 185/65R/15
All recommenced maintenance has been mostly completed.
The following list of parts have been replaced within the last few years.
Timing Belt, Water Pump, Rear Axles, Tie Rods, Camshaft Seal, Crankshaft Seal, PVC Valve, Valve Cover Gaskets, Fuel Filter, Wheel Bearings, CV joints,All belts, Air Filter, Radiator, Brake Light Bulbs. Headliner, Headlights, Headlamps, AC Freon, Brakes, Radio, Rear Speakers

  • Swap in Vtec motor with Vtec-e (If the engine fails)
  • Transmission Swap 5th gen CX (If the transmission fails)
  • Transmission Fluid (Pennzoil Synchromesh or Royal Purple)
  • Oil Change (5W-30 summer 0-20 winter)
  • Deep cycle battery / trunk relocation
  • Kill Switch
  • Off road lights
  • window tint
  • wheels with snow tires
  • Kats pad heaters
  • Kats coolant pump
  • lower suspension
  • mirror delete
  • Rear view camera/dash cam
  • OBDII splitter ScanGauge + bluetooth
  • TPS Cruise Control / Hand throttle
  • Thrust Turbo Muffler
  • easy trickle battery charge / HVAC pretrip plugin
Here, some pictures;

The headlights are discolored, different from each other but not nasty.

The interior is nice too.

This fell off, along with the LX badge years ago.

This car also had a aftermarket alarm, removed.

This little box beeps at you when you leave the key in or you leave the lights on, removed.

I replaced the rear speakers and radio.

I removed the wind catchers near the tires.

In the coming months I am planning to modify this vehicle for better fuel economy with aeromods and more.

MetroMPG 05-02-2018 08:14 PM


MetroMPG 05-02-2018 08:15 PM


She has the original 5 speed transmission with a 4.058 final drive.
I assume that's stock? How does it compare to taller options that would work in this car?

deluxx 05-02-2018 08:53 PM


Originally Posted by MetroMPG (Post 568535)
I assume that's stock? How does it compare to taller options that would work in this car?

Yes its stock. According to ( ) I could swap the transmission for a 96-00 Civic HX or CX. It might be worth it. The transmission feels clunky with a solid clunk sound, hopefully a fluid change brings it back to life for a while.

California98Civic 05-02-2018 10:32 PM

Yes. And you can swap in the fifth gen VX/CX trans too, as I did, if you want the SUPER tall FD. Noticed you put 300 watt speakers in back. Stock was like 30 watts, no? What is in the doors? You like them all? Would the stock radio be able to power them?

deluxx 05-02-2018 11:30 PM

This is my first Honda so I don't know much about em, I'm learning.

I really enjoy having a nice radio in my car. The car had a aftermarket radio already. A JVC from ~2010. (sold for $20) The stock stereo probably pushes 25w to each speaker. This radio claims 52w. I was gifted this Sony radio and Polk speakers in 2007, It has mp3 CD support, HD radio, and 3.5mm input as well as RCA input. Top of the line even in 2018.
The front speakers are stock for now, I do plan on replacing them although the two I have are more then enough at 50% volume.

deluxx 05-08-2018 08:51 PM

First fill up:

456 miles on 9.481 gallons / $2.79 (US), for 48MPG

I kept it below 60mph, shifted to 5th gear at 35mph, turned the engine off at long lights, coasted in neutral downhill.
I filled her with 87 Sunoco at the same pump.

I think 70 MPG is possible at low speeds.

I'm happy with the MPG already!

MetroMPG 05-08-2018 09:13 PM

Nice baseline!

deluxx 05-09-2018 01:14 AM

I have a upcoming smog test including a visual test. (Maryland is so strict! :mad:

After that, aero begins

westb87 05-09-2018 08:38 AM

Subscribed! Keep us posted dude!

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