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MetroMPG 08-10-2010 02:01 PM

Anyone here with a vinyl plotter/cutter want to make decals?
The EM member who made up our vinyl decals is either away or awol. Not answering e-mail & phone messages.

I'm just wondering if there's anyone else here who can / wants to make stuff like this, in volume:

brucey 08-10-2010 02:23 PM

I just bought one of those like a month ago. I think he said he was in the middle of a move.

MetroMPG 08-10-2010 03:32 PM

John said he was moving?

Just checked his stats... hasn't been around EM since the end of March. (Not that the two are connected.)

brucey 08-10-2010 08:27 PM

Err, my bad. I must be confused.

I thought the guy that made them was the guy I bought them from.

trikkonceptz 08-23-2010 05:45 PM

I can have them made. I do not have a plotter however, I would be using the vinyl shop that makes all my vinyl stripes for the Mustangs we do.

How would this work?

How much volume are we talking about? Will you need them weeded? Ready for installation? Am I Going to mail you bulk orders or be responsible for shipping one / two out to individuals?

Let me know and send me the image so I can forward it to him an get a quote if you like.

my email is:


Bicycle Bob 08-27-2010 09:47 PM

I have a friend with a vinyl cutter. He wants to know about price, quantity, etc.

XFIME 09-19-2010 02:06 AM

I'm interested in 5 sets for XFI's

MetroMPG 09-20-2010 08:11 AM

Thread for ordering:

(There would be a nice discount for that quantity - send a PM if you're interested)

digitalbath2012 11-24-2011 12:13 AM

Vinyl decals
Hey I know your post is about a year old but was wondering if you are still interested in vinyl decals in BULK. I can send you a sample in the mail for free if you would like with some color swatches. Let me know if your interested.

Jim Knight

FPO 11-24-2011 10:06 AM

I have one, I can not do crazy stuff , but simple stuff (website decals)is a breeze.

Here is the race car trailer I did for my friend.

I did the car too :)

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