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alvin_wj 06-05-2013 10:59 AM

[ASK] Want to put MPGuino in Our Magazine
Hi, my name is Alvin.
I work at some computer magazine in here. My boss is interested to putting this MPGuino thing in the magazine (schematic, tutorial, sketch, and the whole thing that will help our reader to create MPGuino by themselves).
I'm a little bit confuse with the copyright. I know that dcb are the creator for this. But, we are more interested with the canadian version (cause we are using metric system in here).

Why are we interested with MPGuino?
-We are quiet concern with the gas price that will be increasing at this month.
-We want to gather our readers to help saving gas by knowing their usage, so they can save the gas by changing their driving habit.
-Many cars in here doesn't have fuel consumption meter (newer car does have, but the users aren't our target).
-It's quiet expensive to buy the MPGuino from outside the country (tax, shipping, and the customs are such a pain in the ***).
-It's quiet cheap to buy the whole components in here (mine is <US$40 minus the arduino uno - can't say the actual price, PM me if you want to know)

The question is, what should we do to get the permission to put this in our DIY articles?



MetroMPG 06-05-2013 11:29 AM

Hi Alvin -

I believe this project was intended to be open source from the start.

You could send a private message to dcb if you would like (he's active in the forum), but I suspect there's no problem in using information found here, with attribution to the builder and links to the MP Guino subforum.


alvin_wj 06-06-2013 03:33 AM

Hi Darin

Thanks for the fast reply and the information. I'll PM dcb to discuss this matter later.


Alvin :D

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