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trikkonceptz 07-15-2008 11:13 PM

Can Propane and Gas be combined?
Like the title asks, using a flow meter, can we use propane to mix in with the air like so many want to see with HHO?

Seems a bit easier, the expensive part is buying a digital flow meter and then dialing it in to the proper rate of flow. That is of course if this is even possible.

Experts ...

Peter7307 07-16-2008 03:26 AM

If I am reading your question the right way...Yes propane can be added to air and sent through the engine.
The catch is basically you would need to duplicate the entire fuel delivery system for propane so an extra tank , hoses and mixer would be needed.
Some modification would also be needed to restrict the volume of gasoline at the same time but given the electronic controls now in use this should be fairly straightforward.
These are already on the market for vehicle running on gas (not gasoline) products like LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) and LNG (Liquified Natural Gas).
IMPCO , among others , is one brand available in the US.

My own car is dual fuel. ie LPG and pump petrol (gasoline) and the LPG tank takes up most of the trunk.
The performance is about equal on both fuels but the maintenance is a little higher for LPG.
On the other had the costs are lower for LPG the unleaded. AUS $ 1.68 per litre for unleaded vs AUS $ 0.69 per litre for LPG.


SVOboy 07-16-2008 03:37 AM

Yep, it can indeed be done. Sort of a of LPG+gasoline:LPG::hybrid-electric:EV kinda situation. I've always been a little interested in this, so if you wanna experiment, do! Could always try it out on a lawnmower, eh? (mine's electric now though, :P)

steensn 07-16-2008 10:00 AM

Anyone know cost difference? Any idea if it is cost effective overall?

trikkonceptz 07-16-2008 02:42 PM

The cool thing is that I found a digital flow meter than allows for very precise alterations. I'm guessing this is no more difficult than tapping you intake, dialing in the correct mixture, and mounting a tank somewhere in your trunk with a regulator.

Am I missing something overly complicated here?

If and when I do it, I wonder how far back the ecu will lean out the mix, or should I start looking into fuel management systems that will override the ecu?

steensn 07-16-2008 03:09 PM

Found this article, very indepth on how to go full propane and swithc in between.

Convert Your Car to Propane

This is def a mod I could get into this winter. It sounds simple enough and fun, I'd just like to see whether it makes sense from a fuel cost perspective. I'll have to do some more research, it def isn't a "new" idea. There are over 250,000 vehicles and equipment already running on propane full time.

Tango Charlie 07-16-2008 04:17 PM

You could wire in a solenoid-operated (propane) valve in parallel with the fuel pump, so when it pumps gas, the valve opens to provide propane.

extragoode 07-17-2008 01:37 AM

How different is mixing propane with the inlet air than NO2? Obviously, the purpose is different, but there are off the shelf systems for this that could maybe just have propane connected. Then there's the burst injection problem, but it's just an idea.

nascarnation 07-17-2008 10:34 AM

I heat my house with propane.
300+ gallons at a time delivered for $3+ a gallon :eek:.
Several times per winter.........

Propane (like ethanol) has less heat content per gallon than gasoline or diesel - so you need to factor that in.
Here's a link to historical prices
Heating Oil and Propane Update

klrv6 07-17-2008 11:02 AM

I used this system on three of my cars.
'99 Suburban - 29mpg
'03 Buick regal - 36mpg
'93 Nissan Sentra - 49.97mpg - older version their injector.

They worked well with fuel grade propane but, BBQ propane seems to clog the injectors periodically. I had to send them back to get them cleaned. The owner has always been real kind in cleaning them for free. The last time I sent the units back, he just sent brand new ones and I never installed them. PM me if you want to purchase one.

The main problem is that propane still costs money. I was paying $11.99 when I first got them and now it's up over $20 for a 20lb tank. It does save money but, I would have to find places that would sell fuel grade propane without road tax applied to it.

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