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Xist 02-27-2020 12:06 AM

Can you legally turn a commercial shed into a house?
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Is anything really illegal if you live where there aren't building restrictions?

2000mc 02-27-2020 01:06 AM

You could just put up a tent. Are there building restrictions if there’s no buildings? Housing laws shouldn’t apply if you’re camping right?

Alternatively there’s
With features like, a bathroom.

Xist 02-27-2020 01:32 AM

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My phone wouldn't charge when I came home from this trip, so I set up my third Samsung Galaxy S6, and just got back on this one for long enough to upload the pictures, but I really needed to upload them to the cloud or crop them before uploading them here.

What is this, a JPEG for ants?

I mentioned this two-story shed in my shavingcrete thread. I was excited that 512 square feet were on sale for potentially less than $7,000 [before tax]. However, would this even have 2x4 construction?

This guy looks inside a similar shed. I do not know how similar, this guy really does not give any information. The fourth-highest comment was:

almost no useful information here, title should be "loud boys and dad walk through sheds and share opinions on its size"
The two-story shed is at 4:20:
He commented that the walls were not 16 inches on-center. I took a screenshot and estimated that they were 21". I do not know how accurate that was, but about 1/3 off?

They look like 2x4s. I do not know that 2x3s would support their own weight.

So, I worked both jobs, caught up on updates, and wondered about converting a shed into a home. This family bought a 16x48 shed from another company, spent a year and five months finishing it, and released dozens of videos about it. It is still a work in progress, but it looks nice. Do you count lofts when calculating square footage? This is 768 square feet otherwise.

He said that you need to choose a county without building restrictions and live outside the city [because it has its own regulations].

I do not know how to tell if a property is within the city limits or how much it would cost to connect utilities. Ask a realtor? Call me crazy, but I really like the idea of cheap and easy utility connections. Why would I intentionally have a septic tank?

It can cost so much to connect electricity that people say "I might as well go solar!"

Sure, if you only want electricity during the day and fair weather.

If you give them an e-mail address they will give you their expense report. In a video he said to plan for an extra 10% cost, but he budgeted for $75,591.04, and it actually cost $94,494.92, so it was a full 25% more expensive than they planned. It cost $18,414.43 just to connect septic, electric, water, propane, and the Internet. The $94,000 included front and back decks, which were $11,279.73.

I tried to purchase a three-bedroom townhouse in 2012 for $94,500. The property was only about 800 square feet, but it was 1,200 square feet. However, it is now worth $162,256.

Here is a 3-bedroom, 2-bath, 1,600-square-foot fixer-upper in-town on 2.3 acres for $85,000.

Can you fix it up for $10,000?

I highly doubt it. I really like what this family did, but it looks like I lost another couple of hours to another distraction:

Xist 02-27-2020 01:34 AM

What if I want to live somewhere year-round?

Venture In is opened from April 1st through December 1 weather permitting.
Oh yes, I rage-quit their videos when he said not to pay your debt with the highest interest first, to pay the smallest amount first.

That only makes sense if your feelings are more important than reality.

Had I watched that video earlier I would have stopped wasting my time sooner!

oil pan 4 02-27-2020 02:08 AM

For square footage to be counted it has to be heated and have a minimum hight of 74 inches. Local codes may vary.

$7,000 for that is way, way over priced.
I built a big shed like that in 2007. I think the total was $1,700.
For $7,000 you should be able to build it from 2x6, spray foam insulation, premium inverter split, kitchen, bathroom, ect.

redpoint5 02-27-2020 02:42 AM

If it's legal to live naked in your own feces on the sidewalk, anything should go.

Xist 02-27-2020 02:57 AM

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?
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Or something.
I thought that it would be nice, but potentially weird, to buy my niece flowers for Valentine's Day, so I asked permission. Our sister told me to buy flowers for my nephews, too.

I am not buying boys flowers.

The mom said that they would prefer candy, so I ordered them some, while I found the best deal for flowers.

The best deal for flowers was having my sister pick up some, but I asked her twice, and she ignored me. Sure, she doesn't like me, but why did she make it difficult to do something nice for her little princess?

I bought this box of Chocolates on the fifteenth and tried to find the time to drive down and spend time with my niece. I asked my brother if he wanted some day-old Valentine's baked goods, but he took me back to get him a box of chocolates, which sat on the counter for a week or two, and then he ate the entire box before we realized that he opened it.

While I was distracted wondering if I had finally figured out a good way to get an inexpensive home my brother found the box that I had bought for my niece and, as you saw, ate half of it.

One of my clients is a girl scout and the mom recently told me that they would be set up in front of Walmart, so I took my brother to meet them, and bought him four boxes.

He has repeatedly eaten stuff that Mom has hidden in her car and he has gotten stuff out of mine, but so far that has been limited to suitcases and stuff. If he realized that I had a 13" television in my trunk he would put it back in my room, but apparently my trunk is a no-box when it comes to my brother. I should have put the candies in there, but I am going to send my brother's boxes of Girl Scout cookies to my niece, and take pictures, so my brother knows.

new_bug 02-27-2020 05:40 AM

Yes, you can even get an engineer to draw up building plans and (in some jurisdictions) permit one of these "portable barn cabins" for recreational (=part time/cabin with plumbing) or in some cases residential. It depends on your county/city, check with the planning department. The reputable companies such as old hickory sheds, sundance, and graceland portable buildings are typically built using conventional stud spacing, and can even be ordered 2x6 construction. As mentioned the materials cost would be lower if you built it yourself in most or all cases, so it's not going to be the absolute cheapest, but might make sense in some cases

new_bug 02-27-2020 05:42 AM

the 14x40 is an interesting size- with porch, extra tall walls, lp smart siding, we priced one 11-12k in our area

rmay635703 02-27-2020 06:27 AM

In this area this would be considered a garage and a house must be on property before you can build a garage. (And there are better/cheaper “garages” for conversion)

I’ve argued unsuccessfully several times that it’s not being assembled and is just dropped on site complete. They could care less that these buildings are bigger better than 90% of the homes here or that I plan on upfitting it into a house.

In effect, the mayor, his brother and their friends need $40,000 of approvals to build here, sadly that is how most areas are, it’s not about something being sound and well thought out it’s about money.

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