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MetroMPG 12-01-2007 11:30 PM

Cool looking light EV kit vehicle: BugE

Sold as a kit. $3k-$4k US according to the site (it mentioned both prices in 2 different locations).

- 48v
- 2hp cont/10hp peak motor
- 385 lbs
- Est Watt/hours per mile: 50
- Max range: 40 mi - Max speed: 50 mph

There's a short Quicktime movie on the site.

MetroMPG 12-01-2007 11:31 PM

This thing has been getting a lot of good buzz. It's on ABG and was discussed favourably on the EVDL this week.

Sort of a "lite" version of the Corbin Sparrow / Myers Motors NMG.

By being a motorcycle in the eyes of the law, it avoids the NEV speed restrictions.

MetroMPG 12-01-2007 11:32 PM

Comments from the builder, posted on the EVDL:


Our goal is to begin taking orders in February with production in March. We are exploring options for displaying them at various public venues and retail locations, so i'm sure there would be an opportunity to see one if you are in this area. The BugE will be offered as a kit, enabling builders to become sellers. Components are primarily manufactured here in Oregon.

We plan to expand variations of the BugE with canopy options and accessories such as a cold weather rear skirt, and custom BugE cover.


MetroMPG 12-01-2007 11:32 PM

Call of the BugE

Detailed article in the Eugene (OR) Weekly

MetroMPG 12-01-2007 11:33 PM

Also, couple of new videos posted on YouTube:

MetroMPG 12-01-2007 11:34 PM

This is funny:


The Lightning Bug is a hopped up Bug Ev from Blue Sky Design in
Oregon. The original is 48v with a smaller motor. This Lightning Bug
is 72v right now and when he gets a bigger controller will go to 96 or
even 120v. He wants the thing to be so fast no one but a speed freak
will drive it full open, just like any other hi performance
motorcycle. He is working on another frame and slightly different body
that will take the bigger motor and higher speeds.

DifferentPointofView 12-09-2007 07:14 PM

I'm just wondering what happens when you crash. Is there a safety harness or something? It's nice though, It could have a better top speed with some more volts so higher cruising speed can be achieved, like on a multi-lane highway and if the motor is bigger you don't have to pound the crap out of the motor to go on highway. It looks to be an excellent city commuter though *thumbs up*

trebuchet03 12-09-2007 08:06 PM

So can this qualify as a NEV - even though it can go faster than 25mph?

Doh! I just read the second post :D Sorry :p

MetroMPG 12-09-2007 08:11 PM


Originally Posted by DifferentPointofView (Post 1792)
I'm just wondering what happens when you crash. Is there a safety harness or something?

Same thing that happens when you crash a motorcycle or scooter, only in this case you go through a thin acrylic canopy and some fiberglass before you hit the other vehicle/tree/road. :)

Legally it's a motorcycle.


It looks to be an excellent city commuter though *thumbs up*
That was the builder's intention. It wasn't supposed to be a highway machine. (Besides, it's built on essentially moped wheels & tires - you want to drive that at highway speeds?)

I like the quote I've read him use several times: "it's somewhere between a bicycle and a Buick".

Lazarus 12-09-2007 08:12 PM

The price is right to. :turtle:

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