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TomO 11-14-2007 03:30 PM

DIY: Make a PVC Catch Can for your PCV System
This won't be one of my best DIYs simply because I didn't take pictures while I made it. You should be able to get the gist of it enough so that you too can make a PVC PCV System Catch Can! :D

Things You'll Need:

What To Do:
Cut your section of PVC pipe down to about 9"

Clean and glue on the NON-Threaded cap to one end and the threaded end on the other end of the cut pipe:

Drill two holes in the threaded cap just large enough to screw in the 90° adapters, then screw in the barbed fittings:

Cut a chunk of the rest of the PVC pipe off that is roughly 1" wide and 3" long. JB weld it in between the fittings inside the threaded cap:
(This serves to divert the incoming air so the stainless steel scrub pad has a chance to help remove the oil droplets as well as helping to hold the brass fittings in place)

Let the JB Weld setup

Paint the Catch Can (optional):

Install hoses and place the entire scrub pad down into the tube assembly you made earlier:

Install in a high point (higher than the engine block) in the engine compartment (I zip tied mine up next to the brake master cylinder for now):

Not the Best DIY but it was cheap as I had the JB weld and PVC cleaner and glue already. The PVC components were less than $6.

Feel free to post comments and questions here. :thumbup: :D

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