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DragBean 12-05-2015 07:35 PM

The DragBean
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I've been checking out Ecomodder to the point where it's now a hobby. I figured i should share with everybody my project/commuter car.

I've got a 88 Toyota Corolla that got 30 mpg when i first got it. My record tank was 38 mpg, but that's probably going to change this tank.

So far I've done these things in order
1. Tire Pressure Increase
2. Passenger Mirror delete
3. Power Steering Unbelt
4. Front Air Dam
5. FrontvAir Dam optimization
6. Mini Drivers side mirror with panoramic mirror
7. Lot's of combustion chamber cleaning
I'll probably make a video on that
7b. Ok out of order, but rad innovattive cheapo air filter cleaning process
8.Advanced timing
9. Hot air intake insulation with manual cold air intake switch

Right now I'm trying to figure out my pizzarimboy wheels, i gotta screw them into the rims with higher grade screws

I also want to figure out my front tapered air damn better so it aerodynamically meets the hood.

Ive got a 300 mile drive Monday, so tomorrow is the perfect time to figure it out. I'll post pictures here in a minute.

Later when the signal board arrives I'm going to solder together some amps and with it, and make myself a 3 phase BLDC motor controller to allow myself to disconnect the alternator and water pump, powering the water pump with the alternator.

The goal here is to beat 50 mpg and keep going after that.

O also my current tank (with the HAI switch and pizzaboyrims) could beat 38 mpg and that's with 1/4 tank being averaged at 85 mph (on a closed course highway of course) and getting stuck in LA traffic and several cold starts. I've seemed to be in hurry more often lately, so I intend to drive a bit fastly. Oddly enough the car seemed not to get better mpg when I first got it driving 60 mph vs. 70 mph. Maybe the timing is too advanced? Plus the thing only seems to have 3 gears (Maybe there's a fourth one I'm feeling kick in for a microsecond when I accelerate) and the sucker is also AutoMagic (it's spell casting ability is really off).

Definitely would prefer a manual, but I got this car for so cheap its perfect for doing whatever too.

Yeah Yeah!

DragBean 12-05-2015 08:05 PM

Ok this ain't working. Whats a good website to generate urls for pictures?

NeilBlanchard 12-05-2015 08:51 PM

I use Photobucket, but there are others. You may have to have some more posts to be able to post pictures?

DragBean 12-05-2015 08:56 PM

I was thinking that. I was able to post one picture to the original post by sending the picture to myself and using my desktop... I guess this forum is not very smartphone friendly.

Update... Sweet I got the pictures of the air dam up...
Basically I took a piece of 1/4 redwood plywood and wrapped it around the front. I did cut the corners of the bumper and added some pvc to give the front a nice taper in the side view dimension. I did some neutral coasting tests involving cut and try as well as continual driving and figure out a little more clearance in the middle of the thing is better. (side edge clearance is 5.5")

Now I'm trying to figure out if I should stay with the redwood, which holds up, but it's cracked on one side from bottoming out, and the first thin layer of it is delaminating on the edge.

Also I need figure out how to wrap the air dam up to the bumper.
I was looking at Andrew J's modded Civic Hatchback and the PVC sheet hot molding turns out great and holds up well.

Problem is that looks expensive and hard to find.

I'm kinda thinking I'm going to fiberglass it... Then I could leave the original headlamps in place cuz cured fiberglass is decently transparent.

niky 12-06-2015 07:34 PM

That is absolutely ghetto-tastic.

That is a complement, mind. :D


Let us know what results you get with that thing!

DragBean 12-06-2015 08:06 PM

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TY. It's funny driving it around areas like Oceanside. The real Gs don't know what to think about it.

Anyways I started the front end aero egging a little too late in the day, but i think my fiberglass should still be able to dry even though it's dark. I did have to use 2 cans of expanding foam :/ I'm sure i could have found a more environmentally friendly way to do this, but i did use a bunch of newspaper to mitigate the use of expendable foam.

freebeard 12-06-2015 10:30 PM


Then I could leave the original headlamps in place cuz cured fiberglass is decently transparent.
It's translucent. I can't think of anything fiberglass that is optically-clear transparent. This will affect the headlight beam.

My car also has a 30mpg specification, and my bestest ever tank was 37mpg (burned the whole tank in one go with the engine and transmission already warmed up).

Fat Charlie 12-07-2015 09:01 AM

That is absolutely disgusting. You're awesome!

aerohead 12-07-2015 04:59 PM

If you can release the glass and dig out all the foam,after dark,turning on the headlamps will illuminate the light pattern on the glass.With a Sharpie,you can trace the perimeter of the pattern,and later cut out this portion with a sabre saw/with hacksaw-type blade.Then,with a heat gun you can hot-bend Plexiglas to create legal,clear covers.

DragBean 12-09-2015 10:18 PM

Pic difficulties
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Sorry having technical difficulties again. I cant close the upload page on my smartphone so i can't bundle all the pics from today together..

Anyways the fiberglass works! I'm able to take off the entire front. The headlamps kinda suck right now cuz i was in a super hurry Monday when i pulled the front off and i havnt polished it or even got the newspaper off where the light goes through. I made my record Monday - 41 mpg! And that was with a radiator flush and 80 mph averaging for half the tank! I think i could easily get 45 maybe even 50 if i drove 65 instead of 80.

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