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grease87 07-22-2009 10:14 PM

Efficiency When Pulling A Trailer
I recently got one of those new hydralic trailers from a company called liftall and toy rack and I am getting much better gas mileage with this new trailer (which lifts into the bed of your truck) than I did with a normal trailer. Has anyone else ever seen these trailers because if you havent you should check them out. Not only are they pretty cool in the way they work but it is saving me money on gas and I will never buy trailer tires again. It is a new company I think but they seem to be trying to develop more efficient ways for people who travel with motorcycles or jet skis and snowmobile and such. A great part is that you are able to pull a normal trailer with this trailer in your bed as well so I am able to pull more with one truck so I dont have to make multiple trips or take multiple cars. I think these trailers could be the future for people like me. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Christ 07-22-2009 10:46 PM

So you've started two different threads to advertise the same thing?

By the way... probably not a good idea to advertise without the mods' permissions... or for your first couple posts...

grease87 07-22-2009 10:53 PM

haha not advertising just new to this site. after i posted this I thought it might go better under off topic tech.

Frank Lee 07-22-2009 11:09 PM

You don't even know what a freeking trailer is?!? Dayam. :rolleyes:

grease87 07-22-2009 11:33 PM

something you put things on to transport from one place to another? what is this some kind of website for haters? I am not sure how a new idea for trailering things that is more fuel efficient is a bad thing.

Christ 07-22-2009 11:50 PM

Well, he has a point. It's not exactly a trailer if it doesn't "trail" the "leading" vehicle.

The fact that it's in the bed means it's a payload... without pay.

Coyote X 07-22-2009 11:59 PM

Seems like having the load stuck up above the bed would really cut the aerodynamics of the truck and make it get worse mileage than a load that roughly tapers down in the back behind the truck. At least for over 30mph or so.

Got any numbers on the better mileage of towing 2 atvs like that compared to in line or side by side on a trailer? We like data on this site so if you have any tests done please let us know of the results and if you are willing to help someone here try and duplicate the test.

There are a lot of people that use similar setups to haul an extra 2 atvs on their trucks around here and from what they say it kills their mileage. I have never gotten actual data though so it could just be them complaining about their trucks crappy mileage in general.

Frank Lee 07-23-2009 12:11 AM

It appears to me the only efficiency benefit this set-up has is the avoidance of paying for license tabs.

grease87 07-23-2009 02:59 AM

i thought that having the atvs sitting up higher would kill gas mileage too but I live in colorado and driving through the mountains on winedy roads or throught passes it has got better gas milage. I think it is because a normal trailer has pretty near the wind pull on your truck anyway. Then add the pull from tire resistance on hills and... I dont really have any exact number right now but the next trip I take I will do a little experiment.

grease87 07-23-2009 03:02 AM

and yeah no licensing trailers or buying trailer tires too. I like the way the trailer can detach and be rolled around easy as well no problems rolling it into tight spots in the garage.

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