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California98Civic 08-09-2020 11:20 PM

EV at Bonneville Speed Week (Aug 8 to Aug 14)
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Tesla powered LSR car built by EVWest out here in Southern Cali. They say they are going for a class record. Instagram screen capture:

Updates to follow...

redneck 08-10-2020 03:10 AM


Build video and pictures in link.




California98Civic 08-10-2020 11:22 AM


Originally Posted by redneck (Post 629346)
... Build video and pictures in link. ...

Racing victories and records is undoubtedly one of the ways EVs will conquer the market as the years/decades progress. Range anxiety is one impediment. Slow anxiety is another.

freebeard 08-10-2020 04:36 PM

Thou shalt not embed:

Lakester is my favorite class. That's where the flathead V-8 P-38 belly tanks ruled. The aerodynamics of that body is of most interest to me. Open spoke wheels?

Slow day on Ecomodder so it's hard to stay focused. The compound word of the day is Aggregated Diamond Nanorods.

The EV West Courtesy Shuttle bus door on the wall behind him is cool. Michael Bream is Okay. The patinaed commercial signage is Excellent! :thumbup:

2nd edit:
  • Solar recharge between runs (best salt in decades)
  • Ice water cooling enables hermetic sealing to prevent salt corrosion
  • Data gathering for the new vehicle for next year, an E3 streamliner
$$$ planing for an electric retro-mobile:

California98Civic 08-10-2020 08:20 PM

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Originally Posted by freebeard (Post 629355)
... Open spoke wheels? ...

Right?! Why not "Tesla style" slotted wheel covers to go with their Tesla motor? :)

The Instagram got an update:

I wonder if 175 is enough to break the E2 class speed record they are apparently after.

freebeard 08-10-2020 10:17 PM

According to the video, the rules (SCTA is big on rules) you have to qualify at 175mph on the short course before you graduate to the long course.

California98Civic 08-10-2020 11:05 PM


Originally Posted by freebeard (Post 629376)
According to the video, the rules (SCTA is big on rules) you have to qualify at 175mph on the short course before you graduate to the long course.

Huh. I missed that detail, but cool. For anyone considering watching the video/podcast freebeard posted (I just did). The discussion of the LSR EV really runs from 19:11 - 51:43. After that is a great discussion of manual transmissions and EVs. The whole video is worth it (except the first few minutes, which are add for ED pills... lol.). LOVE love love EVWest. Wish I had some money.

freebeard 08-11-2020 12:39 AM

Wish I was there. :(

The trailer with a suntracking servo-mechanism is perfect for Bonneville. They can capture enough energy during the 4-hour turnaround to power the run. Plus 200% capacity in spare battery packs. An electric hoist to R-and-R the battery packs.

They may be the only electric competitor this year. I think Arcimoto should back a team there. It sounds like the FUV would be in the E1 (<1100lb) class.


...except the first few minutes...
So that's why the link I followed picked up at the 3 minute mark. I didn't know.

This one is Okay:

California98Civic 08-11-2020 09:15 PM

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Going for a record of maybe 214 MPH, they say they hit 211 today:

freebeard 08-11-2020 09:32 PM

On this page electrics top the list:

Classes with no listed record are considered as open.
6.A Special Construction Category
Electric Vehicle - /E
1 BYU Streamer J. Burkdoll 9 /14 204.893
2 Lighting Rod R. Ranneberg 10/97 213.084
3 Buckeye Bullet R. Schroer 10/04 314.958
I don't think an FUV has the raw power to top 200.

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