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bennelson 01-26-2009 05:40 PM

EV public charging stations

So where do you plug in an EV? At home, in your garage, of course. But, if you could plug it at work, in front of a store or restaurant, it really opens up a world of possibilities to electric vehicles.

In the Pacific Northwest, there are public electric vehicle charging stations popping up all over.

Portland General Electric has a number of them, and all of them are free for use, for now at least.

Charging Station video link

Although PGE has been using ShorePower brand charging stations, many EVs can plug in almost anywhere on a 15 or 20 amp standard outlet.

A quick look on Google Maps shows a listing of electric vehicle charging stations in the area. ( Link )
Notice that some of the locations are simply private residences where EVers allow others to plug in and charge up.

On the U.S. Federal Government's EV page, it shows a number of Public Charging Stations, but not a single one in my home state!

Maybe I have to sign up for the outlet on my garage to become the first "Official" public charging station in the state!

What can we do, collectively, to help promote EV charging stations? Give me your ideas!

braddd 01-28-2009 06:34 PM

I've been looking at making a website featuring those google results, and offering people to signup their house and promote their outlets as EV charging friendly. Even call local businesses (small grassroots movement) and ask if they offer it, then put it on the map.

mobilerik 01-28-2009 07:39 PM

What an awesome idea! Like the kind of websites I use to look for wifi on the road.
(hmm... Is there a way to "wardrive" for EV hotspots? ;) )

A different image is coming to mind... for the day when wireless power is more available. Power transmitters would be embedded in parking spots, or even in front of long street lights. You could have one in your driveway for that matter. Imagine the marketing advantage of "and... you don't even have to plug it in!"

Come to think of it, that's probably doable right now. How about an EcoModder-sponsored "Mini-X-Prize" for whoever can charge their car wirelessly in a commercially-accessible form, such as... say, a "driveway mat"?

gascort 01-28-2009 10:04 PM

I just submitted an application for my two plug-ins at home. Would be cool if we could get lots of people to register.

gascort 01-28-2009 10:09 PM

Interesting map. Looks like someone's been getting businesses to register in Chicago - do a 40 mile radius of 60563
Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicles Data Center: Alternative Fueling Station Locator

bennelson 01-28-2009 11:03 PM


Do you mean to say that you applied to be on the Department of Energy map?

I didn't see anything on there about where you could "sign-up".

I looked at the Chicago area charging stations. Packer Engineering is where the Chicago area chapter of the EAA meets. It's a pretty big and involved club. The have a couple of inductive chargers and whatever else you could possibly want for charging up at their meetings.

Christopher Jordan 01-28-2009 11:22 PM


Originally Posted by bennelson (Post 85184)
On the U.S. Federal Government's EV page, it shows a number of Public Charging Stations, but not a single one in my home state!

Amazing- I am shocked! Santa Cruz, CA., has one! Thanks for the link! Now I can go to that location (a parking garage) and ask for at least 2 more!

bennelson 02-17-2009 10:04 PM

Tonight, I attended my local City Council Meeting.

There was an open house before-hand about a master plan of changing around the downtown lakefront. This includes changing parking, and adding greenspace and public art. (See the presentation PDF file HERE.)

At the city meeting, the lakefront changes presentation was the second item on the agenda, followed by public comments to the City Council.

I became a Public Commenter, and stood before the City Council. (This is the same room the Municipal Traffic Court meets in, in case you have been following my Electro-Metro Speeding Ticket Adventure).

I asked the Council to please keep in mind Electric Vehicle and Plug-In Hybrid charging stations when making changes to parking in the city.

I was very nervous speaking. A web cam is much less intimidating...

Hopefully, this will at least get the ball rolling on public officials thinking about charging stations.

I happened to be sitting behind one of the team of consultants that did the lakefront master plan presentation. He asked me for a card, and I wrote down my contact information and "electric car charging stations for Oconomowoc" on his note pad.

Maybe they will contact me for more info on charging stations!?

Who knows.

At least I am trying to make some small difference! Hopefully it's working!

gascort 03-09-2009 05:38 PM

I got a call from the DOE today; they denied my webform app. as it's not allowed for residential locations.
The street in front of my house is public parking!! :)
oh well.

Christopher Jordan 03-09-2009 10:42 PM

In this morning paper, my city is financially strapped, so is considering charging more money downtown for parking, so I thought I had better keep my trap shut about more electrical charging stations being needed, and be happy with my free one for now.

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