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Fabio 07-21-2009 12:51 AM

FS: All USED Honda Insight Parts For Sale

Hey, I'm Fabio. I started a thread here (poorly) highlighting my Insight projects:
I like to play with Honda Insights and other fuel efficient cars and I am starting some projects involving Honda Insight Chassis', and Smart ForTwo engines.
My garage currently contains:
3 Insights totally parted out
1 Stripped but running Insight
1 Prius
1 diesel smart engine
1 gasoline (both German market)

I don't need any of the hybrid components, body panels, interior, etc from my Insights. I get more Insights all the time, and I usually am pretty prompt with gutting them and putting parts on eBay. Most of the major Honda Insight parts I have on eBay now, some of the really minor stuff I have not bothered to post.

A breif warning:
I have waiting lists for Engines, electric motors, battery packs, and hoods so I won't be able to get many of those for atleast a couple weeks.. but I will update as I obtain them:
Anyways, here's the major hybrid components I have now:

ALL, but E-MCM (electric motor control module)
Price: $150 for E-MCM, BCM, $50 for all others

Electric engine:
Price: $350

Price: $200 - $1000 based on mileage and completeness

Battery Packs:
1 Junk gen 1, 273 V Prius pack, bad shape, worth less than cost to ship
Price: $400 for typical pack, slightly higher for a low mileage one replaced under warranty

Power Inverters:

Honda Insight:
1 2000 Honda Insight PI, 120k $125
1 2001 Prius PI, 153k $300
1 2003 Prius PI, 125k $400

Unless otherwise noted, assume I have it and send me a message.

My ebay account is here, and most parts are listed:
eBay Seller: the flamboyant seller: eBay Motors items on

My personal, preferred email is:

Important note to do-gooders:
I can sympathize with people who are actively working on serious projects to save the world from evil. If you can convince me of your devotion to saving the world, I'll give you a good deal, possibly even FREE ****, but just let me know--and your project better be mindblowingly breathtaking.

And word of warning:

If you're an OCD nitpicker like me, please realize that many of my parts come from high mileage cars, many wrecked, so few body panels will be in perfect condition. Also, I would prefer not to sell you a perfect door or something to replace yours that is otherwise also perfect minus a scratch.. because well, I want to keep as many Insights on the road as possible, and not many of us like driving cars with no doors! Or maybe there are others like me, I drive an Insight with no doors.. :)

Anyways, there's the scoop. I didn't initially want to do this, but I just added paypal, UPS, and eBay to my "EVIL COMPANIES THAT DESERVE TO DIE" list.. so I'd like to help people out through here as much as I can. I'm not really trying to run a business, but I would like to give the parts I do have, to a more deserving home.. Plus it helps me buy some more cheap diesel engines and Insight chassis', etc..

Well, give me an email if you want a part: PGtheXenon@gmail. Check my eBay listings for pictures, and post a thread here on ecomodders if you want to start a project and want FREE ****.
Also if anyone is in the Toledo, Detroit, Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinatti, area etc.. I'm in Toledo.. we should work on **** together. :)


Christ 07-21-2009 01:39 AM

I'd love to have free stuff. I prefer not to work with **** though... seems kinda gross to me. I think they pay people for that. :thumbup:

In all seriousness, I'd love to have a diesel Smart engine. Unfortunately, my projects all end up seconded to fixing my dad's house/land right now, and preparing my own land for a new house construction.

Good luck w/ the sales!

Fabio 07-21-2009 01:52 AM

...Say what? Sell my diesel engine? I didn't mean to sell that! I just mentioned that because that's what this whole deal revolves around. I bought 4 Insights and 3 Prius' so I could afford to buy 1 diesel Smart engine. :)
The whole point is to install a diesel in a Honda Insight chassis.

And anyways, you're a crazy mother****er if you don't take the advantage of the oppontunity to by a diesel smart engine.

Here's how I obtained mine.
I rolled out of bed on day, sat down on ebay, saw this crazy guy in La Quinta, Ca selling 10 Smart engines. They were pulled from crash test Smart For Two's tested for the 1st generation smart cars back in 03 - 04. They all had less than 20 miles. He was selling 8 diesels, 2 gas ones. I bought all I could afford--1 diesel, 1 gas, but could not afford to ship them. Consequently, I bought a plane ticket to San Diego, Ca from Detroit Mi and was in California 16 hours later. Then I bought a mother****ing gas guzzingly Dodge pickup, drove to La Quinta from San Diego, picked up the engines then drove back to Ohio. Fun stuff. 9 MPG the whole way. Spent more on gas than the truck itself..

So yeah.. not selling that engine ever.. It's a cool little thing, it's on the subframe with a gas tank, ecus, tranny, wiring, and everything.. I'm pretty estatic--had enough energy to stay up for 4 days straight to drive those back home.

Anyways, sorry for that misconception.. I did make it sound like I was selling my diesel. Sorry! Thanks for the support!

SVOboy 07-21-2009 11:31 AM

I have been looking for something like a complete, wrecked parts car, :D

vtecn8ive 07-21-2009 10:26 PM

I like free insight rim/tire combos :)

Fabio 07-21-2009 10:38 PM

Well, I think you might have a tough time convincing me how you're going to save the world with some 30 lb Insight wheels and tires. : )

Also, I'm trying to hold on to the actual chassis, all 4 of em.. If anyone has a serious project and some real ambition I might part with them.

Anyone making a turbine or jet powered car here? That would be a project I might send some part donations to. Seriously, I want to make one myself.. and I wouldn't mind throwing some free NiMH cells or power inverters at a cause like that!

SVOboy 07-21-2009 11:15 PM

The project I am working on is a full gut swap from the insight into my CRX. I have been searching around for a wrecked 5MT insight to serve as a parts car. If this qualifies as a serious project, lemme know if you are willing to help me find something :D

Fabio 07-21-2009 11:31 PM

Okay Ivy League boy, your project sounds like it could warrant some help. I'll probably be headed to NH in a couple weeks to deliver an Insight ICE, while I'm there I'll definitely want to meet with you. I presume you're still living in NH.. ?
Also, I'll be in NYC and the surrounding area for the majority of this weekend.. I might have a Insight with me too.

I'm not too enthusiastic about dealing with an east coast rust bucket though.. I know you love your CRX, and I would too.. but don't you think you can do a little better.. ? Wouldn't the CRX guts in an Insight chassis be a little more exciting?

We can work something out I'm sure, but feel free to throw out your thoughts openly on these forums. Also, I don't like making plans.. I prefer to actually just "do", so hopefully you don't have commitments up the ass like most Ivy kids.

SVOboy 07-21-2009 11:36 PM

Well, the CRX being rust free with shiny paint and personal attachment, as well as the challenge and cool factor of being something like the first makes me more interested in a swap than just junking my car and buying an insight. I am actually in NJ now, outside of philly, but I will shoot you an email. Eventually I will get around to posting a thread with my ideas, if I feel like there is the ability to have them pan out in the 10 weeks before I head back to school.

TomO 07-22-2009 06:22 PM

I love the insight steering wheel, but I bet I'd need the 96-00 civic steering column In Order to get it to fit in my 94 civic.
Would you happen to have a non A/C equipped heater duct with the cabin air filter? And if so, how much you want for it? Thanks

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