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Ford Man 09-12-2008 05:55 PM

Gas prices up
I thought I would let everyone know that gas in the Charlotte, NC area went up as much as $.50 a gallon over night. Stations that were 3.699 last night were 4.199 today and I heard one person today say that it might be $5.00 or more per gallon by tomorrow. The local stations are also limiting gas sales to 10 gal per sale because of supply. I don't know if this is going to be a national trend or not, but if gas hasn't gone up where you live you might want to go fill up.

SVOboy 09-12-2008 05:56 PM

What's the cause? Ike? I don't watch the news, :p

DifferentPointofView 09-12-2008 06:13 PM

Its over 5.00 already over here.

Hurricane. They're rationing the gas until its blowing through, so gas shot up a whole lot. By midnight Its supposed to be near 6 bucks a gallon.

SuperTrooper 09-12-2008 06:19 PM

Looking at Charlotte area stations on - Find Low Gas Prices in the USA and Canada it looks like all the Shell stations raised it up to $4.29 and neighboring stations followed suit. However, there are still plenty of Exxon, Texaco and Hess stations at $3.65 or less (for now).

Upon further review it looks like suburban stations are around the $4.29 mark, but it's cheaper the closer you get to downtown.

azraelswrd 09-12-2008 06:20 PM

Yeah, hurricane threatening extraction and refining operations in the gulf plus speculators (which have been officially blamed for the oil price inflation) make for higher costings. Prices haven't spiked here in Cali yet but I'm sure we'll feel it soon enough. Regular was $3.85 this morning at my usual.

SuperTrooper 09-12-2008 06:21 PM

This is interesting: the US gas "temperature" map

Charlotte Gas Prices

DifferentPointofView 09-12-2008 06:25 PM

I live on the illinois/indiana border, and so far the prices have skyrocketed in IN.

In evansville, IN, they've gone crazy with the rationing. Its over 5 bucks a gallon in Evansville, and its over 5 I carbondale IL (I think its carbondale, its one of the C towns).

its near 4.50 here, and rising by the hour, and the local Casey's has ran out of gas. Once the gas stations run out they aren't getting anymore till this blows through. So watch out.

The only place that isn't rationing here is Marathon. They don't think they'll run out before it blows over, they are pretty sure of themselves not running out.

DifferentPointofView 09-12-2008 06:27 PM


Originally Posted by SuperTrooper (Post 60864)
This is interesting: the US gas "temperature" map

Charlotte Gas Prices

I live RIGHT in the place in Illinois Where the RED is centered. Right on the border of Indiana.

If you want to know how close to the border I live, Theres an East side of town that is actually Mt. Carmel, IN, the western side is Mt. Carmel, IL.

I live in a town 9 miles from Mt. Carmel, and the border is the river which cuts Indiana and IL apart.

Ford Man 09-12-2008 06:33 PM


Originally Posted by SVOboy (Post 60855)
What's the cause? Ike? I don't watch the news, :p

As we all know it doesn't have to be a reason anymore for gas to go up they just make up excuses. I think Ike is the excuse they are using this time. I just heard on the news that some stations in the Carolina's have gone up as much as $1.00 gallon in the past 24 hours.

Ford Man 09-12-2008 06:42 PM


Originally Posted by SuperTrooper (Post 60864)
This is interesting: the US gas "temperature" map

Charlotte Gas Prices

The prices listed there were pretty accurate as of last night.

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