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Tmugz88 04-20-2022 07:06 AM

Hello fellow modders
My name is Tony we recent purchased a 14 Chevrolet Spark Ls. It was purchased due to the increasing gas prices and my commute to work requires I actually own a fuel efficient car. I'm hoping to obtain some value knowledge while visiting this forum and potentially fulfill my modding bug.

I did look at a 13 Mirage but was really not impressed with how the previous owner cared for the car ( ran it out of oil .. kept documentation of it to prove it was fixed even).

Hoping to learn from fellow Spark or Sonic owners who may have some insight on improving the MPG of these cars .

fusion210 04-20-2022 10:18 AM

I'd grab some wheels from the first generation Honda Insight. You can probably get a set for under $200, make sure you get the center caps included because people want too much money for a set on eBay. They are light weight, aerodynamic and look the part of an ecomodder.

After doing some searching they appear to be the same size as a 14" wheel that comes on the Spark. You'll want to verify that. The tires will be much smaller if they are included but are possibly the lowest rolling resistance you can buy. It would throw off the odometer but you may be able to use them as well.

Pretty cheap at a u-pull-it style junkyard if you can find them there. Otherwise try

Some people get even more extreme and use the spares from that car on their Insight because they are even lighter and smaller.

The only issue in going with a 14" or 15" wheel now is the seemingly limited choices for tires that have a low rolling resistance.

Tmugz88 04-20-2022 10:31 AM

Good Morning,

Our Spark has stock 15" rims so would utilizing a similar idea with other 15" rims work ?

Tmugz88 04-20-2022 01:03 PM

Could I possibly "modify"my rims to be similar to the Insight design ? Once I get home I'll take a photo of the Dpark so maybe others can chime in.

I'm really excites to potentially do some mild modifications to improve on mpg.

The car presently doesn't have cruise control, I've pondered adding it to the vehicle. Has there been testing done (haven't searched) surrounding the effectiveness of cruise and mpg ? One thing I didn't mention is the vehicle is a 5spd and it has the 1.2L.

freebeard 04-20-2022 01:55 PM

You'll need a minimum number of posts to show pix. [5 or more?]

A quick glance at finds that a set of four is around $100-130. Then you can paint them to look like the Insight. :)

Tmugz88 04-20-2022 11:34 PM

Did that model insight ever come with 15" rims?

cRiPpLe_rOoStEr 04-21-2022 01:16 AM

Is your Spark fitted with a CVT?

Tmugz88 04-21-2022 05:47 AM

Good Morning,

It has a 5 spd manual transmission, pretty basic model doesn't have power locks ( minus rewrite hatch ) . I have to keep the rear seating and the few things I carry. Otherwise this is my 2nd tank of fuel and I'm currently averaging 39mpg according to my drivers information center. I'll calculate it once I need to fuel up again to obtain a more accurate number.

Tmugz88 04-24-2022 08:53 PM

Any other tips for a daily driver or should I start a new thread possibly? Was hoping to come across other Spark owners or owners or similar style vehicles.

mpg_numbers_guy 04-24-2022 11:47 PM

Downsizing from 15" to 14" wheels may cause issues with fitment with brakes. While Insight wheels are the cream of the crop for being lightweight and aero, the cost to buy them, and new tires, and potentially spacers to make them fit, may not make it financially worthwhile.

But that all depends on your goals for modifying.....more power? better fuel economy? make the car cheaper to operate without spending much? aesthetic limitations?

Increasing tire pressure and adjusting driving style will improve fuel economy more than all the modifications in the world.

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