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bbjsw10 10-12-2008 11:36 PM

Hey, dcb Splash Screen question
Is there anyway to add a code to make splash screen come on at next "current" cycle? I just think it would be nice when you get in car and start to see a "Welcome" screen. I don't know if there is enough room to do this I know you are kinda to the max for size. Just wondering.

dcb 10-12-2008 11:44 PM

I probably won't add it to the project proper, and I can't guarantee you won't run out of resourses if you use it, but if you want to tinker I think after the "lastactivity" line might work:

      if(lastActivity == nil){//wake up!!!
        LCD::print(getStr(PSTR("OpenGauge      ")));     
        LCD::print(getStr(PSTR("  MPGuino  v0.74")));     

maybe make a splash function to do the lcd stuff and call that instead

bbjsw10 10-12-2008 11:53 PM

Put this before or after "analogWrite(BrightnessPin,brightness[brightnessIdx]); "
I figure after so you could see it do it.

dcb 10-12-2008 11:56 PM

before, for the full effect :) You don't want to miss a millisecond of the splash screen after the light goes back on.

bbjsw10 10-13-2008 12:00 AM

Dude, Thanks I am walking outside to pull and try it out. Will let ya know how it goes, and again thanks you have been a great help on this whole project.

Plus you helped me achieve this.

dcb 10-13-2008 12:04 AM

Cool, got a decent calibration number? I've been having trouble getting a consistent fill on the metro.

bbjsw10 10-13-2008 12:09 AM

Getting closer, but keeps resetting (which I tried some different resistors today and so far no problems, crossing fingers), but same settings last week had my best trip in town at 38Mpg, so even if numbers aren't right. Definitely help. Once I get a good known number I will add to Wiki.

bbjsw10 10-13-2008 12:41 AM

Ok, well it works but goes by too fast, is there something I could add to hold that display for like 4 seconds or so?

Edit:I figured it out.

if(lastActivity == nil){//wake up!!!
LCD::print(getStr(PSTR("OpenGauge ")));
LCD::print(getStr(PSTR(" MPGuino v0.74")));

dcb 10-13-2008 01:02 AM

add a:

after printing the splash maybe.

the delay statement might affect accuracy, in a really tiny way.

bbjsw10 10-13-2008 01:20 AM

holdDisplay=1; is still pretty quick. Less than 1 second.

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