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brucey 10-23-2009 09:48 PM

Hitched Detachable Boat Tail finished. With tests!
Its almost done, should probably finish it this weekend. So I figured I'd show you guys.

Just laying out the framework here. I've attached it to a spare hitch bar I had. Yes, its an ugly method. But its solid.

Another view, its very hard to get a proper frame built thats still light enough to be picked up but still strong enough to support itself. This is as close as I could get it to the car in order for it to still serve its purpose.

Frame done and painted. Start of the wiring.

Wiring is done! Frame is done! The lights is just a trailer lighting kit. Plugs up into the trailer harness plug in the car.

Start of the skinning of it. Tin is fun to work with.

Skinning nearly complete here. Its got that airplane look going on.

As it stands now. Everything is done except for actually cutting the front pieces to fit the front of the car, forming some sort of gasket, and putting on the front glass. It should be done this weekend.

The only real probably is attaching it. I added a handle to the back of the car to grab (yellow/black cylinder) but it still weighs probably 50 lbs. Its really awkward to attach.

Right now I'm just going to use a floor jack until I get it finished and tested. :turtle:

MadisonMPG 10-23-2009 10:29 PM

Looking damn good if I do say so myself.

Cd 10-23-2009 11:30 PM

very nice !
Looking forward to seeing what results you get with it.

Christ 10-24-2009 12:59 AM

I think that if you don't want, a gasket shouldn't really be necessary... At high speed, the flow will see the transition as a bump, and it won't cause too much turbulence. Just make sure the leading edge of the tail is inset from the outer edge of the car by 1" or so, and you should be fine.

OTOH, why do it if you're not going to do it all the way?

JasonG 10-24-2009 10:03 AM

Nice build !
we've all talked about this, now someone is DOING it.
Kudos to you and keep us updated !

KJSatz 10-24-2009 02:33 PM

Can't wait to hear how well it works!

brucey 10-24-2009 04:08 PM

With the gasket, I was more worried about the whole thing acting like a parachute with air trying to get in. I guess I can try it without it.

Christ 10-24-2009 07:36 PM

I only made the suggestion because I think that so little air will be able to get in with the lower pressure flow around the rim that there won't be enough "wind energy" if you will, to actually pull on it. Also, over time, a gasket rubbing will damage the painted surfaces on the back of your car.

If you don't feel it's going to be safe, by all means, use a gasket. We don't need the EM logo clearly displayed when/if the thing flies off and hits someone's car! :P (Assuming you'll put one on/in/around it, of course.)

brucey 10-25-2009 04:06 AM

In the other boat tail thread, someone suggested using bathroom shower surround. I realized I had some of this lieing around so in an effort to save time (and a buck) I went with it for the final pieces.


It's horrible to work with. all it does is fracture and shatter. I should have stuck with tin. Its actually slowed me down as I'm now going to have to redo the pieces I did do with it. *Sigh*

But I do have some pictures from tonight. The rear is done. All the glass is on. I just need to finish shaping the front and I'm done. I am going to try it without a gasket. If I feel it could be improved I'll fabricate something then.

Also visible in the pictures: I chose to leave the corner lights exposed for this. I figured it'd be minimal loss overall, save the problem of forming a tight seal of the car, and I'd get to have extra indicators. Which wouldnt be a bad thing.

JasonG 10-25-2009 10:00 AM

Sorry to go way off topic, i saw the last pic and thought "he put a sissy bar on a 600 R" :confused: . Oops thats the lawnmower :o .
This will be awesome when done. I cant wait for the figures. Watch that hanging flap on the right where it meets the bumper. (I'm sure you saw it already)

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