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Vekke 12-17-2010 06:50 AM

How to easily increase top speed of a moped :D
Look this video, but dont try at home ;).

Insane Highway Moped Stunt MSN Video -palvelussa

pounsfos 12-17-2010 07:36 AM

get rid off the limeter if it has one and a bigger exhaust. i gained 15kph doing this and it was really worth it

Piwoslaw 12-17-2010 09:07 AM

:eek: That is not someone I'd want to be on the same road with. No helmet! Wordless...

2003protege 12-17-2010 10:26 AM

hahaha, that looks so fun. Death-defying... but fun. And a great lesson in the importance of aerodynamics!

Ryland 12-17-2010 10:44 AM

It really depends on the moped and the speed you want, most states and countries limit mopeds to either 25mph or 30mph so bumping the top speed up to 35mph is about as far as you can go without getting ticketed.
Most states and countries also limit a moped to being 50cc with an automatic transmision.
Tomos mopeds tend to be popular for going faster because they have a two speed automatic gear box instead of a belt drive, they also have a very durable engine that can handle the extra stress, you can get sprockets to swap out as well to give you higher gear ratios.
Most mopeds are tuned very closely to reach their top speed then stop, newer mopeds have CDI ignition that limits the RPM of the engine, the intake and exhaust are both tunned in size and length so they run at a given speed but self limit at higher speeds.

So yes, it's possible to make a 50cc moped travel faster, but there are no blanket statement tips that will work for every moped.

SoobieOut 12-17-2010 11:12 AM

I had a Tomas 2 speed, it could go that fast in superman position.

That guy is nuts! And the road looked wet!

greenjoe 12-19-2010 08:13 PM

look like he's found a a picture of Rollie Free. Areo or not that thing runs.

UFO 12-19-2010 09:34 PM

Words escape me.

kawboyCAFE 12-20-2010 01:50 PM

that was kinda crazy, but still, that moped was haulin' assphault!

Neddy Seagoon 12-20-2010 03:47 PM

I had a Tomos Moped a few years back, great for work, cheap to run and on a car license.
Only problem it could not pull the skin off a rice pudding and could not keep up with traffic in a 50 kph limit making it dangerous.
Not long after buying the moped the engine lost its 49.9cc piston and cylinder and gained a 70cc set. Plus a re-jetting of the carb, bigger primary sprocket and a expansion exhaust.
Riding it was much better after that and was a lot safer, only problem was it sounded like a demented two stroke weed wacker. Not long after that She who must be obeyed (wife) allowed me to buy a Motorcycle!! Like I had before children!!
But it was a fun machine to have if you know how to modify them. Now I have a Kawasaki W650.
Neddy Seagoon.

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