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Gasoline Fumes 01-11-2015 04:10 AM

I Googled my name
And the results are:

Gasoline Fumes may have caused an explosion that destroyed a garage at a Gainesville home overnight, firefighters reported. - (Can't prove nothin'!)

Potentially hazardous Gasoline Fumes caused Killeen firefighters to evacuate at least four businesses Wednesday morning. - (I have potential, watch out!)

Gasoline Fumes may fuel road rage. - (Hypermiling can have that effect.)

How to get rid of Gasoline Fumes. - (But why?)

How do you remove Gasoline Fumes from a house? - (What did I do?)

Gasoline Fumes in the house [is] very unpleasant. - (I could say the same about you.)

Warnings about the dangers of using cellular phones in the presence of Gasoline Fumes began circulating on the Internet in 1999. - (It's just rude!)

Can a dog get sick after smelling Gasoline Fumes? - (They seem fine after sniffing me.)

Two men burned in flash fire caused by Gasoline Fumes. - (The third man got away.)

Gasoline Fumes [has] again plagued Rush Township residents, forcing some people from their homes during the past few days. - (I'm coming to your town next.)

Nobody would dream of sitting children down to expose them to Gasoline Fumes for two hours in an enclosed space. - (I don't want this either.)

Mississippi women say Gasoline Fumes harmed children. - (Only after two hours with them in an enclosed space.)

Some of the perils include ground-level ozone caused in part by Gasoline Fumes. - (I had help with this one.)

Gasoline Fumes sickened nine people inside a Burrillville dentist's office and sent two of them to the hospital. - (My bad, I just wanted my teeth cleaned.)


nemo 01-11-2015 07:08 AM

Gasoline Fumes it seems you have been up to no good! Someone needs to put you back in the tank. :D

RedDevil 01-11-2015 08:04 AM

Heehee. I googled my name too...
Even the Wiki disambiguation page is huge: Red Devil - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Drugs, an energy drink, army squads, flight show teams, football teams, outlaw bikers, even the Humboldt squid.
It goes too far to list what all those have actually done. :)

Baltothewolf 01-11-2015 09:27 AM

Ahahahahahahahaha woooooow, and here I was, falling asleep at work, now I'm wide awake laughing my ass off hahahaahah

Cobb 01-11-2015 05:35 PM

You should google your "real name" and see what comes up for a few pages. Then click the images link on the search engine and see if your photo appears. If so, click on it and see what article its associated with.

Dont google your ssn about the same time you do your name incase people can back track your searches. Id wait til or if you are a victim of id theft before googling it myself.

Hypermiler1995 01-11-2015 06:41 PM

For fun, I googled cobb; he customizes Subarus, made a movie in 1994, and is helping to get protein to the masses.

Hypermiler1995 01-11-2015 07:11 PM

Baltothewolf spends a lot of time on, and has an online music library.
Daox, why did you hide your music career from us?

Baltothewolf 01-12-2015 07:47 AM


Originally Posted by Hypermiler1995 (Post 463230)
Baltothewolf spends a lot of time on, and has an online music library.
Daox, why did you hide your music career from us?

Wat that's actually true about me, stalker!

Make sure you keep safe search on! You may see things you cannot unsee!

Xist 01-12-2015 01:41 PM


Originally Posted by Baltothewolf (Post 463261)
Make sure you keep safe search on! You may see things you cannot unsee!

Well, that will keep me up at night...

Insomnia, my old friend!

I would not bother searching for my name. When I try to keep track of the lies that I spread here, I always search for Bacon instead of Xist, but I recently forgot, and as you would expect, I kept finding "exist."

That is not my name!

Here is a fun one: Search for your real name and "mug shot." I found plenty of guys that looked nothing like me. I do not know how much my father looked like me, but it was not a mug shot, it was his obituary picture.

That game stopped being fun quickly.

Or first name and "meme." I got one of an angry President Obama telling me that I am wrong and some fun ones for my friends.

RedDevil 01-12-2015 02:09 PM


Originally Posted by Xist (Post 463317)
... as you would expect, I kept finding "exist."

Google for xist -exist .
The minus excludes sites containing "exist".

And so on :)

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