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Xist 05-16-2013 11:42 AM

Loft bed with a normal ceiling
I just moved from my own apartment to a room in a duplex five blocks from where I have classes. I did not have enough time to go through my stuff and get rid of everything that I do not need, plus I have all of my Army stuff, so I searched on-line and it seemed like a loft bed was ideal.

I did not realize they are so tall!


My ceiling is perhaps an inch higher than my 4'x8' campaign sign, on its end.

Do you think that I would be okay cutting off a foot or two? I just want to make sure that I do it right!

gone-ot 05-16-2013 02:22 PM

Heat rises, so it's gonna be HOT up there during summer heat, but conversely it'll be nice & cozy during the COLD winter nights.

Sporty Modder 05-16-2013 04:05 PM

Just remember, measure 2x (or3-5x) and cut once.

Xist 05-16-2013 04:23 PM

Old Tele man, I did not even wear a jacket this past winter, but I need to keep fans running to avoid sweating. I think that I am going to start wearing my noise-canceling headphones to prevent headaches.

I figured that I would need to mount fans up there.

Xist 05-20-2013 04:08 AM

6 Attachment(s)
Cutting off the legs was the easy part! I actually did look at the "instructions," but there were not any, and I am not sure how much it would have helped, since it was already partially assembled, which may have made it more difficult. At first I assembled the outer frame, which would have been fine, had the bunk not been completely assembled. Everything fit together with bolts and glue-in dowels, so I would attach some part, then need to loosen the bolts, pry the sections apart, and then make the new one fit. There was some irony in purchasing a furniture because I needed space, yet hardly had the space necessary to put it together. Another person would have been a great help, too.

I have not been up there yet, though.

Now that I have room to work, I am going to organize my stuff. I did not throw away and recycle enough, but there are many things that I plan on donating. It is just nice to be able to walk around my room!

I am also posting other projects that I had: The kitchen floor, which still needs more work, the shower that I share, which is not finished either, and the refrigerator.

I would have renewed my World of Warcraft subscription over that, had I the time. It took hours!

I was scrubbing the door when I learned that black mold was trapped under the seal, which I needed to remove, and that was a nightmare.

cRiPpLe_rOoStEr 05-20-2013 05:03 AM

Now you made me also consider to get a loft-bed...

Xist 11-29-2013 03:53 PM

Hey guys, just a quick update! I have successfully used the loft bed for six months without it collapsing and killing me, which I consider to be a success! :) I bought some metal shelves on a Lightning Sale through Amazon and used it and some spare lumber to mount a box fan to blow at my feet, but the bed has always creaked, although not enough to cause... alarm... just concern.

I keep thinking of different ways of bracing it, but I always decided that not failing school was more important. One guy bought the same bed, drilled holes in the posts, and ran cables. I do not know how much that would cost, but I do not like the idea of trying to strengthen the bed by putting holes in it. I would make wooden crossbraces if I did not think that it would take too much time. I ended up just looping the ends of a cargo strap across opposite corners and tightening! I have only done one end so far, but it is rock solid!

This is the cable solution: IKEA Hackers| Clever ideas and hacks for your IKEA

MetroMPG 11-29-2013 05:05 PM


Originally Posted by Xist (Post 401318)
Hey guys, just a quick update! I have successfully used the loft bed for six months without it collapsing and killing me

By this time you've probably jammed enough stuff underneath it that would break your fall in the event of totel structural failure. :) No need to worry!

jakobnev 11-29-2013 05:45 PM

Did you acquire more crap to fill out the rest of your room yet? ;)

jameskshaffer 11-30-2013 02:52 PM

wow. looks nice. good job

wmjinman 11-30-2013 03:42 PM


Originally Posted by Sporty Modder (Post 371837)
Just remember, measure 2x (or3-5x) and cut once.

... a better plan than the one I heard that goes, "I dunno what's wrong - I cut this board three times and it's STILL too short!!!"

Xist 12-02-2013 01:04 PM

I have been watching Amazon's Lightning Deals for Christmas presents, but have spent far more on myself. I bought a 24" full HD monitor and an HDMI to DVI cable for my 20" monitor. I keep using the 15.6" full HD TV that I bought in Afghanistan as a monitor. It sounds crazy, but I do this all of the time for school. I should have just purchased the cable and not the monitor, but I did not want to lose resolution. I also bought a bike rack, a 19-in-1 multi-tool, a random-orbit sander, a VHS-to-DVD thing, a drill kit with accessories, and metal shelves to hold everything. It is nice to finally organize my tools and if I ever have the time, I could actually do something with them!

As for further accumulating space-wasting possesions, kind of. My girlfriend keeps bringing over stuff even though I remind her that she does not live here, but even with her stuff, including a seat for her next to my recliner, I actually have less stuff than I did a few weeks ago. At some point I will take a suitcase full of books and some other stuff to Goodwill and I have a bunch of computer stuff that I need to try to recycle. I have a now-empty Army storage box that I may just keep in my trunk and two big Army storage boxes and several cardboard ones that I still have not sorted, but I need to get rid of some of that.

Xist 08-20-2020 08:24 PM

1 Attachment(s)
I thought that we had a more recent thread, but the search box shows zero "Loft bed" threads. I made this in Paint [completely messing up 3d], had my brother draw it, and was planning on claiming that I followed his diagram.

I plan on making it eventually, but I keep not getting to other projects. I designed it around my Ikea loft bed ladder. That frame is a normal double, while this is a twin XL, so I am unsure what else I can use.

Bob on I Like to Make Stuff added drawers to his daughter's bed.

I just have huge rolling duffel bags. I am unsure where I would put those if I built the loft bed with a desk underneath like I want.

mpg_numbers_guy 08-21-2020 12:03 AM

At university they charge you for the kit to loft your bed, but if you and your roommate stack your beds to bunk them they don't charge you for that kit!

Lofting is great for optimizing storage space....unless you're prone to falling off the bed.

Xist 08-21-2020 01:20 AM

That is why you have a railing! :)

I believe that I had the top bunk for the duration of Basic Training. I never had any issues rolling off.

aerohead 08-21-2020 11:37 AM

w/ normal ceiling
I've been sleeping on one since 1983. I needed all the usable floor space I could get. No regrets and no going back to convention.:D

freebeard 08-21-2020 11:28 PM

Hey! Mortice and tenon joints. I didn't know you are a master woodworker.

I'd probably go with half-laps since I don't have morticing chisels.

Xist 08-22-2020 07:51 AM

I haven't made anything yet! :)

You don't have a chisel to round off the corners of the tenon?

freebeard 08-22-2020 10:40 AM

You can cut the tenon on a table saw, but the chisels are for opening up the mortices.

Maybe you don't even have a table saw for the half-laps? There's always Ken Isaacs' Microdorm from Pop Sci 1968.


I've used the three-way join on smaller projects. It's hell for stout.

Piotrsko 08-22-2020 10:51 AM

You can do half laps with a circular saw or even in dire straights any hand saw. My understanding is the asians do this amazing joinery on their temples with hand tools.

freebeard 08-22-2020 11:10 AM

I know, I was just using an excuse to introduce the Ken Issacs designs. I was fairly impressed in 1968. I've used the three-way join but I forget exactly where and how to build lumber racks for the woodmill I built for Oregon Dome.

An Asian design wouldn't have the metal fasteners.

Xist 08-22-2020 11:35 AM

7 Attachment(s)
People just keep trying to reinvent the head cubicle and the Head Cone of Silence:
This Felt Bubble Is Designed To Hide You From Your Coworkers
Drown Out Annoying City Noise With This Crazy Cork Helmet
Ridiculous Darth Vader helmet helps you tune out noise at work
Panasonic has invented a cubicle for your face
The Isolator, A Bizarre Helmet Invented in 1925 Used to Help Increase Focus and Concentration

Please rate each of those on a scale of 0 to Lord Helmet.

I would have attached the pictures, but they were all weird. Was it Jpeg or Webp and what was the extension?! Was I supposed to just save it to my hard drive or copy it into Paint first?

You are welcome:

Three-way join? This?

freebeard 08-22-2020 01:17 PM

That's a pretty exhaustive list. Did you have it gunny-bagged or did you assemble it ad hoc?

You left out the House-Wreckers:
Haus-Rucker-Co, Yellow-Heart / Gelbes Hertz. 1967-8. Courtesy of Günter Zamp Kelp.

Xist 08-22-2020 05:17 PM

I searched for "Head cubicle" and the rest is history!

Unfortunately, I just saw the "Three-way join" reference, and not the video while working on all of that.

I believe that a few responses were posted while I crafted it and I saw them when I previewed my message.

freebeard 08-22-2020 05:42 PM

Dogbert > Catbert.

A search on 'three-way joint' might elicit a different response... man.

cRiPpLe_rOoStEr 08-22-2020 08:13 PM


Originally Posted by mpg_numbers_guy (Post 629853)
Lofting is great for optimizing storage space....unless you're prone to falling off the bed.

Not a problem for me, but my dog would hate it unless I did something to make it easier for her to climb to the bed. Well, maybe siding rails would be required in this case...

Xist 11-14-2020 08:19 PM

Loft Bed II: Wrath of Ceiling!
1 Attachment(s)
As I mentioned elsewhere, it snowed a couple of weeks ago, and I couldn't work on the ramp (I still haven't started!), so I bought a double loft bed.

I converted it into a single XL and set it up in my room.

freebeard 11-14-2020 09:22 PM

And it only took from 2013. That's an interesting mix of socks and books on the left.

I have two kitchen cabinets. The plywood and particle board one (OEM Airstream) is on the way out and the enameled steel Art Deco one is going in. One of these years.

Xist 11-14-2020 09:54 PM

You can kind of see where I extended it on the left.

I built a platform bed a while ago, but I managed to cut virtually every board crooked in two axes. The saw is set for 0, but before working on this project I used one of my speed squares.

Weird how 0 seemed a couple degrees off.

I once tried using a wooden clamp as a straight edge. I clamped it down as hard as I could and it still moved. I would screw down a board on the waste side. The holes tended to not go in right where I wanted them and even when I screwed in a straight edge exactly where I wanted it, I still managed to cut crooked.

The Canadian on the Home RenoVision DIY channel showed holding down a straight edge and cutting perfectly.

Well, he is a professional, and I am anything but, although that has worked better than anything else so far. Since I usually hold the speed square [and board] with my left hand and saw with the right I need to measure over 4.25", which isn't as easy as going the other way, which I believe is 1.5".

I may be cutting more or less straight, but I still have issues drilling straight. I guess that I should punch each hole before I pre-drill it so at least the bit doesn't walk, but that won't help me keep the other side where it is supposed to be.

I cut the extensions pretty well, but I didn't screw them together quite straight, and there is a bit of a gap, so I screwed in those 2x2s to make it rigid. I am going to cut the corner off of each one to match the rest.

The diagonal pieces in the back corners are original. You can barely see 2x4s that I screwed under the back 2x6. The one on the right is to support the extension that you cannot see and the one on the left is for symmetry.

This was originally screwed into the walls at the original owner's house, but Mom forbade that.

I don't even know how to make it rigid.

I added that 2x6 across the back. I wanted a 2x4, but I didn't see a full-length one in the garage, so I super-sized it.

You may notice that it is 1.5" higher on the right.


I just screwed in the corner pieces so that each end fit best, but the right side was originally 4" lower than the left, which I didn't notice until after I attached the 2x6". That bothered me, so today I pulled out my bed, unscrewed the bracket holding the right side, removed the corner piece, and determined that it was at least 1" longer than the other, so I trimmed it.

Then the angles on each end were off, so I redid them, which was a pain, because they were no longer 45, which makes it more difficult to measure out 4.25".

I may need to sharpen my circular saw blade. It takes too much effort to make some cuts and the last time that I used it today it took three passes to get through a 2x4, it just kept climbing up.

So, I trimmed the right diagonal piece, filled in the old holes, screwed it in its new position, and then moved behind to adjust the 2x6.

I found myself pondering the sensation that conjured the image of a screw extended out of the leg and into my groin. I examined the situation and determined that indeed, there was a screw stabbing Superman's speedo region.

I managed to pull away, determined the best position and angle for a new hole, drilled it, and was a little off.

The screw now sticks out a fraction of an inch.

Filling the holes is fun. I dip dowels the right width in Gorilla Glue and it seems like most of it squeezes out of the hole, so I wonder what good I am doing besides making them look less noticeable.

I trimmed them with a utility knife and sanded them.

They don't really stand out.

I don't think the rungs on each side are the same height and maybe the diagonal pieces are at slightly different angles. All that I know is that the right side went from 4" lower to 1.5" higher.

We will see if I try a third time.

You can see the right brace on the front. I figured the triangle would provide much more rigidity than a folded piece of steel. Those are the only pieces that I have bought so far. I have been using leftover screws from the deleted half, some screws that are over 5" long, a box of 1.5" screws, and four big L brackets on the back, two attaching the original 2x6 to the legs, and two attaching the new 2x6 to the legs.

Despite six metal brackets and those diagonal pieces, it still wobbled too much for me to use it until I screwed two 2x4s at 90 and screwed them to the back corner.

It was the perfect length and hardly moves anymore, even with my brother and I up there--extremely briefly.

To do:
  1. Decide whether I am putting the rest of the deleted railing on the back right or just two 2x4s. I want symmetry there, too, and having something on the right would help me climb up there.
  2. The front-right leg is bowing! I think that I will replace the bracket and the small 2x4 with a 4x4. I think that I will cut 2x4s to fit in the back and then full 2x4s in front of those.
  3. Diagonal braces inside the ladders and under the actual bed.
  4. If it finally seems secure, build a desk down there and set up my desktop with 43" monitor.
  5. Finally remove the tools, leftover lumber, leftover fasteners, and tarp with as much sawdust as possible, then vacuum extensively.
  6. Run ethernet.
  7. Set up some of my LED work lights. I wear a headlamp when I work down there!
  8. Finally get rid of Dad's old treadmill and bring in my dresser. Then I can finally get my clothes off of the bookshelf and out of the small filing cabinet inside the door! :)

Xist 11-14-2020 10:07 PM

I used my original loft bed until 2017, when I moved to Page. I needed to move the pieces last and I did not want to move all of my stuff out of the room, set up the loft bed, and then move my stuff back.

It was much the same situation when I moved here, except there were four bookcases, the treadmill, and a bunch more stuff.

My room is still kind of used for storage.

Each time that I built a platform bed I thought about how I would convert it into a loft bed, but I wonder how many problems I would have had with that.

I pursued this when it snowed after I saw the double loft bed for sale.

freebeard 11-14-2020 10:24 PM


My room is still kind of used for storage.
My strategy is to put little tables on top of bigger tables.

Xist 11-16-2020 02:10 PM

Apparently my bed is far more comfortable on a frame than on the floor. I moved the wood and tools, vacuumed, and put my mattress on the floor.

That is how I woke with a backache! ��

I lost track of time and I am going to be late for my make-up half an hour away.

Especially if I cannot find my keys! Why are they on the same ring anyway?! :D

cRiPpLe_rOoStEr 11-18-2020 12:31 AM


Originally Posted by Xist (Post 636386)
Each time that I built a platform bed I thought about how I would convert it into a loft bed, but I wonder how many problems I would have had with that.

Now that my dog is barely able to climb in a normal bed, I guess using the loft for storage would serve me better if I got a loft bed. Otherwise, how would I be able to sleep while the dog would be barking and growling until I take her to my bed?

Piotrsko 11-18-2020 10:14 AM

Loft beds are not for those with BPH and precessing gyros. The possibility of several mishaps a night are daunting

cRiPpLe_rOoStEr 11-20-2020 05:47 PM


Originally Posted by Piotrsko (Post 636631)
BPH and precessing gyros

What is that?

Piotrsko 11-21-2020 09:59 AM

Benign prostrate hyperplasia and a tendency to be very clumsy due to nerve damage. Or a better and possibly more vulgar explanation: pee a lot, and fall off things, both not conducive to sleeping in an elevated bed

aerohead 11-25-2020 04:18 PM

Hazard Alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Last Thursday morning, at 5:40 AM I was doing chin-ups at a gym, in a vivid REM sleep dream. I decided to move into an 'L' position, as in gymnastics, and immediately awoke to a dislodged and bloody nail on a big toe, after 'kicking' the inelastic, concrete ceiling above my sleeping loft. A rude way to waken.:p

freebeard 11-25-2020 05:35 PM

Doesn't sound like something that will heal easily. Ouchy!

I'd pictured you living in a light-filled dome, instead of a bunker.

Xist 11-25-2020 07:07 PM

Professor! It seems like we haven't heard from you in a long time! Aside from this injury, how are you doing?

cRiPpLe_rOoStEr 11-26-2020 05:25 PM

Had to Google it to remember what is a tipi. Found pictures of houses built with modern materials resembling one. I guess it wouldn't be so bad at all, even though it doesn't make a much reasonable usage of the space as a house with a more conventional shape does.

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