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Xist 07-11-2019 12:04 PM

Matterport 3d scanners (and a $200,000+ income opportunitiy)
YouTube recommended videos by a realtor named Graham Stephen in his twenties and then a friend of his, another realtor in his twenties. In one of Meet Kevin's videos he showed a 3d view of the interior of the house--like Google Earth--and apparently you can integrate 3d house scans into Google Earth.

I had seen 360 tours of homes, but never a 3d walkthrough like that. I thought it was cool!

Then I saw this video. You need a domain name, business cards, 3d camera, tripod, and pelican case. He said all of that costs about $5,000, but if you do 300 scans in a year you could earn $269,000:

He lives in southern California and says the median home value is $500,000. Zillow says that it is $235,000 in Show Low, Arizona, so I might want to charge 40 - 50%.

He recommends $499 for a 3d scan up to 1,500 square feet, $99 for 2d-rendered blueprints that costs you $25 - 30, $299 to pull high-resolution photographs and retouch them (and he links a channel that shows how to do just that). He recommends charging an extra $150 for every additional 500 square feet, $199 for drone shots flying up to the property (wait, we need a drone now? Yes and apparently an FAA license!) and $175 for estimated lot lines on an aerial view. He says the package value is $1,271, but he recommends selling a package deal for $899.

Without the drone (and the FAA license), my package deal would be more like $600, and with median homes being less than half, it would be more like $300. If I do 300 scans in the next year, I would make $82,500, also known as three years' pay for me and, as you may have noticed, one-third the local median home value.

He says it takes three hours to do all of that, so I would potentially earn $100 an hour, but he points out that if you are self-employed you will spend most of your time doing customer service.

He says that before you buy the equipment, rent it from someone not using it.

When I watched this video a week ago all that I found were two 3d tours of the area and a local company that did most of the services that Kevin mentioned, some others, but surprisingly little information.

I would expect to see prices.

Here is a listing for a $875,000 house with dozens of high-resolution pictures seemingly pulled from Matterport, a 3d dollhouse view, and some drone shots. It links to this 3d virtual tour, although it just tells you Matterport and the realtor:

I do not see a video of a drone flying up, lot lines superimposed on an aerial shot, or 2d blueprints.

They are asking almost four times the median value for this house, which is 8,788 square feet.

I do not know why this house showed up under a Matterport search for my area, but it just has drone shots and dozens of pictures, nothing 3d. $310,000 and 2,688 square feet:

Here is a 3d tour of a local restaurant:

I see five other tours of big and expensive houses, but they do not link to real estate listings.

Here is a $500,000 home with $3,519 square feet. It looks like it has some drone shots, but not really aerial view. It has a 3d view of the interior, but while it mentions a Matterport tour, I do not see the link:

This realtor says he does HDR photography, Matterport 3d tours, and drone video photography:

So, the only people in the area that seem to have Matterport equipment already do house tours, but for homes a couple times the median value.

Here is a video by a much older realtor (with 838 views!). They convinced him to invest 3.5 years before and to sign up for a system that would give him filtered leads. They did not tell him they would send the same leads to two competitors and they needed to underbid each other. He says that in 3.5 years zero leads have led to contracts:

One of the guys from Tested interviewed the creator of Matterport and they make a 3d scan of San Francisco's Exploratorium science museum:

Kevin says to rent a camera before you buy one. I don't know that I have that option. This guy says to set up a business meeting with all of the realtors at an office and offer them discounted rates if they give him testimonials. He said he only had one scan, but did not explain whose scan that was:

In another video he says to keep your prices private so you can figure out how much profit you can make off each customer. Someone commented he did his first tour for free to get his first tour.

Another video did not seem useful or well-done, but the top comment is:

I'm a Real Estate Agent, I don't think talking about wasting money on a licence is a good pitch but if it works for you then it works. If you guys pitch the matterport as a service to a real estate agent, all you should do is make 1 3D model of an amazing place, then show it to the agent and say how many times were you not able to schedule a viewing for a genuine client? With this 3D walkthrough you can immediately qualify your client and qualify the product they want to buy. It will help you stand out from the competition, and help your client understand what they really want.
He calls himself "Mr Dubai Offplan"

This guy, with 12,000 views in two months, shows how to use a much smaller and cheaper camera to integrate with Matterport's system:

It looks like it takes far more work, but he says he did his first scan in fifty minutes. Kevin made it sound like it took him ten minutes with the Matterport device.

This guy shows how to use the Insta360 ONE X. You can order a kit directly for $602. It includes a monopod, stand, 32GB MicroSD Card, lens cap, and case.

Here is a camera, monopod, stand, 32GB MicroSD card, and bag for $460.

Here is an AmazonBasics Pelican-style case for $33.

Zillow shows 110 homes between $100,000 - 300,000 in my ZIP code and 40 are 1,500 square feet or more.

Do you think this sounds like a good way to supplement my income? Is this a good opportunity in your area?

freebeard 07-11-2019 05:09 PM

They're trying to sell you yesterday's technology. Why would you need FAA approval if the drone is used indoors.

Xist 07-11-2019 05:41 PM


Originally Posted by Xist (Post 601826)
$199 for drone shots flying up to the property (wait, we need a drone now? Yes and apparently an FAA license!) and $175 for estimated lot lines on an aerial view.

Drone shots flying up to the house and an arial view.

freebeard 07-11-2019 06:57 PM

Quote: arial view
Which one?
Youtube: Whitewashing Vs the Blacklash
Vee • 10K views 10 hours ago

When the FAA dropped the hammer in 2015, real estate agents were the first to feel the pain.

Xist 07-11-2019 07:22 PM

How about Psylocke, who was a white woman in an Asian body, until she wasn't, and suddenly an Asian character was white--again.

freebeard 07-11-2019 09:15 PM

Did you notice that on another level there was an Ariel/Arial joke in there?

oil pan 4 07-11-2019 10:03 PM

Seems legit to me. More than most stuff on the net.
The guy isn't trying to take your money. Sources do not appear to be affiliated with him.
If it doesn't work out you will at least get some cool toys to play with.

Xist 07-12-2019 09:05 AM

I found 110 homes for sale in my ZIP code between $100,000 and $300,000. Well, now I see 163. Well, forget me, right? Whenever I look at houses up here I see ones that have been for sale for hundreds of days. The last page of Zillow shows 18 houses that have been on the market for 198 days or more. This one has been up for 1,235 days!

Did they give up and just never take it off the market? Maybe that is some kind of a mistake.

I wondered if 300 houses a year would even be possible up here. Even if there are 162 (at least one was counted twice), if they slowly sell...

I estimate there have been approximately 657 homes sold in this price range in the last year. In order to scan 300 in the next year, I would need to scan 45.6% of all homes sold. If I scan 1% it would be 6 or 7 and would bring in $1,800 or $2,100.

If I buy the $460 package, the $33 case, and a Rose Gold iPhone 7 32GB off BackMarket for $165.00 (the system does not work with Android!) it would cost $658 plus other miscellaneous costs.

Who ever sets a goal of 1% :)

Xist 07-18-2019 03:07 AM

Is the answer to everything "Become a realtor?!"
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Meet Kevin and Graham Stephen always talk to people in their twenties (or earlier!) that make at least $100,000 a year, sometimes far more. They make it sound easy, like anyone can do it.

So why is the median household income $61,372? People are lazy and people are stupid, but do millions of Americans sit at home saying "You know, I could live in a double-wide with a good roof, but I feel that working at McDonald's makes me a more well-rounded person?"

Well, Google searches are free, but everything that I found was real estate and\or stupid. How about this list?

4. Proofreader ($17-$30 per hour) perfect if you can work 3,333 - 5,882 hours per year (full-time is 2,000).
7. Teach English online with VIPKID (up to $25 per hour, 4,000 hours)
8. Bookkeeper (between $30,000-$60,000 per year, so you need two full-time jobs?)
9. Customer Service Representative (around $13 per hour to start, 7,692 hours)
10. Answer surveys ($1.75 an hour, 57,143 hours, seven years' worth)

I did find one interesting lead, but unless you somehow get millions of followers through blogging, social media, etc., everything said "Real estate."

This is one of the guys that I watch:
  1. In order to earn $100,000, you need to sell $5,200,000. Divide that by the median home value, in my county it is $201,200. I will explain why I am not using my town's average of $235,000, and see how many you need to sell in a year (26).
  2. On average, a new realtor needs to talk to 180 people in order to sell one house. 180 x 26 = 2,680. 2,680 / 365 = 13 conversations each day.
  3. For every 90 minutes you knock doors, you should talk to 13 people, so 90 minutes a day x 365 days should equal 26 sales worth $5,200,000, and $100,000 in salary.

Fun fact: My town's population is 11,000, so I would need to talk to someone in every home in town. That is why I used the county average, there are 108,000 people in Navajo County, so at least it would be possible, but there are 96 realtors in my area. As far as I know, they averaged 7 sales each last year, so a new guy selling four times as much as veterans sounds challenging.

I thought about this with the Matterport. You could ask the other realtors in your brokerage to offer your services to their clients, but I think that if you pull out your iPad and you show someone a 3d tour of a home like theirs, plus the associated services, and say "I charge $400 for this package. I have expensive equipment and it takes me a few hours, but I will do this for $100 for people who agree to sell houses with me," some people would go for it, and you would have something to set you apart from everyone else.

Or--hear me out--I hope that I get a second interview for a part-time school speech job here in-town. It would pay as much as selling three houses, but hopefully I can finally apply to NAU's summers-only program, and in a couple of years, hopefully I would have a job earning $50,000 - 60,000 a year.

That is far from $100,000 this year, but it does not require me knocking on every single door in-town in just one year, and if I saw clients on the side, I could reach the $100,000 mark--unless, I have mentioned, I went rogue.

The state pays $70.99 for every hour that I see clients in Tucson, Flagstaff, and the Phoenix area, but in rural areas like Page and Show Low, it pays $88.74, and my agency passes most of that increase to us. The state pays $78.82 - 114.76 for an SLP, so if I ran my own agency and saw 871 clients in a year, 17 a week, I would make $100,000.

Xist 04-05-2020 08:27 PM

Who named this thread?! It wasn't me!
The original video claimed that you could earn $269,000 a year 3d scanning houses, extracting still shots, blueprints, etc., and charging for videos of drones flying up to the house.

He made this video about just 3d scanning and talks about a cheaper and simpler camera, which looks like the one that I found:

Weird how he went from $269,000 a year selling $900 packages to making $100,000 charging $250 to scan a house.

I doubted that I could do 300 $400 packages a year. 400 $250 packages does not seem very likely either.

Of course, the title is clickbait. It is not $100,000 to push a button [one time], it is $100,000 finding 400 client, driving to their house, unpacking and setting up the camera, moving the camera a bunch of times...

...and then you push the button...

...each time...

I am sure there is a fair amount of work processing the data, too.

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