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Vekke 12-30-2021 11:23 AM

MB EQXX Cd=0,1716 1000km in one charge
Few videos just released:
VISION EQXX Episode 1: The Challenge

VISION EQXX Episode 2: The Struggle

You can see roof siluette in the picture of the second video.

aerohead 12-30-2021 04:27 PM

* Bio-mimicry
* Morphology
* Cab-forward
* Perhaps double-ended
* A fastback
* Exposed front wheels
* Air Curtains
* Active diffuser
* Not so much plan-taper so as to require a narrower rear track
High theatrical value.
Look forward to next installment.

Vekke 12-31-2021 02:33 AM

They have darkened that roof siluette picture, but if you adjust ligth settings you migth be able to get to see the groundline and put the template on it. At the moment that is a guess with 90% accuracy where the ground is. If I find the length details of the car its easy to verify the height with that by adjusting the dimension.

That roof curvature has that downward kick/dip section. In the ID3 aerodynamic video they were able to get lower drag in CFD if you put that kind of a dip to the end of the curvature.

edit: Found a high res picture at MB pages. Based on this I would guess there is coming active extension.

World digital premiere is 3.1.2022:

aerohead 01-03-2022 10:30 AM

active extension
* The Cd 0.19, 2016 M-B IAA's extension appeared to intersect the AST-II contour, resulting in a backlight- to-trailing edge slope of 14-degrees.
* The Cd 0.19 Bionic Boxfish was a dead match for the AST.
* The EQS is at 17.5-degrees.
* The Cd 0.18, 1997 Mercedes-Benz F300 development vehicle was more 'conventional' in appearance, although, from the only photograph in existence, it appears that they've removed some of the 'tricks' from the car ( rear skirts, wheel covers, ). This photograph was shot from above and to the front, with no true-length dimensions available to us.
* And while the 'pointed-nose, 1978 Daimler-Benz, M-B C-111 III, finless, long-tail was Cd 0.178, it had very little rear plan-view taper, and could have had less drag, had it not been designed for transonic velocity.

alexshock 01-03-2022 12:42 PM

Just saw the presentation of EQXX - it is beautiful, they did a presentation like Apple do.

So, the car is very nice.
Cd is 0.17 - impressive.

Vekke 01-03-2022 12:44 PM

Premier was out the Cd number is 0,17

My takes from the video compared to EQS which should be 0,20:
- Air exit scoops on the bonnet
- Closed wheels so no venting for brake cooling
- Bigger air curtains and taller in heigth
- wheelwell exit vents on rear edge in front and back tires. Nicely designed specially the front ones look neat
- Rear diffuser lowers and extends about 120mm rough estimate
- Mirror legs even thinner ones like they use in their sports or race cars.

Car propably has air suspension which lowers the car a lot, but it was not mentioned

freebeard 01-03-2022 03:07 PM

The first 16 seconds is the best opening to a car ad I can recall.

Vekke 01-03-2022 07:08 PM

Few more videos:

I made my own drag evaluation comparison to EQS model VS EQXX

I am sure there many other details also that make it little bit lower than the EQS like the narrower rear track has impact, but thats tricky to estimate how it actually effects as its not visible to the eye so easily without seeing the car in person.

Rough specs
Cd 0,1716
Weigth 1,750kg
Wheelbase 2800mm
Ground clearance about 130mm
Length 4630mm
Tires 185/55R20
max engine power 150kW
Range 1000km

Some of the mods there can be done to all cars pretty easily. That front wheel rear venting is one of them which has actually quite big impact. I havent seen rear venting yet at the rear tires. That was just my first impression that there was holes where air would come out, but not visible in any videos yet is it there or not.

freebeard 01-03-2022 08:00 PM

I wonder how it does driving through mud puddles.

Vekke 01-04-2022 05:26 AM

Found a great wind tunnel video:

You can download official materials from here:

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