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Gideon33W 04-10-2017 05:34 PM

My 2000 Civic HX in Arizona $3,300
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Long time lurker here I never really posted anything before now. Just read and researched. I need a daily that can haul things now so the Civic is just sitting.

Anyways, for sale is my 2000 Honda Civic HX Coupe.

D16Y5 motor with a 5 speed manual.

Pulls down >35 city and 45 highway like it's nothing.

A LOT of recent maintenance. - Brakes (pads and rotors), Timing belt + tensioner + water pump, Adjusted valves, Fuel filter, Oil change + filter + silicone pan gasket, Resoldered the gauge cluster (they tend to fail on Hondas), Clutch + pressure plate + bearings + resurfaced flywheel, Distributor cap + rotor, Spark plugs + silicone plug wires, EGR system service (there's a whole manifold on this motor), Throttle position sensor, plus a bunch more misc.

Other than stock: Intake, exhaust (have the original), 15" MB wheels, Pioneer CD player, lowered 1", PCV delete, and SI spoiler.

No check engine lights, clean title, power windows, working AC, intact interior, no dash cracking. I even have a digital copy of the Honda factory service manual.

It has its share of bumps and bruises over its 17 years but it has extensive maintenance work and runs and drives REALLY well.

Approximately 164,XXX miles. Car is located in Sierra Vista Arizona.

Text is the best/fastest way to get a hold of me. 52zero-22four-468four

*Adding pictures shortly*

Gideon33W 04-10-2017 05:42 PM

Have to make my post count 5 to post pics

Gideon33W 04-10-2017 05:43 PM

And this is 3 --- Have to make my post count 5 to post pics

Gideon33W 04-10-2017 05:44 PM

Four ... almost there ...

Gideon33W 04-10-2017 05:45 PM

And finally five posts so I can post pics ... That's what I get for being a lurker and not taking part in the forum ... lol

Gideon33W 04-10-2017 05:47 PM

Gideon33W 04-10-2017 06:44 PM

Hmm, pics not working ... Here's a link for them - Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

MetroMPG 04-10-2017 09:07 PM

I added 1 pic to your first post.

Looks like you looked after it well. Lots of key maintenance done recently.

Good luck with the sale!

Gideon33W 04-10-2017 09:44 PM

Thanks for the pic help.

This is/was my 2nd ecomod build. The reason for all the work on it over the past few months is that I really planned to go a lot heavier with the ecomodding. I wanted to make sure she was tip-top beforehand.

However, after really thinking about it (and some changes in business plans), we need money for our business as well as vehicles that can haul a fair bit. So, it makes more sense to just let it go.

My plans for it were: level out the rear (which I left higher for better COD), add a lip, switch to steelies with moon eyes, encapsulate the cone filter and feed it warm exhaust air, delete the SI spoiler, passenger mirror delete, and a few other bits and bobs.

When I'm ready to do another build I'll probably track down a w123 diesel wagon so I can at least haul a fair bit when needed.

Ecky 04-15-2017 11:47 PM

Any chance you kept the factory air box and lightweight rims?

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