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Tygen1 12-24-2010 06:52 PM

New Wheels, Tires and Revised Skirts etc...
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It's been a while since I've posted up anything about my car, so I figured I'd show some of the work I've recently accomplished.
The cars economy was getting worse and worse, the tires were quite worn, alignment out of whack, tie rod ends worn etc... So I parked it on the patio for a couple weeks and started work.
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First up the front suspension rebuild, new ES bushings were used to replace the 281,000 mile worn ones along with new ball joints.
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Next was a A/C and Power Steering Delete with a Rack De-Powering and new inner and outer tie rods.
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Then a little headlight polishing.
Attachment 7554
The tires were quite bad,
Attachment 7556
So I got some 10.60lb Mazda Miata BBS and Bridgestone RE92 in the 165/65-14 size. Lost a total of 13 lb's per wheel and tire combo!
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Timing Belt was a bit rough so it was replaced.
Attachment 7559
Next the Front Air Dam was rebuilt along with the Rear Skirts and finally the car was back on the ground and ready!
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cfg83 12-24-2010 10:09 PM

Tygen1 -

Spectacular execution!


mcrews 12-24-2010 11:20 PM

the only thing missing is the phrase....."and 30 minutes later I was all done!!"

Very nice!
I bet you can notice the difference in the front end! So many people fail to realize that not just shocks and struts but all the rubber busing just have to be replaced at some point.

Weather Spotter 12-25-2010 10:48 AM

Looks good!

Tygen1 12-25-2010 03:17 PM

Thanks, but your should really thank my wife for putting up with all this took two weeks of work in the evenings and weekends in cold weather to get this all done. It has been two years since I started Eco-Modding, the first versions of the air dam and wheel skirts weren't as nice, but these turned out much better looking and fitting. There are still some things I'd like to do different, but maybe when these wear out. I really ought to deal with the giant tire to fender gap these small tires have created...front wheel skirts? :)

To MCREWS, I can feel the difference, but the tires are not good for going around corners fast, you can really feel that single ply sidewall flex and the barely 5.5" wide tread hanging on by a thread. Not confidence inspiring, but it coasts soo much better, that it is worth it!

mcrews 12-25-2010 04:19 PM


Well it is always a balancing act. Trade off one thing for another. We probably corner hard about 1% of the time we are in a car, but that's what we measure by....go figure.

I have a much different car 02 Infiniti Q45 Sport. I run Kuhmo asx 255/45/18. It's an all-season performance tire. 10" wide. But over on the infiniti site I get grief for 1. not running 20" and 2. for not running pure high performance tires. Cant win for losing. But they work for me because I really don't slam thru curves trying to pull 1g.

As a note, you can get nylon bushings for the sway bars and the end links. Really tightens things up.

Tygen1 12-25-2010 06:29 PM

Front and Rear Sway bars have ES endlinks and bushings as well. They have helped. The car handles acceptable well with normal tires :) It's kinda like running really tall sidewall tires, they will take some getting used to.
I hear you on how other forums treat us :) I'll now be giving you grief for runing 10" wide tires, you should be runing 13" wheels with 5" wide tires LOL!

NeilBlanchard 12-25-2010 10:04 PM

I like the hose as a stop, along the curve -- great idea!

What material is the skirt itself?

mcrews 12-26-2010 12:32 AM

:thumbup:I'll now be giving you grief for runing 10" wide tires, you should be runing 13" wheels with 5" wide tires :eek: LOL!




that was halarious!!!! you made my night!!! (welll as long as Frank Lee doesn't post something;)


Frank Lee 12-26-2010 11:36 AM


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