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AntiochOG 10-11-2010 01:09 PM

1990 Mazda Miata
Hi, I'm new to the site, although I could have sworn I was a member here a few years ago. I drive 1990 Miata. The car has a hardtop, a rollbar that I built with a friend, and a factory R package lip. I've changed out all the fluids to synthetics. Otherwise the car is stock. I do have a carbon fiber randall cowl intake I plan on installing soon.

Generally I don't drive the car very conservatively because it is just such a fun car to drive hard. But for the last three tanks I've tried to hypermile as best as I could. I've been averaging 32.4 mpg since then. I still need to put some more air in my tires. I aired down to 28psi last time I was at the track and haven't put more air back in since.

I'd like to do some mods that can increase my economy and performance if that's possible. I assume most mods that fit in both categories will be aero related. If you have a Miata and have had any success with this let me know.

I was going to post some pictures but my post count isn't high enough so those will have to wait.

AntiochOG 10-25-2010 12:25 PM

Best tank to date: 37 mpg. I've aired up my tires from 20-24 psi to 44 all around, and started using a lot of engine off coasting. Despite the considerably worse weather I've still made huge gains from when I started hypermiling a couple months ago. 40mpg seems more than attainable.

And now that I have enough posts, here are pics of my baby:

gasstingy 10-25-2010 02:31 PM

I had a 1990 Miata, 1.6L / 5-speed / AC and could get 36 to 38 without engine off coasting on my gentle commute. I got 26 MPG the {only} day I autocrossed it. It was a blast to drive, but I wanted more. Mods to that car: low profile headlight conversion (cuts the open height in half, dramatically better light at night), cold air intake, converted to a Camaro single in dual outlet muffler because I wanted dual exhaust out the back (too loud / too large an i.d. for only 1.6L). I got 38 MPG on the interstate returning from a trip from Deals Gap (had to run the Dragon :D) and when I mentioned fuel economy at the next Miata Club meeting I was told by the Chapter President that if I was concerned about fuel economy, I was in the wrong club.

Have fun, I'm certain that 40 is doable in a 1.6L Miata.:thumbup:

botsapper 10-25-2010 03:15 PM

Love zoom-zooms. I'm sure you've seen them on the track but ecomodders would automatically point to clean trailing aero tails. Spoon fastback hardtops did wonders for the Honda S2000 top end, Autonexion has a similar top for the Miata. Saw it in SEMA, a couple of years ago. Clean work and good fit. Prolly delete rear lip spoiler and widebody work.

cfg83 10-25-2010 05:53 PM

AntiochOG -

Welcome to EM! Verrrrry pretty Miata. I went into the Ecomodder Garage to try to find other Miata's. Unfortunately, I don't see enough gaslog entries to get a feel for the upper-bounds of your Miata.

Sooooooooo, that makes you the pioneer.


AntiochOG 10-25-2010 11:22 PM

That Autokonexion fastback is a thing of beauty. I know a few people on that have them. I'd love to own one someday, but they aren't exactly cheap. I've been doing a lot of browsing and learning on here. I still plan on occasionally tracking and autoxing the car, so trying to plan out some mods that will allow me to do both.

edit: So there are 20 1990 Miata's on The one with the highest average is 35.1. I should be able to pass him in a few more tanks.

pounsfos 10-26-2010 12:48 AM

these cars do great skids....

as for fuel economy ythey were designed for the open road and for long travels

i call them pen15 cars for obvious reasons, give your engine a port and you will get good gains (the flow on them isnt that good)

goodluck my fellow ecomodder

botsapper 10-26-2010 02:48 AM

Besides the aero fastback additions, the front (nighttime aero) could be made cleaner with a flush mount headlight kit. The OEM units & the pop-up motors deletion could have some weight savings as well. Smooth underpanels. A black coroplast grill block fill, only non-track commuting days. Passenger side mirror deletion and driver's side F-1 style aero side replacement mirror. Rear antenna deletion/flush replacement. Because of the front tires' open exposure to air stream, some have experimented using the OEM mud flaps, in FRONT of the wheel well position to some degree of Gurney flap improvements! There sooo many body kits purporting to be aero. Don't know have a clue of real good one, except for one real pretty nose, like this...

I'm sure many more contributions will be added to your thread. Additional notes:
Mazda Miata COMPLETE Flush Mount Headlight Kit

bikin' Ed 10-26-2010 09:24 AM

'97 Miata
My '97 has the 1.8L, 5spd manual during the summer I regularly get 40 to 43 mpg (US). My tires are inflated to 45psi, my air intake removed so that warm air off of the manifold is sucked in, and did a major adjustment to the nut behind the wheel.

I would still like to: get smooth wheel covers, boat tail a hardtop for winter, advance the timing,and get taller gears for the rear end.

Boreas 10-27-2010 03:20 PM

Welcome to ecomodder. Nice car I wish I had one.

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