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FlawedLegacy 11-22-2011 01:48 PM

Noobie to EcoModding Ricer
Hey all, been lurking for YEARS, registered and never posted not long ago, figured it's about time I poke my head out and say hi.

I drive an 09 Corolla LE

I've done all kinds of aesthetic mods, several performance mods... both have more to go as well, but I do want to keep my MPG in hand.
Mods I've done to help my MPG:
Lowered, Takeda SRI, MagnaFlow Exhaust... usual stuff, but nothing major. I've done far more to hinder my MPG than help it, but still avg 31mpg.

I am really looking at making a grille blocker (like Daox's), esp with winter coming our way (plus I have a new grille en route that I can work on before I install it). I do log my gas with Fuelly

I know I will not hit "hyper" status, especially with my new dual 12" sub setup I just installed, but I'd like to hit 34+mpg more often.

I am also a moderator on Toyota Nation

FlawedLegacy 11-30-2011 08:41 AM

ok, i'll try this again.... Hi... ?

Tygen1 11-30-2011 01:09 PM

Welcome! Let's see some pictures!!!

FlawedLegacy 11-30-2011 01:14 PM

soon as i get enough posts i'll edit the first post in here to show some pics

FlawedLegacy 12-01-2011 10:19 AM

post #5 for pics...

Tygen1 12-01-2011 11:12 AM

Nice looking car.
I've always viewed ecomodding as an extension of any performance modification. I have not sacrificed any performance to achieve better mpg. Don't get caught up in the idea that you will never get great mpg because you care about performance. I've run a 15.2 quarter and get over 50 mpg with an ATX. If you really put your mind to it, you will be able to do it.

FlawedLegacy 12-01-2011 11:17 AM

thanks, she is coming along, still lots to do though.
Grille, Horns, new high beams on the way

Spacers, Switchbacks, Rear Sway Bar, Projectors are among the next in line mods.

Tygen1 12-02-2011 01:50 PM

One of my, recent, favorite mods was ducting my radiator and trans cooler. I couldn't believe how small of a hole I could get away with. Half the size of my license plate is all the air needed to cool my engine and trans at 50mph in 100+ degree temps. Now at 30 degrees, it's much to big of a hole :) Things like this help performance and mpg.

FlawedLegacy 12-02-2011 01:57 PM

yeah, once I get my new grille, I will be doing an upper grille block and leaving the lower to cool.

MetroMPG 12-03-2011 07:42 AM

Welcome to the forum - do I take it from your username you used to have a defective Subie? :)

Nice looking car.

Your vehicle description doesn't list a fuel economy gauge. I'd put that on the top of the list too. You need that instant feedback if you really want to drive for fuel economy. It can be as engaging as hooning around on a track. I spent more time & money on track days than I'd care to admit in my misspent youth, and both are technically demanding & fun driving styles. One just happens to save fuel, is easier on the vehicle, and is socially acceptable on public roads!

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