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Dave's Civic Duty 01-09-2010 04:58 AM

O2 questions for my VX
Hi Cats,

So here's where I'm at with my trouble shooting. I managed to take apart the plastic connection w/o breaking it up.:) It runs like I think it should, no hesitation or dead pedal. I can even drive at 35 MPH in 5th gear @ 1100 RPM.:p

My CEL came on, so no concerns that my light is burned out, but now no upshift light. So I probably need another O2 right? I found one on Ebay, 5 wire, for 60 bucks. The company name is Sixity. Good price?

I've been reading so many of the VX treads that I can't remember who told me what, but I've been following your suggestions. Thanks big time! Someone said they would try & find the link for an inexpensive O2 they bought.

Thanks again for all your time & knowledge,:thumbup:

Dave's Civic Duty 01-11-2010 08:56 AM


After doing some research, the O2 from Ebay was for a California car. An FE from Autozone is 278 bucks! :eek:

How long car I drive my car w/ the O2 unplugged. My mileage seems to be better just because I'm not fighting to keep the car at a steady pace. Not quite a 1/2 tank & almost 200 miles w/ just mostly local driving!

Any info on what you guys used to replace yours & apprx cost?


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