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24601 10-06-2014 03:32 AM

Retort for hecklers
Despite the considerable improvements I've made to my average fuel economy due to improved diving techniques, I still get occasionally ribbed and chastised.

This most commonly comes by way of, "you drive like my grandma(pa)". :rolleyes:

I can't help but respond with, "have you ever considered that perhaps they were on to something?"

H-Man 10-06-2014 04:00 AM

I just say: Wern't you complaining about gas being $4 a gallon a minute ago and now you want to burn even more gas?

Sven7 10-06-2014 09:16 AM

"Deal with it" sometimes works

nemo 10-06-2014 09:25 AM

Here is one I like.


Originally Posted by Xist (Post 449015)
I just told him I borrowed it from a weirdo.

P-hack 10-06-2014 10:08 AM

Discuss the degree of intercourse you have had with their ancestors/siblings/offspring. Be very specific.

user removed 10-06-2014 10:22 AM

"you drive like my grandpa"

Maybe that is why they lived so long.


Fat Charlie 10-06-2014 10:32 AM

Grandma didn't get good mileage.

You think you're doing "better" but we both still get to work at the same time- and I only had to buy half as much gas to do it.

redneck 10-06-2014 11:34 AM



Retort for hecklers
Show them the math.

The average person drives 15,000 miles a year. Your records show that is about what you will end up driving.


15,000 divided by 16mpg (EPA) average = 937.5 gal. x $3.13 = $2,934.37

15,000 divided by 20.7mpg your 90 day avg. = 724.63gal. x $3.13 = $2,268.11

A savings of $666.26 (how devilish) :p

Based on a average person that works 40 hrs. 52 weeks a year or 2080 work hrs.

$666.26 divided by 2080 hrs. = $0.32 per hr. after tax. raise (not bad)


$666.26 divided by 15,000 miles = $0.044 per. mile saved.

Or, as I like to think of it. Paying (rewarding) myself...!!!

As a added plus, less brake wear and unwanted driver awards (speeding tickets) and higher insurance all lend a hand towards saving money.

Remember all money saved is "After tax money". ;)

Should gas go back up to $4.13 (most likely will) :(

Your yearly savings would then be $1,036.09. :eek: :)

29.4% over EPA with your vehicle is doing good. :thumbup:

However, you should plug in other vehicle mpg averages into the math above to see what your leaving on the table.

Take a car that can get 40 mpg.

15,000 divided by 40mpg = 375 gal. x $3.13 = $1173.75 fuel cost per year.

Or, half as much as your spending now.

With a car like a Mirage that is capable of (adjusted nut behind the wheel) 50 mpg straight out the box. You could be driving a new shiny car with the difference saved should you choose.

Math lesson over.



basjoos 10-06-2014 04:03 PM

I just convert their mileage and my mileage into cents per mile and compare how many miles a dollar takes them and me down the road (just like like throwing a dollar bill out of the window every "x" miles you drive down the road). Then I take a popular local destination, calculate how much it costs them in gas to drive there and how I could drive there, take the amount of money they paid for their gas to get there, use it to pay for my gas, and still have "X" dollars left over to buy a burger and fries.

star_deceiver 10-06-2014 08:26 PM

Alright, lets do the math shall we. Based on working an 8 on 6 off bi-weekly schedule:

It takes 3.14L of gas to take the KLR to and from work or $3.78/per work day. (gas at $1.20/L)
It takes 8.85L of gas to take the Chev to and from work or $10.62/per work day.
We could include a Starbucks or Timmies run for about $5.50/per work day.
Car/Bike insurance combined for the year is $7.55/per work day.
Truck payment works out to $39.25/per work day.
Rent, $37.21/per work day.
Food and all bills and anything I missed, $37.50/ per work day.

Combined, it all comes to 48% of my after tax earnings per day at work to live! The rest goes into the bank to spend or save however I wish! I think I can afford that. :thumbup:

How does it look from the inside of your glass house now?

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