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Dunkler 05-23-2011 09:54 AM

Scan Gauge II or UltraGauge?
I am looking to buy one of these today for my Fit. I need advice and opinions for those that own/have owned either of these and which is more accurate or the better buy.

Thanks guys!

PaleMelanesian 05-23-2011 10:10 AM

I've only ever used the Scangauge. It has programmability features, but for a standard (non-hybrid) car that feature doesn't add much. I hear the Ultragauge is decent too and has the ability to show 6 gauges instead of 4.

My answer is yes. Get one or the other. I don't think it matters so much which one. Having the numbers in front of you matters very much.

SentraSE-R 05-23-2011 11:45 AM

I own both. The UG wins hands down for value, ergonomics, ease of visibility, and everything else, for the vast majority of users. The only people who can get an advantage with the SG are those who want a specific function that's not supported by the UG, like transmission fluid temperature or HV hybrid battery pack voltage, and only if the SG can be programmed to display it, and the user is willing to program it into an xgauge. There is no accuracy difference between the two.

The UG is a far better value for the average user. You can display 18 gauges with the UG with two button pushes (or none, if you want to let them cycle automatically). It can take you 20 button pushes to display 5 gauges with the SG, and well over 100 button pushes to display 8 gauges with the SG.

The UG will recognize all the available gauges for your Fit and be operating in less than a minute. The SG will require hours of tedious programming to be fully functional using its maximum capability.

The UG display is much more modern. The SG costs $140-$160. The UG costs $60. I would buy the UG for myself and recommend it for most users. I only keep my SG because I expect to buy a Prius some day. Otherwise, I'd sell it, buy an UG, and keep the change.

Dunkler 05-23-2011 11:51 AM

awesome info guys! Based on Sentra's comparison, UG is definitely a better buy!

PaleMelanesian 05-23-2011 12:16 PM

"hours of tedious programming" ???

When I swap my scangauge between cars, I do this.
home-setup-engine-set size
maybe click a few times to change some of the 4 gauges showing

The UG obviously wins on price and display, though.

Floordford 05-23-2011 12:25 PM

I read somewhere that the SG can show dollars per mile by entering how much the fuel cost was. Im in the pre-buying boat. I havent decided on which one to get. The UG is looking pretty good. Mostly because of the lower cost and modern look. It actually looks like it should cost more.

NeilBlanchard 05-23-2011 12:32 PM

I own a SG2, which has a detachable cable that makes it possible to swap between cars -- though I don't think that this is easy to do. Each vehicle has to have it fuel capacity calibrated, and the speed has to calibrated as well, in order to get a reasonably accurate FE number.

But, I think you can buy 2 Ultragauges for a bit less than 1 SG2? And, two of the numbers on the display are larger size, which makes them very easy to compare the instant and the average FE. A friend bought the UG, and I think I would own it if it was available a few years ago.

PaleMelanesian 05-23-2011 12:40 PM

I swapped it yesterday into the Odyssey for the day.

set engine size
speed calibration is the same on both, but in any case it's only a couple clicks
quick fillup procedure
set fuel calibration if needed. I don't.

Then I did the same this morning back into my Civic. The hardest / longest part of the process is stringing the cable so you don't trip on it. Once you know the calibration it's quick and easy. I use 1.8 engine size vs my actual 1.6 to get my 12.5% offset. It takes fewer clicks that way. The Ody is dead on at its actual 3.5 engine.

Fuel capacity is irrelevant. It only affects the Miles to Empty gauge. I have a fuel gauge in the dash so I just ignore that.

SentraSE-R 05-23-2011 12:52 PM


Originally Posted by PaleMelanesian (Post 240267)
"hours of tedious programming" ???


Originally Posted by SentraSE-R
hours of tedious programming to be fully functional using its maximum capability.

You took my remarks out of context, Andrew.

PaleMelanesian 05-23-2011 01:00 PM

He drives a Fit. It doesn't need the special programming for that vehicle. For this application that's a non-issue.

I'm not saying the SG is better than the UG. Just give it a black eye it doesn't deserve.

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