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NachtRitter 04-18-2014 06:14 AM

Sold: 1994 Honda Civic VX - Can't smog in CA! (Lotsa Pics)
Hi folks,

This vehicle has been sold!

About a month ago, I went to get the VX smogged and discovered that the exhaust manifold is cracked. Apparently that is relatively common on the Civic VXs (where the cat is connected directly to the manifold), and since then I've discovered that the unique CA-emissions exhaust manifold for the VX (and the CX, which uses the same part) is more rare even than hen's teeth. The manufacturer has discontinued the exhaust manifold, no aftermarket company is making a replacement, and there is no auto dismantler in the entire country that has it. On the other hand, there are tons of 49-state manifolds, from manufacturer, aftermarket, or used. On this forum, user slownugly has ~4 of the non-Cali manifolds for a great price!

My options are to swap in a different engine (no thanks), move out of state (not gonna happen), or sell the car. With regrets, I believe selling it is the way I will have to go. The buyer would either have to take the vehicle out of the state of California and get it fixed and registered there, or do an engine swap which would allow it to be smogged and registered here.

The car is being sold as-is; this is your chance to get a legendary fuel miser for little money and a little work.

Thank you for looking.

- AC works (blows cold) + heater works
- Runs great, even with the cracked manifold
- Able to get some awesome FE (see my Fuel Log)
- Not riced/hacked
- Minimal surface rust
- Includes MPGuino
- Includes factory service manual
- Includes both California and Federal ECUs (Federal is installed right now)
- Includes 4 wire and 5 wire O2 sensors
- Includes passenger side mirror (detached) and passenger mirror block off (installed)

- As mentioned, cracked exhaust manifold so it cannot be smogged in California
- Intermittent speedometer/odometer
- the odo shows 324,473 miles; there are probably another 40,000 miles on the car since the odo went out
- Some dents because tree branch (see pictures)
- Probably needs timing belt
- Only one speaker works
- CV joint boots torn; probably needs a CV joint rebuild as it's making noise while turning
- Drivers seat bolster torn

A few things that I've done to it:

Front Driver Quarter:

Driver Side:

Rear Driver Quarter


Rear Passenger Quarter:

Passenger Side:

Front Passenger Quarter:


Cracked Exhaust Manifold:

Inside of Driver Door:

Driver Interior:


Passenger Interior (Son's shadow is included with car):

Rear Seats Interior:

Hatch Interior:

Factory Service Manual:

** Body Damage **
The hood is well pock marked (plus one dent) from many miles of driving on the freeway:

There are three instances I am aware of where the body sheet metal was bent; to the best of my knowledge the car was never in a collision with another vehicle:

1. The previous owner swiped a guard rail with the passenger side rear quarter panel:

2. I slid into a sign post on a wet day, taking out the passenger side front blinker:

3. The tree branch happened. Back in 2009, a windy storm took a large branch off a tree and dropped it directly on top of the VX:

Baltothewolf 04-18-2014 06:35 AM

You know there are people in cali that charge around 200$ to 'smog' your car and it will pass. I have a friend who owns a 93 Mustang and he cut both the cats off, he uses this special 'smog' to keep it cali legal.

NachtRitter 04-18-2014 03:11 PM

That is something I'd rather not do, but thanks for the info.

mbolton1990 04-24-2014 11:22 PM


i would absolutely love to have this car!

the only thing stopping me is the distance..

im in tallahassee,fl.

i see you put it up on ebay,glwts.


awesome car!

NachtRitter 04-25-2014 01:46 AM

Ya, I know what you mean... I'm constantly finding "perfect" cars (ones that I want) over on the east coast... :)

Xist 04-25-2014 05:46 AM


Originally Posted by NachtRitter (Post 420703)

California is much closer to Arizona, but I already have an HX! Do I really need a VX?! :)

Will you please describe the manifold damage? I just removed my exhaust manifold and I do not have any idea where that crack is.

I do not know if you saw this:

but I ended up pulling off the exhaust manifold while it was still attached to the first exhaust pipe in order to hammer a 13mm socket onto a stripped 14mm nut. I put it on a carefully-folded towel, but I did take a sledge hammer to it, and noticed a thin crack afterward.

I believe in doing things right, but I just put JB Weld on it. I hated doing that, but I did not even know if the crack went through the metal!

NachtRitter 04-25-2014 01:13 PM

Ya, that's what I was hoping... someone in AZ, NV, or OR would be interested ... even if the car must be smogged in one of those states, finding a good used or a replacement new manifold would be significantly easier! Then the new owner can enjoy the car or even resell it at a profit and enjoy the money.

Unfortunately I don't have any better pics of the cracks on my manifold, but it seems that the typical crack runs across the top from the O2 bung (which is to the left of the pic you quoted) toward the engine block (to the right of the pic). Here is someone else's pic that shows it better:

mbolton1990 04-25-2014 01:16 PM

Interesting,so does it still have a D15Z1?

Could you just swap the head out?

NachtRitter 04-25-2014 01:55 PM

Yes, still has the original D15Z1. There may be alternative approaches to getting the car smogged in CA, such as engine swap, head swap, etc but I do not have time for those. When I asked at the smog shop, they said something along the lines of "if it has all the emissions equipment of a comparable (or newer) model, then it should pass" (assuming the state-appointed smog referee has already signed off on it).

mbolton1990 04-25-2014 03:25 PM

You could get that welded.

That'd be your best bet,I bet $50 and it'd be sorted.

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