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Jakins 09-17-2012 10:14 AM

Texas Mpg missle HX GUYS! Please take me under your wing!!!
Hey dudes. I'm jake from Texas. I'm looking for a good hypermile groupe to be a part of. I have 2 cars, a 97 civic hx and a 95 Nissan 240sx with a 4.5L Infiniti v8. Needless to say my civic gets like 6 times more miles per gallon than my 450sx but I still love it :) Both of my cars have very specific purposes though. Civic to get me to work and the skate park and take me and my buddies on trips and my 240 to be as extreme as hell and compete in drift events and over compensate for my little civic. I'm looking to get into hydrogen fuel assist! What are the views on that??


Civic: 40-46 mpg best trip 55mpg - mods aftermarket cut springs (cutting the back springs a lot more this week) ram air intake, full grill block and half of my front bumper blocked, SUPER COOL garage door weatherstrip front lip, the beginnings of a hot air intake. Also it is on its second engine block so the head is machined down a bit (more compression?) It weighs just over 2400 with me and my bike in it. Also getting paint next week

450sx: 10-13 mpg - mods vh45 swap (Infiniti q45 32v Dohc 4.5l aluminum v8) ksport coiovers, 17x9.75 wheels, drilled brake rotors, full true dual exhaust with an x pipe, way to many stickers, dual core radiator, e fans, and lots of other stuff

Daox 09-17-2012 11:13 AM

Welcome to the site Jake. Sounds like you're doing pretty well with the HX so far. Take a look at the 65+ mods and 100+ ecodriving tips links at the top for more ideas.


Originally Posted by Jakins (Post 328354)
I'm looking to get into hydrogen fuel assist! What are the views on that??

Don't waste your time.

MetroMPG 09-17-2012 11:19 AM

Also, get an MPGuino into that machine - should be a priority (instant MPG feedback for adjusting the nut behind the wheel). Even though you've got OBD-II, you need a meter that monitors injector activity to measure fuel use. So, a ScanGauge or equivalent (which calculates MPG based on air consumption) won't accurately report MPG when in lean burn.

Welcome to the forum!

UFO 09-17-2012 11:33 AM

Very creative engine painting! Welcome.

Domman56 09-17-2012 11:59 AM

Welcome man, LOVE the 450SX and realizing the motor ya have out of it i'm pretty sure alotta the mileage is driving style i bet that thing could do around 20 on the freeway if you're babying it But where's the fun in that if ya already got the civic ;)

Still though would be cool to do an efficiency run with the 450 sometime using some of the tips on here and see how good you can do

California98Civic 09-17-2012 12:14 PM

Search for the guys who have done swaps of the HX engine into other Civics. There is a seemingly flawless HX engine into a CX body swap just completed... that guy probably is a great place to start for advice. Cool pics.


Jakins 09-17-2012 12:49 PM

Just got to say. Damn I love this forum way to much already. I spent a few hours reading all the tips last night. All this hypermiling makes me want to drive my civic today instead of my drift car haha.

So. Hydrogen sucks? Why? I noticed I never ever see it on here.

I did notice the HX to cx swap and already gave him a couple questions and tips that I hope might help. Thanks!

The 450sx runs soooo rich. Idk. Complications with the swap I'm still toning out I guess. Ive heard this guy with a 480hp supercharged vh45 (same as mine but way way more power) can average 24 on the highway.

Thanks dude! I wanted my engine bay to look somewhat cool. I love unique valve covers

And lastly. So you are saying I need the mpgino instead of the scan gauge because it reads lean burn? I am really really curious about lean burn and how I know when I'm in it. It's One of the things I asked the HX guy about.

MetroMPG 09-17-2012 01:08 PM

That's right: a calibrated MPGuino will properly report MPG when in lean burn. The ScanGauge won't. (Note: the MPGuino is not a commercial, or store-bought gauge - it's a DIY or custom made gauge from forum members here.)

Lean burn is the secret weapon to getting great MPG in your car, provided you mostly do the type of driving where it's in play (steady cruising at moderate speeds rather than city type driving).

Daox 09-17-2012 01:28 PM


Originally Posted by Jakins (Post 328395)
So. Hydrogen sucks? Why? I noticed I never ever see it on here.

Without getting into it, NASA tested it and found a 3% improvement. Yes, it works, but the added complexity is simply not worth it. A grill block does more than hydrogen injection.

If you check out the Unicorn Corral you can see all the bogus mods. The proven mods are on our 65+ mods list.

Jakins 09-17-2012 01:55 PM

Ok I'll be sure to look into the mpgino. I guess the scan gauge is out of the question.

Dang 3 percent? So every person who says they get a 50-100 percent increase is just pure bs? I only know two people who tried it and it didn't really work for him but he is still working on it. The other person claims he went from like 14 mpg to 20 mpg. Definitely not the huge gains people rumor about on the Internet but I am open minded and gullible

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